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Natural Thin-Stone Veneer and Specialty Crushed Stone

Product Overview



Kafka Granite has been an expert in specialty crushed stone products for nearly 40 years. Dabbling in thin stone veneer while serving as the exclusive Midwest distributor for Norstone USA for the last decade, Kafka Granite is now making the move to broaden their building stone product line. These new natural thin stone veneers will offer users a variety of building stone applications; from feature walls to exterior structures. Kafka Granite’s new thin stone veneer offers high-end and unique alternatives to the products on the market today.

With a broad range of cuts and colors never seen before, the new natural stone veneers from Kafka Granite will make for a show-stopping addition to any project. Each series will provide customers with a multitude of building stone options never been seen before. The same emphasis on quality they are used to from Kafka Granite will not go unnoticed. Stay tuned as they continue to launch new products.

Thin Stone Veneer

Kafka Granite’s exclusive line of natural granite, quartz, and marble building stone. This unique line of never seen before thin stone veneer is derived from the classic Kafka Granite colors they know and love. Read more

Norstone Rock Panels

Kafka Granite is the exclusive Midwest distributor of Norstone natural stone veneer rock panels. Norstone rock panels and interlocking tiles are used in a variety of stacked stone veneer applications, while maintaining an ease of installation that only a panelized system can offer. Read more



Kafka Granite LLC produces nearly 60 different types of crushed Granite, Quartz, Marble, and Recycled Materials for use in precast concrete products. Their specialty aggregates and manufactured sands can be crushed and screened to meet any size specification, making them perfect for architectural and decorative precast concrete projects where a natural stone color is desired, but special size is required.

Architectural Precast

Whether stone chips, fine sand, or anything in-between, Kafka Granite’s aggregates offer both color and strength to office buildings, parking ramps, medical complexes, sports stadiums, and other architectural precast concrete structures. Read more

Decorative Precast

Kafka Granite’s 60+ colors of aggregates are crushed to any desired size specification for use in decorative precast concrete pavers, site furnishings, and amenities to add both a colorful aesthetic and long-lasting durability to exterior designs. Read more

Permeable Paver Grit

With the rise in popularity of permeable pavers, Kafka Granite produces permeable paver joint infill to maximize the project’s drainage characteristics. These durable and practical stone chips won’t break down overtime, and can be selected from several color options. Read more



Kafka Granite’s crushed quartz, granite, marble, and recycled products are produced in a controlled environment, ensuring the highest quality aggregate for their epoxy resin applications. Their epoxy resin aggregates come dry and completely dust-free, in their choice of super sacks or fifty-pound bags. With nearly 60 colors of natural stone and recycled products to choose from, they offer unique aggregates that they will only find at Kafka Granite. Furthermore, Kafka Granite has the capability to crush aggregates to any size, customizing the product for their specific epoxy resin application.

Quartz Countertops & Tiles

Kafka Granite has the ability to crush our 60+ colors of natural stone and recycled materials to each individual company’s size specifications. Their strict quality control standards can provide a completely dry and dust-free aggregate, perfect for quartz countertop and tile manufacturing. Read more

Epoxy Stone & Terrazzo Flooring

The wide variety of colored aggregates crushed by Kafka Granite can also be used to create beautiful and durable floors. The dry and dust-free stone chips can be bagged in your choice of 3000 pound super sacks or 50 pound bags for easy on-site installation. Read more



Kafka Granite produces over 40 different types of crushed marble, granite, quartz, and recycled aggregate for use with epoxy overlays. Their aggregates have been used in overlays of road surfaces, rooftops, and many other applications where a hard stone that won’t break down over time is necessary.

High Friction Surfacing

Kafka Granite works with individual state Department of Transportation specifications to produce strong, durable aggregates for high-friction, non-skid road surfaces. Whether bridge decks, exit/entrance ramps, curves, or other preexisting roadway, driving conditions can be greatly improved when this aggregate is applied with a two-part epoxy. Read more


Kafka Granite’s wide variety of colored epoxy overlay aggregates are applied to preexisting sidewalks, trails, bike paths, and cross walks to enhance the streetscape and increase the traction from an otherwise boring and slippery concrete surface. Read more

White Roof

Kafka Granite’s bright White Quartz, Recycled Porcelain, and naturally round Birchwood Granite can be utilized for a new trend to offset the heat-island effect, often referred to as “White Roof” or “Cool Roof”. The Quartz and Porcelain can be applied with an epoxy, while the Birchwood Granite can function as a more traditional roof ballast. Read more



Kafka Granite is their one-stop shop for landscaping materials including landscape stone and boulders. Kafka Granite offers all these products in bulk quantities. Whether they are landscape yard stocking up on inventory or a contractor placing a special order for their next big project, they focus on providing the highest quality product in a timely manner. From the basics to the uncommon, they've got it covered.

