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Total value of US construction projects currently in our database:

Commercial Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$992,089,646,526
Bid Phase:$17,730,241,364
Civil Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$157,916,537,905
Bid Phase:$8,405,914,935

Construction Bid Opportunities

In today's market, every job counts. We know how important it is to find every project you're specified on, identify where your competitors are getting specified, and get out ahead of bidding construction projects. This information will help you drive higher specification rates and maximize sales. Our powerful lead solutions deliver the tools and information necessary to enhance marketing programs and drive higher profits.

The following is a sample list of bidding construction projects throughout the United States. The list is updated weekly, so check back often. This list of projects coming up for bid represents just a handful of the tens of thousands of project leads we have in our database.

Construction Projects for Bid

Bid Opportunities in Alabama:

Bid Date
Circle K / Athens 2019-08-28
Gurley Recreation Center 2019-08-27
Nathan Estates Storm Sewer Force Main 2019-08-28
Test Well on Pea Ridge Road 2019-08-29
Re-Bid Bridge Replacement on Boozer Road (County Road 584) over Caney Creek 2019-08-28

Bid Opportunities in Alaska:

Bid Date
Modular Sanitation Facilities for Rural Alaska 2019-08-28
Alaska Regional Fire Training Center Building Rehabilitation 2019-08-29
Trunk Road Connector 2019-08-30
Alaska Veterans and Pioneers Home Sidewalk Replacement 2019-08-29
Golden Heart Plaza Repair / Upgrade 2019-07-30

Bid Opportunities in Arizona:

Bid Date
Caesars Republic Scottsdale 2019-08-30
FOD Radar Tower Marine Corps Air Station 2019-08-30
Waterline Tankersley Replacement 2019-08-27
New Bacavi Community Center 2019-08-29
Walmart Supercenter #4325-234 - Online Grocery Pickup Go Backs / Yuma 2019-08-28

Bid Opportunities in Arkansas:

Bid Date
Walmart Supercenter #144-231 - Online Grocery Pickup Go Backs / Fayetteville - Rebid 2019-08-27
Science Building HVAC Renovation 2019-08-29
Arkansas Lakes Paving at Degray Lakes, Arkansas 2019-08-29
Cleveland County Childcare Center Addition 2019-08-28
Renovation of CMTC Building 1321 2019-08-28

Bid Opportunities in California:

Bid Date
Vacaville High School Zunino Stadium Improvements Project - Increment 1 and 2 2019-08-29
Construction of the Washington Colony Elementary Classroom Additions 2019-08-27
Buchanan Road Storm Damage Repair 2019-08-29
Jack in the Box #3071 / San Diego 2019-08-27
Niland Public Safety Facility Project 2019-08-29

Bid Opportunities in Colorado:

Bid Date
Big Battlement Reservoir Auxiliary Dam Rehabilitation Project 2019-08-30
Thornton Justice Center Mitigation - Phase 2 2019-08-26
Poudre Trail Spur at Lancer Drive 2019-08-30
Wastewater Collection System Improvements 2019 2019-08-26
Chalk Cliffs SFU - 2019 Hatch House Replacement 2019-08-29

Bid Opportunities in Connecticut:

Bid Date
Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 00032, I-95 over Metro-North Railroad and Local Streets 2019-08-28
RFP D/B - Truck Wash Bay 2019-08-29
Delmont Road Neighborhood Roadway Improvement Project 2019-08-28
Weir Farm National Historic Site - Replace Driveway 2019-08-30
Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 00901, Route 202/Route 67 over Housatonic River 2019-08-21

Bid Opportunities in Delaware:

Bid Date
Dover DE CAX New Construction 2019-08-30
The Owls Nest Pavement Improvements 2019-08-28
Pavement and Rehabilitation, North III, 2019 2019-08-20
KFC #K071051 / Wilmington 2019-08-20
North District Improvements, Phase 1 2019-04-30

Bid Opportunities in Florida:

Bid Date
Town Center (PS 3497) and South Central (PS 3499) Master Pump Station Improvements 2019-08-29
Construction of Vactor Dump Site Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) #2 2019-08-27
Burger King / Jacksonville 2019-08-27
Littleton/Kismet Realignment 2019-08-26
North Cruise Boulevard Extension - Phase 2A -Florida Power and Light (FPL) Vaults Relocation 2019-08-29

