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Network Cameras

Product Overview

Business Intelligence for Retail Solution

VIVOTEK’s Business Intelligence Retail Solution provides retail stores powerful and clear surveillance to protect the owners’ merchandise, prevent theft, secure transactions, and obtain intelligent retail analysis. Adopting VIVOTEK’s integrated IP system, users can not only optimize their operating decisions, boost sales productivity and maximize revenue, but can also enhance shop-to-shop management effectively at any time and from any location. VIVOTEK provides retail owners and operators to experience the high accuracy of VIVOTEK’s 3D people counting solution (SC8131 model) combined with its brand-new VAST 2 VMS for Security and Business.

Accurately obtain accurate people counting data in your store and optimize your management decisions. VIVOTEK offers a People Counting Solution to help business owners and managers improve operational efficiency and increase profitability. With accurate real-time data, users can estimate in-store traffic, enhance staff management, evaluate the effectiveness of promotions and marketing events, and more.

Environmental Commitment

With the increasing environmental challenges of our time, VIVOTEK is deeply aware of the importance of coexisting with the environment for sustainable development. VIVOTEK has implemented a comprehensive, eco-friendly manufacturing policy applied to the product design component selection, production, quality testing, packaging and shipping processes, effectively minimizing our carbon footprint on the environment. Together, we can be responsible stewards of a vibrant and sustainable future.

Green Design Guidelines

  • Eliminating the use of hazardous substances (HSF)
  • Easy disassembly and recycling (WEEE)
  • Eco-design (ErP)


Associated CSI Codes
  • 28 23 00
  • 28 23 13


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