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VIVREAU Bringing the water cooler into the 21st century

Product Overview

VIVREAU, the originator and industry leader of onsite bottling systems, is once again at the forefront of environmental initiatives and innovation with the new Vi tap Single-Serve Dispenser. Using attention to design and advanced micro-filtration technology, VIVREAU is proud to be the first in the industry to offer chilled, still, sparkling and boiling water from a single tap.

Already a huge success in corporate and foodservice environments in the UK, the new Vi tap brings together three styles of water into a single, sleek and elegant tap perfectly designed for corporate pantries and employee lounges. By combining the three styles of water into a single font format, the Vi tap frees up valuable floor and counter space. French press coffees, teas, instant soups, hot cereals and hot chocolates are all easily accessible within seconds with the touch of a finger. And now with the increase in employer attention to employee health and wellness programs, the Vi tap’s ice cold sparkling water option allows for healthier beverage options with “design your own handcrafted Italian sodas” using great tasting syrups and fresh fruit juices that are lower in sugar and calories.

Functionally, the Vi tap’s high-capacity chilling allows users to fill near limitless numbers of sport bottles and drinking glasses back to back. Utilizing the very latest advances in touch control technology, the new VIVREAU Vi tap dispenser incorporates a contemporary style touch-pad user interface. The Vi tap system connects to local water lines and utilizes advanced micro-filtration before dispensing boiling, still or sparkling chilled water with the touch of a finger. It is the first of its kind in North America and VIVREAU is proud to continue to be the innovator and industry leader in terms of design and engineering in the alternative bottled water category.

The Vi tap is robust enough to cope with the needs of even the most demanding hospitality and corporate environments and is the perfect complement to an Integrated VIVREAU Water Program. Introducing a VIVREAU Water Program into the work environment makes fresh, great tasting water easily accessible and encourages employees to choose water as a healthier alternative to coffee, sodas and other sugar filled beverage options. With the many proven benefits of water on health and productivity, companies will also benefit from a more productive workforce and therefore, a healthier bottom line. It is proven that investments in health and wellness programs can lead to reduced benefits costs, reduced absenteeism, and higher productivity. With the new Vi tap and their onsite bottlers, VIVREAU has truly brought the water cooler into the 21st century and transformed the landscape of hospitality and corporate foodservice environments.

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