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Pneutek AIR SAFE Fastening System

Product Overview

Steel Roof and Decking Fastening Systems

Pneutek's revolutionary "Air/Safe" fastening method is changing the steel decking industry across the country. Pneutek's patented Air/Safe design is completely pneumatic and uses no explosives. It is safer, faster and more reliable than dangerous powder tools or traditional, inconsistent welding methods. Through its innovative tools and fasteners, Pneutek is dramatically improving the quality, safety and costs of major construction projects across America.

Truck and Trailer Floor Fastening Systems

The Ultimate Fully Automatic Electro-pneumatic and Pneumatic Screw Tool System by Pneutek is one of the most economical systems for attaching truck, trailer and container wood floors. This tool will drive large-head M6.35 (1/4") and M8 (5/16"') self drilling screws to fasten 3/4" through 2" thick hardwood into high strength 80 ksi steel and high strength aluminum I-Beam and tapered channel substrates without pre-drilling and without applying any downward force by the operator. The combined air pressure and screwing mechanisms overcome the traditional challenges of wood to steel attachment while the true success of the system can be attributed to the screw design.

Steel Ledger

The Pneutek fasteners used with wood structural panel diaphragms are power-actuated fasteners (PAFs). The zinc coated fasteners are formed from carbon steel wire and are heat treated in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. These fasteners are used to fasten the wood structural panel sheathing to steel ledger members and other steel supporting members in a horizontal diaphragm that is otherwise supported by repetitive wood framing members.

Insulation Attachement

The Pneutek XIW Insulation Fastening System is the fastest, most economical system for installing rigid insulation into concrete, masonry, and solid brick without pre-drilling. The system, includes the Pneutek SA-45 Powder Actuated Tool with patented strip load, or, for high-production jobs, the Pneutek PT-205W, a pneumatic tool that is light, powerful, and fully automatic. Pneutek XIW washers are available for every thickness of insulation ranging from one to four inches.


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