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Resilient Seated & Solid Wedge Metal Seated

Product Overview

J & S Valves improves the industry standard by producing heavy thick wall all ductile iron gate valves with a large diameter stainless steel stem, stainless steel hardware, and a superior interior and exterior fusion bonded epoxy coating. The selection of materials includes stainless steel fasteners and a thicker ANSI/ NSF61 certified fusion bonded epoxy coating on the interior and exterior of the valves. In J & S Valve’s opinion, this assures the end-user a robust, longer lasting, low maintenance gate valve.

AWWA Resilient Seated or Metal Seated Gate Valves: J & S Valve Flange by Flange, NRS, Series 6000 or Series 3000 - Sizes 2–108 inches

J & S Valves’ heavy, thick wall, all ductile iron, gate valve with a large diameter stainless steel stem, stainless steel hardware, and a superior interior and exterior fusion-bonded epoxy coating.

Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant Protector Series 5000 - Sizes 3–6 feet

J & S Valve offers the Protector 5000 dry barrel fire hydrant manufactured to AWWA C502 Standard. The Protector 5000 is UL Listed/FM approved at 250 psi rated working pressure. J & S offers the Protector 5000 in bury depths ranging from 3–6 feet, with a mechanical joint shoe manufactured to ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11 or flanged end connection in accordance with ANSI B16.1, Class 125

J & S Valve Eccentric Plug Valves

J & S Valve produces an eccentric plug valve with superior selection of materials and design features. The industry standards allow for cast grey iron and a rubber coated plug that seats against a non-replaceable nickel seat welded into the body of the valve, no coating on the interior of the valve and does not require stainless steel bolting. The J & S plug valve castings are ductile iron and the plug seat is 316SS, the body seat is Nitronic 60 (a non-galling SS); which both are mechanically retained with stainless bolts for easy replacement, if ever necessary.

The J & S plug valve has a round port not rectangular which reduces turbulence and head loss through the valve. J & S valve also coats the interior and exterior of their plug valve with fusion bonded epoxy. When abrasive sewage wares out the rubber seat molded to the plug the entire plug must be replaced or the valve simply needs to be replaced. If the mechanically retained plug stainless steel seat ever needs to be replaced it can be done in the field without the use of any special tools in very little time. The J & S valve has equal percentage flow characteristics, and can withstand velocity up to 30 feet per second; which makes it a good pump control valve as well as a reliable shut off valve.The J&S Eccentric Plug Valve improves the industry standard for plug valves.

J & S Valve Plunger Valve

This valve is designed to handle high velocity and high pressure drop applications. Commonly used as a turbine bypass valve, a flow control valve at a water delivery point, and as a free discharge valve at a dam. The J & S Valve Plunger valve has two cleanout ports enabling it to be used in applications where particulates may be present.

J & S Butterfly valves

J & S Valve produces wafer and lug style butterfly valves flanged and wafer style swing check valves, ball check valves and duckbill check valves all of superior quality which makes J & S Valve of the most comprehensive high quality water works valve manufacturer.


Associated CSI Codes
  • 22 13 00
  • 33 12 00
  • 33 12 19
  • 40 05 00


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