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Thermo-Tech Premium Windows and Doors

Product Overview

Thermo-Fit® Premium Custom Replacement Windows

Thermo-Fit Premium Custom Replacement Windows from Thermo-Tech are expertly designed and manufactured to provide cost-saving energy efficiency, exceptional safety and security, and greater comfort and beauty all year long.

Thermo-Fit windows and patio doors are manufactured with strong, premium-grade materials that help keep the weather outside and comfort inside. They are exceptionally easy to operate and clean—inside and out. Thermo-Fit windows require very little maintenance to keep their attractive appearance and ease-of-use for decades.

Thermo-Fit windows and patio doors are designed to fit their home and the way they live. With multiple styles, custom shapes, maintenance-free wood laminates or three vinyl colors, Thermo-Fit windows and patio doors accommodate their design preferences, their project, their budget and their lifestyle.

Thermo-Fit Complete Custom Replacement Windows

Introducing Thermo-Fit Complete– custom full frame replacement windows for quick, easy installations and attractive finishes – inside and out. Custom sized to fit, they are available in a variety of profiles, wood choices, and finishes to match any home. The vinyl frame and brick mould are factory assembled and the pre-finished wood interior arrives ready to slide into place. No hassles. No messy, time-consuming finishing. Just a fast, beautiful installation with the smartest window solution for builders, remodelers and homeowners.

Energy Guard High-Performance R5-Plus Windows

Energy Guard High-Performance R5-Plus windows from Thermo-Tech are the new standard for maximum energy savings, superior performance and beauty. High-quality materials, superb construction and triple-pane, argon-filled glass combine to make Energy Guard windows some of the most energy-efficient windows available today.

Energy Guard High-Performance windows incorporate three layers of double-strength glass with two half-inch argon-filled insulating air spaces for an overall glass thickness of 1-38 inches—nearly twice as thick as standard insulated glass. Add in the PVC vinyl multi-layered insulated frames, and they have energy efficiency and durability that simply cannot be matched by standard insulated windows. And, with R-values from 5.3 to 6.3, Energy Guard windows far exceed most commercially available R3.33 windows.

Reduced energy use is great for the wallet, but it’s good for the environment, too. Optimal insulation and less energy use can substantially help lower greenhouse gas emissions. Energy Guard windows also improve the indoor environment all year long in any climate. In the colder seasons, the triple-pane windows create a barrier to cold air while allowing the warmth of the sun into their home. During the air-conditioning season, the sun’s rays are reflected and the cool air is contained in the home. Comfort that's exceptionally quiet. Energy Guard windows provide excellent sound proofing from outside noise. They also block 95 percent of harmful UV rays to reduce the fading of carpet and furnishings.

Energy Guard windows help pave the way to Zero Energy Buildings and the Passive House Design standard already established in Europe and gaining popularity in the United States. The goal of these house designs is to decrease energy needs from 60 to 90 percent.

Classic French Sliding Patio Doors

Thermo-Tech French Sliding Patio Doors are engineered for superior performance and energy efficiency. Operation is superb via dual ball bearing adjustable rollers. Classic French style doors have wider stiles and rails than other models for an upscale look, enhancing the appearance and value of their home. Custom sized for their rough opening or available in fifteen standard dimensions to fit many of the typical patio door rough openings of the past without hefty additional costs.

Slim Line Sliding Patio Doors

Slim Line Patio Doors by Thermo-Tech are engineered for superior performance, durability and energy efficiency. High-performance insulated glass provides comfort and energy savings. Dual ball bearing adjustable rollers make operation a breeze. The sleek lines and slim stiles and rails offer a contemporary look with a maximum viewing area.

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadTechnical Datasheets

TTW_08 53 13_SD_Vinyl Windows_2019

SpecData datasheets available for downloadManufacturer Specifications (Guide Specs)


Associated CSI Codes
  • 08 00 00
  • 08 32 00
  • 08 50 00
  • 08 53 00
  • 08 53 13


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