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Dramix Steel Fiber Concrete Reinforcement

Product Overview

Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement

Smart and proven technology

Choosing the right type of reinforcement for their structural concrete elements is essential to guarantee the strength and safety of their structure. Concrete has low tensile strength and ductility and adding reinforcement is necessary to resist stresses and strains in structural members. Steel fiber reinforcement provides superior resistance to cracking and crack propagation under any type of load by compensating these shortcomings.

World leading institutes such as the ACI and ASCE recommend using steel fiber as supplementary material in reinforced concrete to prevent cracking, improve impact resistance and prevent damage.

The reference in steel fiber reinforcement

Dramix is the pioneer and world leader in steel fiber reinforced concrete:

  • Each year, more than 30 million m² of concrete floors are being reinforced with Dramix steel fibers.
  • Across the globe, every hour, one thousand trucks of Dramix steel fiber reinforced concrete leave the batching plant.
  • Bekaert produces on average 180 kilotons Dramix steel fibers, per year.

The perfect solution for a smooth finish and long-lasting performance

Dramix steel fiber reinforcement features unique hooked ends, high tensile strength and ductility. This results in previously unavailable levels of anchorage and crack control, creating more durable and safer buildings. Since introducing Dramix in the early 70s, Bekaert has built up considerable know-how in steel fiber reinforcement and has continuously invested in research and development, and worked on all aspects of the fibers, including shapes, l/d ratios, coatings, usage, dosing equipment, and applications.

In many cases, Bekaert worked in close cooperation with academic institutions and clients. As a result, Dramix has been approved by international regulators:

  • In 2007, Dramix became the first steel fiber to obtain CE marking Class 1 for structural use
  • Since 2010, all Dramix plants have been ISO 14001 certified.

Over the years, Dramix has inspired architects to invent new ways of expressing themselves with concrete and realize some of their most creative and visionary works – without compromising safety, cost-efficiency, or durability.

Smarter fibers for more durable concrete

For concrete to be durable, it needs to be both strong and ductile. This is exactly what Bekaert aims for with its Dramix series. Depending on their specific application specific need, they can propose the right fiber: 3D, 4D or 5D. Each fiber in its respect balances wire properties (shape, strength, ductility, length/diameter ratio) and combines it with strong anchorage. Moreover, they can choose between bright and galvanized, and to avoid fiber-balling during mixing and to ensure an evenly spread throughout them concrete mix Bekaert can provide them in glued bundles as well.

  • Dramix 3D: These fibers remain widely recognized as the best solution when it comes to performance and cost-efficiency. They allow quick installation and provide a long service-life.
  • Dramix 4D: These fibers are specifically designed to provide optimal crack control for concrete structures.
  • Dramix 5D: Thanks to their unique shape and capabilities, these fibers provide performance levels which until now could only be realized with traditional reinforcement.

Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement for civil works

  • Tailored to meet exact project requirement
  • Timesaving and flawless construction
  • Reliable strength and safety
  • Customized user support

Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement for industrial floors

  • Timesaving construction
  • Cost-efficient reinforcement
  • Excellent performance
  • Extended service-life

Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement for precast elements

  • Enables fast production line switchovers
  • Enables complex precast designs
  • Increases strength and durability
  • Ensures rust-free and crack-free surfaces

Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement for residential applications

  • Develop your business with innovative concrete
  • Explore new markets and applications
  • Save money and time during construction
  • Benefit exclusively form Bekaert’s leading expertise

Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement for the mining industry

  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Local on-site support
  • Improved safety and strength
  • Timesaving construction

Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement for tunnel linings

  • Easy and flexible use
  • Improved stability and safety
  • Easy storage and reduced carbon footprint
  • Lasting multidirectional reinforcement

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadManufacturer Specifications (Guide Specs)


Associated CSI Codes
  • 03 20 00


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