Bid Opportunities in Georgia:

Bid Date
T32-D4 -Pavement Preservation SR 520 MM 9.40 Worth - 93629 2019-08-29
Gas Main Extension SR11 at Interstate 20 2019-08-30
River North - Lake Deer Run Lift Station Crane System and Site Improvements 2019-08-29
T32-D4 - Pavement Preservation SR 520 MM 7.91 Worth - 93633 2019-08-29
Erlanger Health Systems (EHS) Dalton I PC Renovation 2019-08-26

Bid Opportunities in Hawaii:

Bid Date
Quad A, Building 131 and Central Utility Plant (CUP), and Buildings 130 and 132, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii 2019-08-29
Wailuku Civic Complex Phase 1B 2019-08-29
Brigham Young University - New Science and Mathematics Building 2019-08-29
RM16-2085 Energy - Upgrade HVAC, Building 925 and 926, JBPHH 2019-08-26
River Mouth Clearing on the Island of Kauai 2019-08-27

Bid Opportunities in Idaho:

Bid Date
US-95, Emergency Repair 2019-08-27
Bernardine Quinns Park Green-up 2019-08-28
Willow Creek Gully Restoration 2019-08-26
Garden Valley House Remodel 2019-08-27
Walmart Supercenter #1905-237 - Pickup Second Touch / Blackfoot 2019-08-28

Bid Opportunities in Illinois:

Bid Date
Chiller Cooling Tower and Transformer Replacement 2019-08-19
Peoria Street Reconstruction 2019-08-29
McGuane Park Fieldhouse Renovations 2019-08-29
Housing Rehabilitation Program 2019-08-26
Seafari Springs Aquatic Center Body and Tube Slides Refurbishment Project 2019-08-30

Bid Opportunities in Indiana:

Bid Date
IU Armstrong Stadium Renovation and Addition 2019-08-29
Rehabilitate Taxiway A - Phases 1 2019-08-30
Flat Rock Hawcreek School Corporation Hauser High School Agriculture Building Renovation 2019-08-29
RFP Construction Manager - Airport HVAC, Window, and Overhead Door Replacement 2019-08-26
Waterworks Improvements, Division II - 20 Inch Raw Water Main 2019-08-29

Bid Opportunities in Iowa:

Bid Date
2019 HMA Resurfacing Project 2019-08-27
2019 Drainage Improvement Project 2019-08-29
Knoxville Waste Water Plant Diversion 2019-08-29
Union Station Flood Interior Rehabilitation Project 2019-08-26
2019 Intake Repair Program 2019-08-27

Bid Opportunities in Kansas:

Bid Date
Kanopolis Upper Pipe Replacement 2019-08-30
Mill and Overlay 2019-08-27
Midco Reroof / Exterior Improvements 2019-08-27
Site Accessibility Pottorf Hall CICO 2019-08-29
Valley Center Storm Sewer Water Improvements Along Allen From Park to Meridian 2019-08-21

Bid Opportunities in Kentucky:

Bid Date
Robins AFB, GA Consolidated Mission Complex, Phase 2 2019-07-30
Taxiway G Reconstruction, Phase 2 2019-08-29
Butler High School - Track Rehabilitation 2019-08-28
America 's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses / Louisville 2019-08-28
One (1) Picnic Shelter Building for Boone Woods Park 2019-08-29

Bid Opportunities in Louisiana:

Bid Date
West Shore Lake Pontchartrain, Risk Reduction Project, Bonnet Carre Stockpile, St. Charles Parish, Louisiana (ED-19-007) 2019-08-27
Consolidated Communications Facility 2017-01-24
Traveling Bridge Filter at Elayn Hunt 2019-08-28
Railroad Tracks, Signals and Bridge Inspections 2019-08-29
Parks Middle School New Classroom - St. Martin Parish School Board 2019-08-28

Bid Opportunities in Maine:

Bid Date
Benton Pump Station Project Parking Lot / Gravel Work 2019-08-26
Proposed Storm Drainage System 2019-08-28
Benton Pump Station Project Parking Lot / Paving 2019-08-26
Concrete Wearing Surface Replacement - Sanford - Region 1 2019-08-28
Hayford Heights Stormwater Rehabilitation 2019-08-28

Bid Opportunities in Maryland:

