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Total value of US construction projects currently in our database:

Commercial Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$992,089,646,526
Bid Phase:$17,730,241,364
Civil Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$157,916,537,905
Bid Phase:$8,405,914,935

Construction Bid Opportunities

In today's market, every job counts. We know how important it is to find every project you're specified on, identify where your competitors are getting specified, and get out ahead of bidding construction projects. This information will help you drive higher specification rates and maximize sales. Our powerful lead solutions deliver the tools and information necessary to enhance marketing programs and drive higher profits.

The following is a sample list of bidding construction projects throughout the United States. The list is updated weekly, so check back often. This list of projects coming up for bid represents just a handful of the tens of thousands of project leads we have in our database.

Construction Projects for Bid

Bid Opportunities in Alabama:

Bid Date
Hueytown Primary School Construction 2019-03-19
Pedestrian Tunnel Under Sicard Hollow Road 2019-03-28
2019 CDBG - Building Renovations 2019-03-20
O 'Reilly Auto Parts / Foley 2019-03-19
Starbucks Image Upgrade 2019-03-21

Bid Opportunities in Alaska:

Bid Date
Knik River Public Use Area (PUA) - Maud Road Extension Improvements 2019-03-21
Realign, Upgrade and Improve the Drainage - Shaws Tri-Lakes Subdivision 2019-03-22
Eklutna Water Treatment Facility (EWTF) SCADA Backbone and Fire Improvement 2019-03-26
Raven Trail Reconstruction Phase 2 2019-03-28
UAF Community and Technical College (CTC) Barnette Restroom Renovation 2019-03-19

Bid Opportunities in Arizona:

Bid Date
SMS: Construction Manager at Risk for First Avenue Streetscape Improvements - City of Mesa 2019-03-28
Subregional Operating Group (SROG) Salt River Outfall Interceptor Rehabilitation Project E 2019-03-26
F-35 Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU) 6 Luke AFB, AZ 2019-03-18
Construction of the Sunset Lane Improvement Project, Prescott East Highway to Pine View Drive 2019-03-25
SR202L Pecos Road Sanitary Sewer: Chandler Boulavard to 17th Avenue Phase 2 Design-Bid-Build Project 2019-03-19

Bid Opportunities in Arkansas:

Bid Date
Hot Mix Asphalt, Surface Course, Tack Coat, Labor and Equipment for Laying Hot Mix Asphalt and Rates for Hauling Hot Mix Asphalt 2019-03-18
Partial Office Remodel and Storage Room Expansion 2019-03-20
Relocation of Lustron House 2019-03-25
Sidewalk Improvements 2019-03-22
Long Building Renovation - Mansfield Juvenile Training Center 2019-03-21

Bid Opportunities in California:

Bid Date
Santee Lakes General Store, Administration Building and Teen Center Renovation Project 2019-03-27
Geary Rapid East of Van Ness 2019-03-20
7th Street Trench and Street Repairs 2019-03-19
Street Improvements for Bolsa Avenue From Brookhurst Street to Ward Street 2019-03-20
Aspen Dental / Hollister 2019-03-20

Bid Opportunities in Colorado:

Bid Date
Water Line Replacement 2019-03-20
County Bridge Deck Seal - CR 130 Over Boulder Creek in Eldora 2019-03-28
Pikes Peak Highway Gateway Toll Booth Addition 2019-03-21
Memory Square Pool Resurfacing 2019-03-18
Cafeteria Plumbing and Electrical Remodel 2019-03-22

Bid Opportunities in Connecticut:

Bid Date
Town Hall Project - Town of Suffield n/a
Highvue Terrace and Harvey Fuller Apartments Renovations n/a
Site Improvements - One Old Bridge Road 2019-03-28
Meriden Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) and Remote Pump Station Upgrades 2019-03-21
Replacement of Sanitary Sewer Manholes Within State Roadways 2019-03-26

Bid Opportunities in Delaware:

Bid Date
Eddie Michaels Playground Improvements and Pulaski Triangle Improvements 2019-03-20
Concord Avenue Streetscape Improvements Phase II 2019-03-12
Concrete Improvements 2019-03-14
VA Chapel Sacristy Room 183 Renovation 2019-03-06

Bid Opportunities in Florida:

Bid Date
SR 95 (US 29) from S of CR 184 Quintette Rd to SR 97 Atmore Hwy - 437746-1 - Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) n/a
Resurfacing - SR 20 2019-03-27
CM at Risk Services Kendall Campus Pre-school Lab 2019-03-29
Unit 53 Arden Parcels K and E-South Public Improvement Project 2019-03-26
Construction of Harbor Palms Infrastructure Project Phase 1 2019-03-26

