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Total value of US construction projects currently in our database:

Commercial Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$992,089,646,526
Bid Phase:$17,730,241,364
Civil Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$157,916,537,905
Bid Phase:$8,405,914,935

Construction Bid Opportunities

In today's market, every job counts. We know how important it is to find every project you're specified on, identify where your competitors are getting specified, and get out ahead of bidding construction projects. This information will help you drive higher specification rates and maximize sales. Our powerful lead solutions deliver the tools and information necessary to enhance marketing programs and drive higher profits.

The following is a sample list of bidding construction projects throughout the United States. The list is updated weekly, so check back often. This list of projects coming up for bid represents just a handful of the tens of thousands of project leads we have in our database.

Construction Projects for Bid

Bid Opportunities in Alabama:

Bid Date
Rudd Middle School Additions and Renovations 2019-06-06
Murphy Oil #7748 / Troy 2019-06-04
Warehouse A-18 Renovations for Central Maintenance Relocation 2019-06-07
Woodlawn Connector Trail 2019-06-05
2018 CDBG Contract B - Water System Improvements 2019-06-06

Bid Opportunities in Alaska:

Bid Date
Minnesota Dr: Seward to Tudor Pavement Preservation and HSIP: Minnesota Dr Weaving Lane - International Airport to Raspberry 2019-06-07
HSIP: Parks Hwy: Systemic Passing Lanes MP 123.5 - 163 2019-06-04
43rd Piper to Dale Water Rehabilitation 2019-06-06
Walmart Supercenter #2071-239 - Remodel / Anchorage 2019-05-21
Anchorage Regional Landfill Gas Well Construction 2019-06-07

Bid Opportunities in Arizona:

Bid Date
Kayenta Substation Stage 05 and Long House Valley Substation Stage 02 Reactor Construction Project 2019-05-23
Bank of America Offices - Tucson Sunrise Tenant Buildout 2019-06-03
Construction - NFSR 300 Road Surface and Stabilization 2019-06-06
Walmart Supercenter #1533-235 - Entertainment of the Future / Peoria 2019-06-04
Concrete Pad/Walk Way Installation - Imperial National Wildlife Refuge 2019-06-03

Bid Opportunities in Arkansas:

Bid Date
New Welding Technology Center - Northwest Technical Institute n/a
48th Street Extension and Drainage Improvements and Water System Improvements 2019-06-03
Gill Street Bridge / Episcopal Collegiate School 16 Potable Water Main Replacement Phase 1 - 2019 2019-06-04
Cleaning and Recoating of a 153,000 Gallon Welded Steel Standpipe Water Storage Tank 2019-06-03
Tyler Street Improvements 2019-06-05

Bid Opportunities in California:

Bid Date
Clark Pest Control - Contact Center Addition 2019-06-04
Off/On FHWA System Bridge Rehabilitation 2019-06-04
La Puente High School Dressing Room, Pool and Kitchen 2019-06-05
The Shade Store / San Diego 2019-06-06
Kiefer Landfill, 2019 Lift 7 Horizontal Collectors 2019-06-06

Bid Opportunities in Colorado:

Bid Date
Roxborough Lift Station and Zone 3 Tank Paving and Improvements 2019-06-06
Evergreen Lakehouse Bridge Replacement 2019-06-06
Union Pacific Railroad Quiet Zone 2019-06-05
Anschutz Health and Wellness Center - Replace Basement Steam Roof Systems 2019-06-06
Legacy Drainage Project - 2019 2019-06-04

Bid Opportunities in Connecticut:

Bid Date
Brien McMahon High School Marine Sciences Pathway Construction 2019-06-03
Norwalk High School Miscellaneous Projects 2019-06-06
Main Entry Terrace Seating Area at Asnuntuck Community College 2019-06-06
Forest School Playscape 2019-06-04
Building Automation System Replacement for Dwight School 2019-06-06

Bid Opportunities in Delaware:

Bid Date
SR 141 Improvements, I-95 Interchange to Jay Drive 2019-06-04
BR 3-588 on SR26 Nine Foot Road Over Whartons Branch 2019-06-04
Walmart Supercenter #1741-238 - Remodel / Milford 2019-06-04
Belltown Interceptor Sanitary Sewer Replacement 2019-05-21
BR 2-031A on Irish Hill Road Over Double Run Creek 2019-06-04

