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IMBL30 High Definition Boundary Microphones with LumiComm Dual Color LED Touch Ring

Product Overview

The IMBL30 is a high quality, low profile boundary microphone for permanent sound installations with high intelligibility for use in conference tables, conference rooms and for other types of high quality sound installations. It incorporates a back-electret condenser type microphone element with internal electronics that requires external 24–48V phantom power at 10mA. Its extended high frequency response to 30kHz and True Semisphere™ polar response maintains accuracy with high intelligibility at the front and sides of the microphone.

Frequency Response and Polar Response

The IMBL30 has a wide range uniform frequency response of 60Hz to 30kHz ±2dB at 45 degrees incidence to the surface. The polar characteristics are uniform in all planes to form an omni semisphere of revolution. Its off-axis frequency response out to 90 degrees is within 4dB of its on-axis response at any specified frequency. This microphone will accept sound pressure levels up to 136dB sound pressure level (SPL) producing no more than 3 percent total harmonic distortion (THD).

Fast Diaphragm Settling Time

The impulse response rise time is no longer than 25 micro-seconds, and total diaphragm settling time, including rise time, no longer than 120 microseconds. The fast diaphragm settling time allows subtle details of the human voice to be reproduced to provide increased clarity and intelligibility.

LED Touch Ring

The LED Touch Ring—with dual red and green LEDs—is touch-sensitive and can be programmed to turn the microphone either on or off, or provide any other external function via the microphone’s external interface PC board that allows the touch ring to be programmed for standard system interfaces or logic control systems such as the QSC Q-Sys™, BiAmp, Symetrix and other similar audio or audio/video digital signal processing (DSP) systems. The microphone’s system interface board requires an external power source of 8 to 28VDC at 85–170mA (current is dependent upon number of LEDs illuminated at one time). LEDs of different colors are available by special order.

Radio Frequency Shielding

RF shielding will prevent the microphone from picking up unwanted RF from cell phone rings and/or conversations or texting in addition to rejecting RF from the vast majority other systems and equipment producing radio frequency interference (RFI)..

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadTechnical Datasheets

EW_27 40 00_SD_IMBL Mic_2019


Associated CSI Codes
  • 27 40 00
  • 27 41 00


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