Bid Opportunities in Georgia:

Bid Date
Construction of New Fire Station #3 and #20 2019-03-21
Milling, Inlay and Plant Mix Resurfacing on SR 141 2019-03-22
Brookhaven Public Safety Building 2019-03-28
Oatland Island Dock Renovation 2019-03-21
Miles of Milling, Plant Mix Resurfacing and Shoulder Rehabilitation on SR 56 2019-03-22

Bid Opportunities in Hawaii:

Bid Date
Rehabilitation of Localized Streets, Phase 22 Kapolei 2019-03-29
Honolulu Zoo New Spider Monkey Exhibit and Bird Holding Facility 2019-03-29
Design-Build of a Modernized Data Center, Computer Operations Center, DIT Service Center and Staging Area at the Fasi Municipal 2019-03-25
Chinatown Police Station and Heritage Center Reroof and Air Conditioner Improvements 2019-03-19
Island Wide Crack Filling and Seal Coating of Local Roads FY 2019 2019-03-20

Bid Opportunities in Idaho:

Bid Date
US-93, Gibbonsville to Montana Line 2019-03-26
GFHD - Sailor Creek Hill Repairs 2019-03-27
Central Ridge Road Slide Repairs 2019-03-19
Rosehill Cemetery Road Improvements 2019-03-19
East First Street Lift Station - Construction of Sewage Lift Station 2019-03-21

Bid Opportunities in Illinois:

Bid Date
Dusable High School Campus - Bronzeville Scholastic Institute/ Williams High School 2019-03-28
Office and Shop at LaSalle County Highway Department 2019-03-28
2019 Sanitary Sewer Lining 2019-03-20
MerChe Manor Lobby Renovations at the MerChe Manor 2019-03-22
Tazewood Road (CH 3) Box Culvert Replacement 2019-03-29

Bid Opportunities in Indiana:

Bid Date
Thoroughfare Structural Rehabilitation - Area 2 2019-03-28
First Option Adult Day Services and Home Health Expansion 2019-03-22
Replacement of Old State Road Bridge #1581 2019-03-26
2019 Resurfacing and Pavement Markings Projects, CCMG 2018 Award 2019-03-22
Community Crossings Paving Program - Application # 1200 2019-03-19

Bid Opportunities in Iowa:

Bid Date
Ash and Tupelo Street Improvements Project 2019-03-27
Hancock County Health System - Phases 1 and 2 Renovation 2019-03-28
HMA Resurfacing With Milling - L35 2019-03-19
HMA Resurfacing - Iowa 150, U.S. 218 2019-03-19
Winterset Community School District Stadium 2019-03-26

Bid Opportunities in Kansas:

Bid Date
Milling and HMA Overlay 2019-03-20
Milling and HMA Overlay 2019-03-20
Milling and HMA Overlay 2019-03-20
Ash, 4th, Elm Street Reconstruction 2019-03-19
North Manhattan Avenue - Phase 3A Street Improvements Project 2019 2019-03-19

Bid Opportunities in Kentucky:

Bid Date
Graves County Public Library Community Room and Gardens 2019-03-21
Asphalt Pavement and Roadway Rehab 2019-03-22
Bridge Deck Restoration and Waterproofing 2019-03-22
Pavement (With Alternates) 2019-03-22
Mahaffey Middle School Relocatable Classrooms 2019-03-26

Bid Opportunities in Louisiana:

Bid Date
Taft Place City Park Neighborhood Emergency Reconstruction 2019-03-21
Sewer Pump Station Improvements 2019-03-19
APSB Districtwide - Gonzales Middle School Lobby Renovations - Phase 1 2019-03-21
Construction and Erection of a 100 Feet Communication Tower 2019-03-22
Ben Routh Recreation Area 2019 Comfort Station Rehab Project 2019-03-19

Bid Opportunities in Maine:

Bid Date
Pavement Milling, Hot Mix Asphalt Overlay, with Drainage and Safety Improvements - Herseytown Township, Sherman, Crystal, Island 2019-03-20
Elementary School Renovations 2019-03-21
Park and Main Streets Stormwater / Sewer Separation 2019-03-20
Pavement Milling, Cyclical Pavement Resurfacing and Safety Improvements - Benton, Unity, and Unity Township - Region 2 2019-03-27
Pavement Milling and Hot Mix Asphalt Overlay - Yarmouth - Region 1 2019-03-27

