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Brickwork Support Systems

Product Overview

HALFEN USA, Inc. has provided designers and contractors worldwide with the most reliable and strongest anchoring systems for over 70 years. HALFEN works closely with specifiers and engineers to solve the most complex design challenges.

The HALFEN Adjustable Concealed Lintel is an engineered system, designed to provide hidden support for brickwork above openings, allowing the brickwork to remain the architectural focal point of the opening and eliminating maintenance issues. The Concealed Lintel System can support flat or radiused openings of any length and almost any configuration, depending on the structure design. It is field adjustable to accommodate construction tolerances.

Detailed shop drawings and calculations are provided for each opening. The basic system is comprised of three primary components including:

  • Spine - Sized to suit opening size and shape. 3/8" (9.5 mm) thick with setting legs on each end. Spine spans the opening and legs sit on brick on each side
  • Horseshoe Plate - 3/16" (4.8 mm) thick, hang on spine at every third mortar joint
  • Stitching Rods - 3/16" (4.8 mm) diameter x 12" (305 mm) long. Rods are passed through mortar filled holes in brick and the horseshoe plates to tie the system together

HALFEN offers a superior solution for brick shelf angle anchoring applications. HALFEN Toothed Anchor Channels are cast vertically into concrete perimeter beams, or in the edges of concrete slabs as thin as 5 1/2" (140 mm). Steel shelf angles with horizontal slots are bolted to the Anchor Channels with HALFEN Toothed Tee-Bolts. The system provides 3-way adjustment, eliminates the need to drill holes in concrete, and ensures accuracy and correct alignment of the shelf angle.

The top of brick or block walls can be restrained with restraint angles bolted to HALFEN Anchor Channels cast into the underside of concrete floor slabs, or bolted to HALFEN Channel Profiles site welded to the underside of steel structural elements. Block wall starter straps from HALFEN can be used with HALFEN Anchor Channels cast into concrete floor slabs and columns. This system eliminates the unsafe use and inaccurate placement of rebar starters in floors and columns. Reinforced block walls also can be tied with HALFEN Restraint Straps to HALFEN Anchor Channels cast into concrete structures. This system is similar to brick ties, but accommodates much larger tributary areas and much higher loads.

Construction, Materials, Finishes

All components are manufactured from carbon steel, then hot dip galvanized. Optional stainless steel components are also available.


Associated CSI Codes
  • 04 05 23


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