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Halio Smart-Tinting Glass

Product Overview

Explore the Technology Behind Halio

Halio comes with everything you need to enjoy the world's most advanced natural light management system.

Halio System

Halio Smart-Tinting Glass Unit

Each Halio window is either an insulated glass unit (IGU) or a laminated glass unit (LGU). Available in sizes up to 5'x10' (1.5 x 3 meters), each Halio IGU or LGU can be programmed to tint individually or in groups. Even when you mix and match sizes, Halio will tint all your windows at the same speed.

Halio Driver

The Halio Driver intelligently powers and controls each IGU or LGU, ensuring that desired tint levels are achieved quickly, efficiently, and reliably. When the Halio Driver receives instructions to tint its respective IGU or LGU, it supplies the precise electrical profile required to achieve the desired tint level.

Halio Gateway

The Halio Gateway provides the secure connection between the local Halio smart-tinting system and the Halio Cloud Services. The Halio Gateway receives and distributes automation information.

Halio Energy Manager

The Halio Energy Manager ensures that Halio window performance is fast and efficient. It also eases the load on a building's energy system while serving as backup power during a power failure.

Halio Tint Selector

The Halio Tint Selector is an easy-to-use, wall-mounted, wireless communication device that enables local control of a pre-selected window or group of window. Use the Tint Selector to choose one of nine tint levels - from clear to the darkest shade of cool gray

Halio App

There are multiple ways you can automate the tinting and clearing of your windows - through the Halo dashboard, your building management or home automation system, or even the Halio app. It's another way you retain complete control of your Halio smart-tinting windows.

The Halio Cloud - So Your Windows Keep Getting Smarter

The Halio Cloud tracks and records when and at what tint level you like your windows so that you always get the exact performance you expect. With the Halio Cloud, the Halio system can support current technologies as well as ones yet-to-be-invented. It's how Halio future-proofs your home or building. As it should. Because while gadgets come and go, your windows will stay with you for a very long time.


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