Bid Opportunities in Maryland:

Bid Date
12 inch Water Main Street Margarets/ Old Mill Bottom 2019-03-26
Construction Manager at Risk Services for Carroll County Career and Technology Center 2019-03-21
Wawa #8514 / Camp Springs 2019-03-19
Water Main and Fire Hydrant Replacements 2019-03-26
Onsite Sewer Disposal System Replacement-Leonardtown Maintenance Facility -St. Mary's County 2019-03-21

Bid Opportunities in Massachusetts:

Bid Date
Kincaide Park Improvements - City of Quincy n/a
Bridge Repairs and Related Work (Br. Nos. R-01-005 and R-01-007) Interstate 93 NB/US1 SB over Route 24 SB and NB 2019-03-19
Regional Old Colony Communications Center - GC 2019-03-28
Bridge Road and Glendale Road Paving 2019-03-27
Type I Resurfacing - Town of Walpole 2019-03-28

Bid Opportunities in Michigan:

Bid Date
McLaren Fenton Freestanding Emergency Department and Clinic 2019-03-26
MidMichigan Health Center Power Plant 2019-03-22
Chemistry and Dow Willard H Laboratory Building Number 1000158 - Remediate Water Infiltration at North Entrance Bidpack 01 - Con 2019-03-28
Marsh Street and Walton Avenue Paving 2019-03-19
2019 Roadwork and Limestone - Cemetery 2019-03-18

Bid Opportunities in Minnesota:

Bid Date
MPS FY18 / FY19 Edison High School Upgrades 2019-03-19
South Ridge Public School 2019-03-18
2019 Pavement Management 2019-03-19
Interlachen Boulevard Roadway and Utility Improvements 2019-03-25
2019 Pavement Management Project 2019-03-19

Bid Opportunities in Mississippi:

Bid Date
Ranger Football Field Improvement Project Phase 1 Site Bid Package 2019-03-21
Houlka Building 200 Renovation - Chickasaw County School District 2019-03-28
Reseal Road Surfacing For 2019 Road Plan 2019-03-20
2019 Lagoon Force Main Project 2019-03-27
Construction of Animal Shelter Facility 2018-11-15

Bid Opportunities in Missouri:

Bid Date
Ozarks Medical Center Expansion 2019-03-28
Lawson R-XIV ICC-500 Saferoom/Gymnasium Additions 2019-03-20
Park Hills Residential Yard Cleanup Phase III 2019-03-28
SLBE Trail and Stone Wall Repairs 2019-03-27
Johnson County Spirit Trail Asphalt 2019-03-19

Bid Opportunities in Montana:

Bid Date
Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades 2019-03-20
Blackfeet Tribe Building 2019-03-21
Plevna Road North Structure Replacement Project 2019-03-18
BART Farm Water & Electrical Upgrades 2019-03-21
Town of Sheridan Public Water Well Construction 2019-03-28

Bid Opportunities in Nebraska:

Bid Date
2019 Citywide Asphalt Rejuvenation Project 2019-03-27
Specialty, Bituminous - US-77 2019-03-28
Omaha Public Schools Transition Program - Tenant Improvements 2019-03-21
Norfolk 2019 Victory Road Water and Sanitary Sewer Extensions 2019-03-12
WNCC Child Development Center Remodel For Education Service Unit #13 2019-03-19

Bid Opportunities in Nevada:

Bid Date
Durango Drive Blue Diamond Road To Windmill Lane Improvements 2019-03-29
Basic Road Improvements Pacific Avenue to Boulder Highway 2019-03-26
Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility Nitrification Tower 2 2019 Rehabilitation Project 2019-03-27
Arville Street Mixed Use n/a
Track Replacement at Procter R. Hug High School 2019-03-21

Bid Opportunities in New Hampshire:

Bid Date
District II - Roadway Resurfacing 2019-03-21
Pleasant Valley Road Bridge Replacement over Heath Brook 2019-03-07
Pre-Selection for the Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade Sequencing Batch Reactor System 2019-03-21
NHTI Institute Drive Drainage and Campus Sidewalk Improvements 2019-03-19
Drilled Well and Pump - Chester 2019-03-21

Bid Opportunities in New Jersey:

