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Intercom Terminals

Product Overview

The Comment product portfolio covers every Intercom need, from simple point-to-point intercom systems to complex integrated solutions. Commend's building-block design concept ensures that all of the various security systems combine to form a single, easy-to-use-and-manage platform.

Series WS 810P | 800P

The multifunctional master stations of series WS 810F D / WS 810P D are equipped with colour TFT displays for graphical menu navigation and display of IP video streams or analogue video signals (PAL or NTSC). Besides communication, the stations can carry out control functions in other systems. The amplifier provides the necessary volume in areas with high ambient noise.

The stations are made in polycarbonate construction for internal and outdoor areas and are protected against dust, dirt and water jets, which may occur in industrial environments. The special foil on the front panel has a dirt-repellent effect and can be quickly and easily cleaned using normal cleaning agents and disinfectants. Large buttons make operation with protective gloves easy.

Series WS 200P

The stations of this series are designed as sub stations that are equally suited for indoor and outdoor installations. The technology allows excellent speech quality and comprehensibility independent of background noise. The digital 2-wire concept reduces cabling requirements and installation costs. Further it does avoid Ethernet cabling in exposed areas. Permanent function monitoring ensures in-service status. Each button can be labelled and programmed with a call number or function for convenient direct dialling.

The robust construction is IP66 rated, providing full protection against water, dirt and dust to ensure a long useful life in a wide range of installation environments. Intercom stations of this series are ideal for side entrances, warehouses, corridors, car parks, etc.


Associated CSI Codes
  • 27 51 23


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