Bid Date
On-Call Assessment and Repairs of Sanitary Sewer Mains and Laterals Citywide 2019-08-28
Construction of the North Branch Sewage Pumping Station Upgrade 2019-08-27
Elevated Tank 2 Rehabilitation 2019-08-29
SMS: Behavioral Health Crisis Walk-In Center 2019-08-26
Installation of Two Pedestrian Bridges 2019-08-30

Bid Opportunities in Massachusetts:

Bid Date
RFQ - Construction Manager at Risk Services Preconstruction and Construction Phase Services 2019-08-28
Charlestown Navy Yard Safety and Access Improvements, Boston National Historical Park, Charlestown, MA 2019-08-26
Student Life Renovations Phase 2 2019-08-28
Administration Building Historic Renovation 2019-08-29
Exterior Accessibility Upgrades - Boyden Hall 2019-08-30

Bid Opportunities in Michigan:

Bid Date
Covenant Health Center / Detroit 2019-08-28
Shelby Township Library 2019-08-27
Centralized Deicing Facility and Runway 21R Hold Bay at DTW 2019-08-30
Repair Refrigerator-Freezer Building 560 Camp Grayling Training Center 2019-08-28
231 Blight Abatement Demolition of 4 Houses 2019-08-27

Bid Opportunities in Minnesota:

Bid Date
2019 Street Improvements 2019-08-29
2019 Parking Lot Repair Project 2019-08-29
Safe Routes to School 2019-08-30
Bituminous Surfacing 2019-08-27
Remove and Salvage Historic Kern Bridge 2019-08-28

Bid Opportunities in Mississippi:

Bid Date
Intersection Improvements on US Highway 90 2019-08-27
Bridge Replacement on US 51, Bridge No. 205.4 2019-08-27
Bridge Replacements on US Highway 49 2019-08-27
Bridge Rehabilitation on SR 481 2019-08-27
Bridge Repair on I-10 2019-08-27

Bid Opportunities in Missouri:

Bid Date
Wentzville Parkway Turn Lane Phase 2 2019-08-30
Carrollton Aquatic Center 2019-08-27
Filmore Bridge Parallel Force Main 2019-08-27
Pavement Preservation Project on Mark Twain National Forest 2019-08-30
Osage Beach Pkwy Sidewalk Improvements Phase 5 2019-08-30

Bid Opportunities in Montana:

Bid Date
Smith's #170 / Bozeman 2019-08-29
Dedicated SPS HVAC System (VA-19-00032805) 2019-08-26
Monegan Road Improvements Project 2019-08-26
Pipes-Twin Bridges 6th Avenue Storm Drain Improvements 2019-08-28
Broadwater Dam Control Room 2019-08-28

Bid Opportunities in Nebraska:

Bid Date
Specialty - N-2 Ravenna West 2019-08-29
Bituminous - US-81, N-13 - S. JCT N-98 2019-08-29
Concrete Pavement - N-2 2019-08-29
Twin Valleys - Dawson 69kV Sub-Transmission Tie Line 2019-08-28
Combined Concrete Projects 2019-08-27

Bid Opportunities in Nevada:

Bid Date
MQ-9 FY-19 MQ-9 Ground Control Station (GCS) Operations Facility and FY-19 Operations and Command Center Facility, Creech Air Fo 2019-08-30
Fire Station 30 - Clark County 2019-08-26
Construct Landscape and Aesthetics, Stormwater Improvements, and Lighting/ ITS Improvements 2019-08-29
Effluent Wetlands Project 2019-08-29
Repair of Floating Restrooms for Lake Mead National Recreation Area 2019-08-29

Bid Opportunities in New Hampshire:

Bid Date
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital 2 South Recovery Renovations 2019-08-28
Spur Road Reconstruction 2019-08-27
Concord Steam Building Demolition and Construct Parking Lot 2019-07-31
Bridge Rehabilitation for Red List Bridge Carrying NH 16 over Ellis River 2019-08-29
Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics - Rockingham Park Mall / Salem 2019-08-23

Bid Opportunities in New Jersey:

Bid Date
Benjamin Franklin Bridge Rehabilitation of the Suspended Spans and Anchorages 2019-08-29
Wawa #8445 / Springfield 2019-08-28
2019 Capital Road Improvements 2019-08-28
Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations and Other Related Work 2019-08-30
268 Welchville Road Building Renovation 2019-08-29