Bid Date
Upgrade Two Hydraulic Elevators at John J. Rich Dover Senior Apartments 2019-03-28
Additions, Alterations and Renovations at Northern Burlington County Regional High School 2019-03-20
HVAC Renovations, Electrical Upgrades and Boiler Replacement at Monmouth Regional High School 2019-03-26
N. Main St. Water and Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation from Front St. to Eighth St 2019-03-18
Clifton Board of Education - Window Replacement at Christopher Columbus Middle School 2019-03-26

Bid Opportunities in New Mexico:

Bid Date
University of New Mexico(UNM) Phase 2 Renovations at Clark Hall Chemistry Building 2019-03-18
Well 5 Construction 2019-03-19
Mountain Elementary - Los Alamos Public Schools n/a
Telshor Boulevard ADA Improvements Phase III 2019-03-19
Construction of the Tierra Amarilla Detention Center Wastewater Improvements Project 2019-01-17

Bid Opportunities in New York:

Bid Date
Bridge Repair / Rehabilitation Project 15 2019-03-28
NY 146/NY 146A Intersection Safety Improvements 2019-03-28
Falconer Central School District - Capital Improvement Plan Phase 2 2019-03-26
Warrensburg Central School District - Capital Improvement - Phase 2 General Construction 2019-03-21
Islamic Center Expansion 2019-03-18

Bid Opportunities in North Carolina:

Bid Date
Patterson Avenue Streetscape Renovations 2019-03-26
Eagle Island Improvements 2019-03-21
Emergency Replacement or Rehabilitation of Bridges, Culverts and Pipes 2019-03-19
Asphalt Surface Treatment 2019-03-26
Find-It Fix-It 2019 Water and Sewer Repairs 2019-03-28

Bid Opportunities in North Dakota:

Bid Date
Railroad Avenue Reconstruction 2019-03-27
Hanks Street Reconstruction 2019-03-27
PR-19-E1 - Seal Coat and Incidentals 2019-03-20
Western Area Water Supply Authority (WAWSA) - MCWRD System I Part II - Spring Creek Rural Distribution 2018-05-01
2019 Street Patching Project - Phase 1 2019-03-19

Bid Opportunities in Ohio:

Bid Date
Hardin Northern Local School District, Athletic Complex Phase 2 2019-03-28
South Mechanical Riser and Generator Hardware Upgrades 2019-03-19
Springfield Street Reconstruction Phase II 2019-03-28
DEL Centerburg Road over Culver Creek 2019-03-19
Taco Bell / Proctorville 2019-03-20

Bid Opportunities in Oklahoma:

Bid Date
Phase 2 - Federal Aviation Administration Renovation of Building 24 Multi-purpose Building 2019-03-28
Paving and Drainage Improvements to Serve Babcock Drive 2019-03-19
Hillcrest Medical Center - Helmerich Oncology Renovation 2019-03-21
Lodge, Cabins, Lakehouse and Bunkhouse Remodel 2019-03-21
Construction of Bridge Project Bridge over Grassy Creek No.52N3170E3300004 2019-03-22

Bid Opportunities in Oregon:

Bid Date
Cornelius Pass Rd: US30 - Northwest Kaiser Road 2019-03-26
Snow Pump Station Upgrades 2019-03-26
Paving of Knott Road 2019-03-22
1911-1936 and Turner Creek Districts Sanitary Sewer I and I Abatement, Phase 2 2019-03-28
Water Treatment Plant Slow Sand Filter Resanding Project 2019-03-28

Bid Opportunities in Pennsylvania:

Bid Date
Kennett Greenway: Parrish- Whittle (North) and Pennock Park Trail System Project 2019-03-27
Alterations to Colonial Elementary School 2019-03-28
West Chestnut Street Paving Improvements 2019-03-27
Milling for Township Paving Project 2019-03-20
Asphalt Paving 2019-03-26

Bid Opportunities in Rhode Island:

Bid Date
Corliss Park Improvements 2019-03-18
Cold Patch, Hot Patch, Asphalt Emulsion, and Concrete 2019-03-19
Pump Station #3 Retrofit Project 2019-03-29
Fayerweather and Gorham Halls Mechanical Room Upgrades 2019-03-18
Structural Repairs to Forestdale Schoolhouse 2019-03-21

Bid Opportunities in South Carolina:

Bid Date
Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC) General Construction 2019 - Medical University of South Carolina 2019-03-28
Boat Center Redevelopment-Swain Boating Center 2019-03-19
2019 Municipal and C - Funds Resurfacing Project 2019-03-21
Main Campus Roofing and Building Envelope Waterproofing Buildings 920, 950, 910, 620 and 410 2019-03-27
Olive Park Multi-Purpose Field 2019-03-27