Landscape Stone

Kafka Granite offers a wide variety of both classic and unique landscape stone. Both the crushed stone and round pebbles are available in different sizes, and are sold in bulk to landscape supply yards and designers. Read more

Granite Boulders & Cobbles

Kafka Granite’s Wisconsin Granite Boulders and Cobbles are available in all sizes, from small cobbles all the way up to massive 6’ accent pieces. Our supply is known for the beautiful coloring, and consistent smooth, round shape. Read more

Decorative Rip Rap

Popular for retaining walls, shorelines, accent pieces, and waterfalls, Kafka Granite’s Decorative Rip Rap are available in a variety of colors and sizes. These raw, fractured boulders supplement beautiful and unique landscape designs. Read more



Kafka Granite Pathway Materials are used where a firm pathway is required for pedestrian or vehicular traffic, but a natural look, unlike hardscape surfaces, is preferred. They offer decomposed granite pathways in three variations: Standard Pathway Mix, Stabilized Pathway Mix, and Wax Polymer Pathway. These products are an affordable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to concrete, asphalt, pavers and other hardscape surface materials.

Standard Pathway Mix

Kafka Granite’s naturally occurring decomposed granite and crushed stone are screened to a 1/4” minus size, allowing for a firm surface that compacts well, while retaining permeability. Their 60+ colors of pathway materials make for beautiful and organic walkways, nature paths, bike trails, courtyards, patios, and more. Read more

Stabilized Pathway Mix

At Kafka Granite, they have the ability to pre-mix their Standard Pathway Mix with organic stabilizing binders to create an even more durable natural pathway. Compared to the traditional pathway mix, the stabilized mix better resists the erosive effects of weather and traffic, while retaining a natural look and feel. Read more

Wax Polymer Pathway Mix

For an entirely waterless and dustless decomposed granite pathway solution, Kafka Granite combines their Standard Pathway Mix with an engineered wax polymer. For extremely high traffic areas or steep slopes, their Wax Polymer Pathway Mix trumps all other pathway solutions. Read more



In recent years, Kafka Granite has become a proud manufacturer of a variety of premier baseball and softball materials. They take pride in offering quality infield mixes, warning track mixes, and mound clay solutions suitable for all price points: from the little league to the major league.

Standard Ballyard Mixes

Kafka Granite’s Standard Mix Topdressing and Warning Track materials are sized for maximum drainage characteristics. The material compacts well to provide safe footing and consistent ball hops, while also minimizing dust and mud. Read more

Stabilized Ballyard Mixes

At Kafka Granite, they have the ability to pre-blend their ball yard material with an organic binder to create resilient, long lasting, low maintenance infields and warning tracks that have minimal dust and mud, while retaining excellent drainage characteristics. Read more

Hilltopper Ballyard Mixes

For the highest quality ball yard solution, many colleges come to Kafka Granite for Hilltopper Infields and Warning Tracks. Their ball yard aggregate is carefully pre-blended with a water shedding wax polymer to create a playing surface that is completely free of mud and dust, and allows teams to play in the rain with no additional maintenance. Read more



In 2017, Kafka Granite purchased a new quarry, expanding their range specialty aggregates. This new quarry has been shown to yield something a little extra – sparkle. Due to the high concentration of mica intertwined with strong quartzite, this beautiful glittering natural phenomenon is something that is not commonly found among aggregates. If that wasn’t rare enough – the colors range from black, to green, to pink. With only 60 of the 700+ acres exposed, we are yet to discover all the colors that may lie beneath the surface.

They are beyond thrilled to incorporate this mica enriched quartzite into their product lineup. With the addition of the various colors, they will be able to provide their customers with an even wider variety of manufactured sands, accent pieces, landscape stone, and natural stone veneer.

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