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Moveable Glass Wall Systems

Product Overview

Lift & Slide Door Systems

Designed for the luxury market, the Panda Lift & Slide door has been engineered to be the pinnacle of sliding door technology. This specially engineered multi-slide door system incorporates a European inspired design and hardware set.

Operation of this type of sliding door system and the track options define the overall description. With the use of a large leverage handle, the operator engages a double v-gasket seal at the top and bottom of the door by turning the handle to lock the door.

The panels use their own weight to compress the seals thus creating a completely weather-tight wall system when in the “down” position. When in the “up” position, the panels which weigh 200 pounds or more are easily moved with just a few pounds of pressure.

Panda’s Lift & Slide product line includes:

All Aluminum (S.10)

Aluminum is the ideal material for Lift & Slide door systems due to its energy-saving properties and optimum sound insulation. These systems can be combined with curved or specialty segments to create stunning architectural effects and to open up panoramic views with virtually no obstruction.

All Aluminum IMPACT (IS.14)

Strong design enables this model to endure rigorous hurricane and impact testing standards, including pocketing systems of up to 10′ tall. Designed for Hurricane wind and water condition, this Lift & Slide system is engineered to meet the performance demands of custom architecture.

All Aluminum Slim Profile (S.85)

This product has been designed keeping in mind the mid and high-end home market, apartments, condominiums, hotels, world-class resorts, and projects that require a more contemporary look and feel. Lighter than the sister S.10 Lift & Slide, the S.85 is similar in style and function but it has larger stainless steel wheels, larger profiles and a heavy-duty multi-point locking system that allows for larger panel sizes.

Thermally Broken (TS.19)

This model is perfect for large openings in more extreme climates as it achieves excellent thermal insulation and isothermal values, thanks to its aluminum thresholds and frame reinforcements.

Thermally Broken Slim Profile (TS.87)

The thermally broken slim profile Lift & Slide is a virtual moving wall of aluminum-framed glass panels that stack or disappear into a pocket, opening up living spaces to the outdoors. Our thermal break design offer energy efficiency in the most demanding climates.

Aluminum/Wood Clad (S.11)

This Lift & Slide system features an aluminum exterior with a wood interior. Internally only the soft lines, warmth and ambience of the wood are visible, retaining that homely feel. The aluminum surface is extremely durable and able to withstand whatever the elements throw at it.

Aluminum/Wood Clad Thermally Broken (TS.13)

This model is fantastically well insulated to ensure cozy comfort and greater energy efficiency. The wood interior; available in several species such as Mahogany, Cherry, Maple, Pine and Oak; guarantees warmth, elegance and beauty, and adds an extra layer of insulation. The thermally isolated aluminum frames make them strong and resistant to the harshest elements and do not require constant finish maintenance.

Solid Wood (S.12)

These handmade Lift & Slide door systems feature solid wood panels that provide color, texture, strength and beauty to match the decor of any interior space. Domestic species such as Mahogany, Alder, Cherry, Walnut and Cedar, and imported exotic hardwoods are available.

Bi-Folding Door Systems

Bi-Folding door systems stack and either swing and stack to the interior or exterior. They are used along a single track system and are made up of multiple panels up to 10 in one direction. The weight of the panels is carried along the header which allows for ease of operation, even with large groups of panels.

Recessed U-Channel track options are offered for an ADA compliant and seamless transition from the interior to exterior spaces. This line of custom door systems utilizes completely integrated locking and operation mechanisms which give a more sleek visual appeal and a more secure long-lasting over-all product.

With a range of colors, finishes, glazing, sizes and materials to choose from, we can help you create the living environment of your dreams.

Panda’s Folding Door product line includes:

All Aluminum (S.51)

Configured from two to countless panel groups, Bi-Folding door Systems use an extruded aluminum track to fold smoothly to one side, stylishly and effortlessly connecting your space to the outdoors or acting as an interior space divider.

All Aluminum ULTRA (US.51)

Engineered to suit a wide range of commercial and industrial applications where high strength and maximum access is desired such as hotel complexes, resorts, restaurants & lounges, commercial centers, and educational institutions.

The precision hardware utilized in the Panda ULTRA models is top in the industry and is designed to withstand the weight of large panels. The stainless steel carrier hinges are rated up to 450 lbs. per panel. The sealed bearing rollers allow for effortless operation even on the largest sizes.

Thermally Broken (TS.60)

Panda offers state-of-the-art thermally broken Bi-Fold Door Systems for large openings in more extreme climates. These systems are extremely durable and save energy with their superior energy efficiency. The thermal break technology used consists in separating the aluminum profile to reduce thermal conductivity. This is achieved by using a polyamide iso-bar, with glass fibers integrated to provide maximum strength.

Thermally Broken ULTRA (UTS.60)

Featuring a thermal break technology on frame and panels, this system uses cutting-edge aluminum extrusions with a polyamide bar to connect the frame together while reducing heat or cold transfer. This protective barrier lowers u-factors, limits condensation, increases energy performance, and reduces thermal conductivity.