Bid Opportunities in South Dakota:

Bid Date
Cold Milling Asphalt Concrete and Asphalt Concrete Resurfacing 2019-03-20
Vandemark Avenue Street Improvements - Highway 38 to City Limits 2019-03-21
High Friction Surface Treatment 2019-03-20
Culvert Repair 2019-03-20
Heating Upgrade of the Hughes County Courthouse 2019-03-28

Bid Opportunities in Tennessee:

Bid Date
Franklin County Two New Middle Schools n/a
RaceTrac #1309 / Murfreesboro 2019-03-18
McCracken Lane Water Line 2019-03-28
Starbucks #11294 / Hermitage 2019-03-19
Taco Bell #35461 / Maryville 2019-03-20

Bid Opportunities in Texas:

Bid Date
Total Wine / El Paso 2019-03-19
Kinder-Fifth Grade - District / Campus Improvement 2019-03-22
Raymond E. Hartfield Performing Art Center Renovation Project 2019-03-28
Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement 2019-03-26
West Broad Street Sanitary Sewer Improvements 2019-03-20

Bid Opportunities in Utah:

Bid Date
SR-143, SR-274 and SR-271; Near Parowan Rehabilitation High Volume 2019-03-19
400 N 800 E Roundabout 2019 2019-03-26
DFCM Construction Pre-Qual Mechanical MTECH Provo Courthouse Repurposing Remodel Phase 1A 2019-03-28
2019 Concrete Rehabilitation Project 2019-03-21
Walmart Supercenter #1768-237 - Online Grocery Pickup / Orem 2019-03-19

Bid Opportunities in Vermont:

Bid Date
Cambridge STP 0235 (21) 2019-03-22
Site Work for Fish and Wildlife Department Access Areas 2019-03-18
Bethel BHF 0241 (38) 2019-03-15
Bristol BF 021-1 (33) 2019-03-15
Fire Station #2 Renovation - 132 North Avenue 2019-03-14

Bid Opportunities in Virginia:

Bid Date
Turf Field Construction 2019-03-28
Robert E. Lee High School Replacement School n/a
Merrifield Fire Station n/a
National Chain Retail Store / King William 2019-03-18
Engineering and Construction Services - Solar Conversion of Warrenton Public Safety Facility 2019-03-28

Bid Opportunities in Washington:

Bid Date
Alternative Learning Center Stanwood-Camano School District 2019-03-19
South 228th Street Union Pacific Railroad Grade Separation Bridge and Roadway Phase 5 2019-03-26
NCW Fairgrounds Building No. 1 R - Rabbit and Poultry Building 2019-03-26
Blaine High School Grandstands 2019-03-21
West Tapps / Allan Yorke Park Sidewalk Project 2019-03-27

Bid Opportunities in West Virginia:

Bid Date
Asphalt Paving - Martha Road 2019-03-19
Asphalt Paving - Kennison Mountain 2019-03-19
WV 20 Reader Slip Repair 2019-03-19
Resurfacing - Star Bridge - Adolph 2019-03-19
Chaplin Hill Business Park Access Road 2019-03-21

Bid Opportunities in Wisconsin:

Bid Date
MATC - Portage Campus Renovation 2019-03-21
Water Tower 2 2019-03-28
Neenah - Courtney Court 2019-03-18
Roland Street, Allen Avenue, Williamson Avenue and Clements Avenue Reconstruction Project 2019-03-18
Water System Upgrades Contract A - Water Mains and Well Houses 2019-03-25

Bid Opportunities in Wyoming:

Bid Date
Reconstruction of Frontage Road from the U.S. Highway 85 Overpass to East North Street 2019-03-27
Terminal Parking Lot Improvements (2019) at the Casper/Natrona County International Airport 2019-03-19
Sewer Line and Connection 2019-03-18
Moneta-Lysite Road Shoulder Widening Project 2019-03-28
College View Drive Concrete Project 2019-03-26

Bid Opportunities in District of Columbia:

Bid Date
Construction Management At-Risk Services Capitol Hill Montessori School at Logan 2019-03-28
GSA 11 Hostile Vehicle Mitigation at National Courts 2019-03-22
Reconstruction of Oregon Avenue, NW from Military Road to Western Avenue from Oregon Avenue to 321st Street 2019-02-21
Ruth 's Chris Steak House / Washington DC 2019-03-19
Interstate-395 Sign Structure Improvement 2018-01-18