Bid Opportunities in New Mexico:

Bid Date
Taxiway D Phase II Construction 2019-08-29
Zuni Road Improvements (Washington to Central) 2019-08-27
Albuquerque Distribution Center 2019-08-27
Construction of the Leyba Road ADJ Water Improvements Project 2019-08-30
RFP - Design, Equipment and Installation of an Odor Control for Lift Station 14.2 2019-08-29

Bid Opportunities in New York:

Bid Date
DSNY Queens 7 Garage Renovation 2019-08-28
Reconstruction of a Sports Courts and Tot Lot 2019-08-28
Eisenhower Lock Asphalt Replacement Project 2019-08-28
Reconstruction of Parsons Boulevard - Borough of Queens 2019-08-29
Oak Beach Shoreline Stabilization and Roadway Improvements 2019-08-29

Bid Opportunities in North Carolina:

Bid Date
Alexander Shell Building / Alexander Industrial Park 2019-08-29
Springside Culvert Replacement 2019-08-30
Denton Street Pool Repair 2019-08-27
Miscellaneous Concrete Construction for ADA Curb Ramps 2019-08-27
Replacement of Pea Island Comfort Station 2019-08-29

Bid Opportunities in North Dakota:

Bid Date
TTMBC Water Systems Improvements - Membrane Treatment Expansion Contract 3-2 2019-08-28
Van Hook Subdivision Road Improvements 2019-08-27
40th Street Northwest Improvements 2019-08-30
Boot Barn #114 / Fargo 2019-08-26
XWA Entrance Monument and Way - Finding Signage Project 2019-08-29

Bid Opportunities in Ohio:

Bid Date
Dollar General #20442 / Laura 2019-08-26
Martha Morehouse Medical Plaza (MMPP) - 3rd Floor Lobby and Clinical Spaces 2019-08-26
Street Improvements 2019-08-28
Lincoln Green Curb Ramp Upgrade Project 2019-08-29
Family Dollar / New Marshfield 2019-08-27

Bid Opportunities in Oklahoma:

Bid Date
Rehabilitate Runway 17-35 - Vinita 2019-08-27
Ferry Landing and Terminal Upgrades 2019-08-28
Bixby West Elementary and Intermediate North Road 2019-08-29
Walmart Neighborhood Market #2984-209 - Online Grocery Pickup / Lawton - Rebid 2019-08-28
Gordon Cooper Technology Center 2019-08-29

Bid Opportunities in Oregon:

Bid Date
Beltline Highway/Delta Highway Interchange - Oregon Department of Transportation n/a
Gravesite Expansion - Roseburg National Cemetery 2019-08-26
Ulta Beauty #1509 - Roseburg Marketplace / Roseburg 2019-08-30
2019 Pavement Maintenance Program (PMP) - Region 1 - Southern Airports 2019-08-29
CIPP 30" Mainline Lining 2019-08-28

Bid Opportunities in Pennsylvania:

Bid Date
Bridge Repairs 2019-08-28
Capital Improvements New Parking Areas at the Cole Village Development PA38-14 2019-08-30
Belmouth Run Road Improvements 2019-08-28
New Borough Hall - Building Renovations 2019-08-28
2019 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation 2019-08-29

Bid Opportunities in Rhode Island:

Bid Date
Athletic Fields at Former Drive-In 2019-08-30
RIDOT East Providence Salt Storage Facility 2019-08-27
Improvements to Crosswalks, Streetscape and Commercial Corridor of Conimicut Village 2019-08-27
Coastal Medical - Tenant Fit-Out 2019-08-30
Bridge Group 12 A Sandy Bottom Bridge #257 Replacement 2019-08-20

Bid Opportunities in South Carolina:

Bid Date
CF Haynsworth Federal Building Chiller Replacement 2019-08-30
Walmart Supercenter #642-224 - Entertainment of the Future / Cheraw - Rebid 2019-08-27
CF Haynsworth Federal Building Window Painting and Repair 2019-08-30
Foreman Street - Water and Road Repair 2019-08-27
Bathroom Modification 2019-08-27

Bid Opportunities in South Dakota:

