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Illuminated Street Signs & Custom Enclosures

Product Overview


Clean Profile LED Street Name Signs - Clean Profile LED illuminated street name signs are new, versatile, LED internally illuminated, edge-lit street name signs that incorporate Southern's hallmarks of easy maintenance and proven long-life LED strips, into a thin, lightweight parallel-sided body.

Standard "A" Body LED Street Name Signs - Internally illuminated street name signs are easier for drivers to see which enhances navigation and safety. They are especially popular in areas with a lot of out of town drivers such as shopping hubs, college towns, vacation destinations, and communities with a large number of older citizens.

Thin LED Street Name Signs - The low-profile design of the Thin LED street name signs have all of the advantages of the Standard “A” Body, but in a streamlined, thin design.

Fluorescent Street Name Signs - Fluorescent street name signs are made with the same standard of durability, ease of maintenance, and versatility that we put into all of their signs. Fluorescent street signs provide maximum brightness that allow for superior visibility in any condition, day or night.

Induction Fluorescent Street Name signs - Southern is the only manufacturer of internally illuminated street name signs to offer an induction fluorescent sign. Induction signs are the brightest IISNS on the market as each lamp is rated at 8,000 lumens. An 8' signs has 3 lamps and is thus 24,000 lumens.

Lane Use Control Signals - Southern has supplied lane use signals (LUS) for numerous projects across the country including along the Bay Street approach to the stadium where the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars play football.

Blank Out Signs - Blank out signs play a unique role in highway safety. They capture the attention of drivers more effectively than standard signs and are appropriate when the restriction or movement is only in effect at certain times.

Regulatory and Warning MUTCD Signs - While standard fluorescent backlit regulatory and warning MUTCD signs require regular maintenance to replace bulbs and ballasts, Southern Manufacturing's LED illuminated MUTCD regulatory and warning signs are rated to maintain 70% of their initial brightness after 60,000 hours of continuous use.

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadManufacturer Specifications (Guide Specs)


Associated CSI Codes
  • 10 14 00


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