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Custom Sound Masking

Product Overview

Sound Masking

Is your office too noisy? Are you concerned with speech privacy? Experience Sound Masking solutions for open plan offices, call centers and large spaces, for both closed plan and open plan offices. Their Sound Shadow® Sound Masking System can create a comfortable, distraction-free environment that is also safe for the privacy concerns of both your clients and employees.


Offering SoundDelete® standard and custom sound insulation panels, including banners and baffles. In concert with their design team we create architectural acoustics in a way that satisfies design and functional criteria. By utilizing the almost endless array of appropriate fabrics, interior space can be designed or modified to provide the proper acoustical environment.


Do you need noise control, but are afraid to have ugly panels in your space? With their custom Digital Fabric Acoustical Panels they can print any graphic on any sound absorbing material to match company branding or simple add that perfect décor touch.


While most spaces have a suspended ceiling, many do not. In the case of most renovated spaces, the ceiling is often left open with the deck exposed. This space is a perfect fit for Sound Management’s Acoustical Ceiling Clouds. That hard surface reflects sound and is the cause for both elevated noise levels and distortion. Speech privacy is also compromised as the exposed deck provides for almost perfect reflection of conversations.


There are occasions when factory fabricated acoustical panels simply cannot be made to accommodate the intricacies and design expectations of a space. In these instances Sound Management Group field technicians can build panels in place on your wall or ceiling. This enables large size panels and seamless large format graphic images to be paired with the acoustical requirements of the space.


Sound Management Group’s product line of barrier and quilted acoustical composites are engineered to address a host of architectural and industrial noise problems. From addressing Industrial Noise Control in manufacturing facilities to isolating mechanical noise in commercial or institutional buildings, these systems provide the ultimate performance in noise reduction and isolation while resisting abuse and contamination.


SoundElite® Acoustical Blinds & Banners are the first acoustically rated window treatment available to market. By integrating an acoustically absorptive material with the design practicality of a window treatment, Sound Management Group introduces an exciting new solution to noise control and sound absorbing curtains for offices, boardrooms or residential spaces.


Transform your walls with Sound Management Group’s complete line of tack panels. Choose stand alone or custom fit to accommodate room design with expert installation.

Technical Specifications:

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Associated CSI Codes
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