Bid Date
Wastewater System Improvement Project 2019-08-27
Pavement Improvements Project 2019-08-28
Box Culvert Projects 2019-08-28
Aspen Boulevard Force Main Repair 2019-08-28
Culvert Repair 2019-08-21

Bid Opportunities in Tennessee:

Bid Date
Bell Tower Apartments 2019-08-28
Fire Station 2 2019-08-29
Energy and Environmental Science Research Building (SURGE) 2019-08-29
Construction of Parking Lot Repair Project - Package #2 2019-08-28
Lowrance K-8 HVAC Renovation 2019-08-29

Bid Opportunities in Texas:

Bid Date
Bicentennial Boulevard Extension Project 2019-08-29
Removal and Disposal of Underground Petroleum Tanks and Mitigation of Contaminated Soil 2019-08-29
Culberson Hospital Facade Renovation and Parking Lots 2019-08-27
2018 Street Bond Projects - Phase 1 2019-08-29
US 271 Sewer Line Improvements 2019-08-29

Bid Opportunities in Utah:

Bid Date
10200 South Zone B Pipeline 2019-08-28
Mayflower Bridges Early Paving Median Work 2019-08-27
SR-164 and Mill Rd/Woodland Hills Drive, SF Traffic Signal - New 2019-08-27
3000 W Waterline Project 2019-08-28
RFP Construction Manager at Risk - Bingham Creek Regional Park, Phase 1 CM/GC Stage 1 2019-08-21

Bid Opportunities in Vermont:

Bid Date
Royalton CMG Park (27) 2019-08-30
Londonderry-Chester STP PS19 (10) 2019-08-30
Anaerobic Digester Complex Improvements 2019-08-28
Bear Trap Road Bridge Project 2019-08-27
RFP Construction Manager - Rehabilitation of the Stimson and Graves Apartments 2019-08-23

Bid Opportunities in Virginia:

Bid Date
Utility Work - Waterline Upgrades Phase 2 2019-08-27
Terminal Restroom Renovations B3 / B4 2019-08-29
Planet Fitness / Springfield 2019-08-28
Road Diet - Improve Bicycle Accommodations 2019-08-27
RFQ Contractor - Prequalification for the Renovate Norfolk Owner Occupied Single Family, Multi Family Homes Rehabilitation and R 2019-08-28

Bid Opportunities in Washington:

Bid Date
Biological Treatment Process at the Budd Inlet Treatment Plant 2019-08-29
Buildings B and D Renovation 2019 2019-08-29
Hawthorne Hills Veterinary 2019-08-26
City Hall Courtyard Improvements 2019-08-29
Restroom Building - Town of Friday Harbor n/a

Bid Opportunities in West Virginia:

Bid Date
Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport - Runway 3-21 Rehabilitation 2019-08-29
New Office Building At Pressley Ridge / Clarksburg 2019-08-29
Correct Parking Lot Issues (VA-19-00068417) 2019-08-30
National Conservation Training Center - Repave Walking Trails 2019-08-29
Courtland Avenue Pump Station Pump 2 Rebuild 2019-08-27

Bid Opportunities in Wisconsin:

Bid Date
Repair B2880, Fort McCoy, WI 2019-08-27
Renovations TIB and MFB, Madison WI 2019-08-26
Zinser Street Utility Extension 2019-08-28
County Trunk Highways N and J Bridges 2019-08-27
Concrete Walls for Salt Shed 2019-08-26

Bid Opportunities in Wyoming:

Bid Date
Laramie-Snowy Range 115kv Transmission Line Addition and Snowy Range Substation 2019-08-27
Tough Creek and Cottonwood Campground Improvements 2019-08-28
Plant Major Maintenance Project (PMMP) 2019-08-20
2019 Street Improvements Project 2019-08-28
Greenway Construction - Powderhouse Segment 2019-08-29

Bid Opportunities in District of Columbia:

Bid Date
Renovate Third Floor West Courtroom Sets and Corridors 2019-08-29
GSA 11 VA Affairs Headquarters Canteen Renovation, VA Building 2019-08-29
Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) 6th District Substation ADA Upgrades Project (Exterior and Interior Upgrades) 2019-08-29
Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) 1st District Substation ADA Upgrades Project (Exterior and Interior Upgrades) 2019-08-30
Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) 4th District Substation ADA Upgrades Project (Exterior and Interior Upgrades) 2019-08-30