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Vapor-Barrier Coating

Product Overview

WC-7 is a general-purpose mastic, for use over all types of insulation systems both interior and exterior. WC-7 is used as a weather barrier to keep thermal insulation dry. It can also be applied over masonry surfaces and a variety of other substrates.

WC-7 is a breathing type mastic and is formulated to provide maximum weather protection at an economical price. It is suitable for application by brush, trowel, or spray (application should be specified when ordering).

Its normal recommended dry thickness for full-scale outdoor protection is 63 mils, but it also provides excellent protection at thinner thicknesses. A minimum dry film thickness of 40 mils is recommended. When dry, it provides a tough, durable, flexible film which affords excellent protection from the elements, other sources of water, and mechanical abuse at a wide range of temperatures. WC-7 should NOT be applied where it will be subjected to standing water or where the requirement is for a vapor barrier.

WC-7 is resistant to fire, alkali, asphalts, salts, and mild acids and solvents. When properly applied and maintained, it will provide years of service life in a variety of environmentsd.

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadTechnical Datasheets

Vimasco_07 19 13_SD_PWC-7_2019

SpecData datasheets available for downloadManufacturer Specifications (Guide Specs)


Associated CSI Codes
  • 07 00 00


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