Aluminum/Wood Clad (S.72)

With this unique door system, you get the reduced maintenance of an aluminum clad finish, plus the aesthetic appeal and warmth of wood in a modern application. The aluminum is bent and folded over the exterior of the door to prevent weather from penetrating into the wood frame.

Aluminum/Wood Clad GRAND (S.74)

On top of the reduced maintenance of aluminum clad finish, plus the aesthetic appeal and warmth of wood, this system provides superior capacity than its sister the S.72, which makes it an ideal choice for heavy duty applications.

Solid Wood (S.66)

Panda offers luxurious wood Folding Door Systems in custom sizes up to 12 feet in height. Specially designed engineered wood cores are used for the profile to provide long lasting strength and superb durability while providing an elegant feel.

Multi-Slide Door Systems

A cost-effective alternative to Lift & Slides, Multi-Slide Door Systems operate almost effortlessly on specially designed stainless steel rollers. The number of panels used varies based on the configuration and number of vertical sight-lines desired.

The panels may all stack on one end behind each other to create a total opening of all but one panel’s width as a viewing obstruction. To eliminate the viewing obstruction completely, the panels may all be pocketed to one or both sides of the opening. Stacking systems may also bi-part and stack on both sides.

Panda’s Multi-Slide product line includes:

All Aluminum (S.81)

This system has larger 2" stainless steel wheels, larger profiles and a heavy duty multi-point locking system which allows for larger panel sizes.

All Aluminum Slim Profile (S.90/9000)

The 9000 Series operates as a traditional slider. These large, mobile window-walls maximize the view without sacrificing style and function. The frame width is the smallest of our product line allowing for more glass and light.

Thermally Broken (TS.83)

This system is the perfect solution for an overall eco-friendly building envelope. It provides superior thermal performance for a wide array of projects that require a large opening slider. With multiple features in design, including specially designed gaskets and iso-bar technology this system can achieve a U-value of 0.29.

Platinum with aluminum/wood clad (S.65)

What makes the Platinum Series unique is its ability to have either aluminum or wood interior cladding. This allows the door to be a 2 tone, all-aluminum system for a contemporary look or a wood interior for a more traditional feel. This unique feature also allows the end-user to replace the cladding later on.

Operable Wall Systems

Operable wall systems are multiple panel door systems which all operate along a single recessed channel track system. The tracking system used with this line allows many panels to span a large opening without having to stack the tracks which can create a large jamb width requirement.

Configurations include independent-panels which all stack together when the system is open. They may also be connected similar to a bi-fold system, however, the hanging wheel sets are then in the center of the panels to more evenly distribute their weight.

Operable Wall Systems are a multiple-panel single track system used for large openings. Limitless configurations are available in a variety of frame options. The systems are top-hung for ease of operation.

All Aluminum (S.96)

Designed to truly create an "operable wall" this system is available in very large sizes to span oversized openings, while panel storage in the open position is very minimal. Profiles are manufactured from extruded aluminum with a wall thickness of up to 1/8" allowing for massive panels.

Thermally Broken (TS.94)

This model has been designed and engineered to provide the highest level of quality and thermal performance. The system is thermally broken with a wide polyamide plastic reinforced with glass fibers. This thermal barrier provides increased strength, better acoustics, superior humidity, control and energy savings.

Aluminum/Wood Clad (S.93)

Wood cladding provides a traditional warm look to the interior area. Aluminum offers a contemporary sleek style with minimal site lines. The combination of the two makes for a one-of-a-kind operable wall system.

Solid Wood (S.95)

Standard wood choices generally include mahogany, pine, and some hardwoods but many other wood choices are available, including bamboo laminates and exotic species. With this system, you can optimize the sound insulation ratings, giving you the tools to turn down the volume in virtually any space you desire.

Frameless (S.91)

These glass enclosures create divisions that are functional and also provide a minimalistic feel of expansive, open space. They are deal for expanding living space for balconies, outdoor rooms, patios and exhibiting areas.

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for download Part Specifications

Panda_08 11 16_MS_Aluminum Doors and Frames 
Panda_08 13 76_MS_BifoldingMetalDoorsThermal 
Panda_08 14 76_MS_BifoldWoodDoor 
Panda_08 32 13_MS_Lift-SlideAlumGlassDoors 
Panda_08 32 13_MS_Multi-SlideAlum-Framed Glass Door 
Panda_08 32 19_MS_SlidingWood-FramedGlassDoor 
Panda_08 41 13_MS_Alum-FramedEntrances 
Panda_08 51 13_MS_Aluminum Windows 

SpecData datasheets available for downloadTechnical Datasheets

Panda_08 13 76_SD_Folding Doors
Panda_08 14 76_SD_FoldingWoodDoors
Panda_08 32 13_SD_AlumSlideDoors
Panda_08 32 19_SD_WoodLiftSlide


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