Bid Opportunities in Florida:

Bid Date
City of Lakeland Fire Training Center 2019-06-06
Marco Island Academy 2019-06-07
43rd Street Outfall Regional Stormwater Improvements 2019-06-04
Lift Station No. 9 Improvements 2019-06-04
DPW Warehouse Parking Lot Expansion 2019-06-06

Bid Opportunities in Georgia:

Bid Date
Paving Improvements - Hebardville Central Areas 2019-06-06
Regions Bank - Friendship Springs / Flowery Branch 2019-06-03
Regions Bank / Hapeville 2019-06-03
Drainage Services At Annex 3 2019-06-05
Clinch County 2019 Off System Safety Action Project - Striping Improvements 2019-06-03

Bid Opportunities in Hawaii:

Bid Date
Ala Moana Regional Park Hawaiian Pond Improvements 2019-06-03
Substructure and Waterline Repairs at Piers 31-34, Honolulu Harbor 2019-06-06
Waikiki Seawall Mitigative Improvements 2019-06-07
Ala Moana Regional Park Japanese Pond Improvements 2019-06-03
Ala Moana Regional Park Magic Island Parking Lot Improvements 2019-06-04

Bid Opportunities in Idaho:

Bid Date
I-84, Northside Boulevard to Franklin Boulevard 2019-06-04
ID USACE NWW 2017(1), Hells Gate State Park Surface Preservation and ID IDAHO 222(1), Dixie Road Surface Preservation 2019-06-05
Baumgartner Campground Shelter Project 2019 2019-06-04
Thousand Springs State Park Billingsley Creek Trail System 2019-06-03
Kids Portable Classroom Building 175 - Maple Grove Elementary School 2019-06-04

Bid Opportunities in Illinois:

Bid Date
HMA Resurfacing 2019-06-04
Const. Three Span Rc Slab Bridge 2019-06-07
Worth Twp Upper Spring Bay Road Bridge 2019-06-06
Pearle Vision #8071 - Logan Square Retail Center / Belvidere 2019-06-04
2019 Replacement Sidewalk Program 2019-06-04

Bid Opportunities in Indiana:

Bid Date
Lead Service Line Replacement Pilot 2019-06-05
Community Crossings Paving Program - Application #4592 2019-06-04
CRC Monon and Main Garage Facade 2019-06-05
Frank H. Hammond School and Park Playground Bid 2019-06-06
West Lake Corridor SOQ 2019-05-30

Bid Opportunities in Iowa:

Bid Date
Mary Greeley Medical Center West Tower 6th Floor 2019-06-06
Enterprise Drive East PCC Paving, Sanitary Sewer and Water Main Construction 2019-06-06
Phase 2 Sanitary Sewer Lining 2019-06-06
2019 Street Improvements 2019-06-06
Wings Park Trail Improvements 2019-06-07

Bid Opportunities in Kansas:

Bid Date
Fairfield Inn & Suites / Lawrence 2019-06-05
Mill and Overlay Three Access Control Points 2019-06-05
2019 Milling, Patch, Overlay, and Concrete Maintenance Program 2019-06-04
37th Street Booster Pump Station Pump Replacement 2019-06-07
Wichita State University Henrion Hall - Phase 1 Remodel 2019-05-27

Bid Opportunities in Kentucky:

Bid Date
Pikeville Area Family YMCA - Indoor Pool and Infrastructure Project 2019-06-06
Rifle Range Road Culvert Replacement 2019-06-06
WSP Waterline Extension 2019-06-06
KAMI Drainage AMLRP (Johnson) 37 AG 2019-06-06
Lyndale Court Improvements Project 2019-06-06

Bid Opportunities in Louisiana:

Bid Date
Fire Station Improvements - St. George Fire Protection District n/a
Calcasieu River and Pass, LA Channelside Stone Armoring and Repair (ED 18-071) 2019-06-05
Lake Charles New Transit Bus Storage Facility - City of Lake Charles n/a
Overton Brooks Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Refrigerator/Freezer Replacement 2019-06-03
A New Fire Station for South Claiborne Fire Protection District 2019-06-06

Bid Opportunities in Maine:

Bid Date
Base Reconstruction - Kossuth TWP and Topsfield - Region 5 2019-06-05
Walmart Supercenter #1866-218 - Remodel / Farmington 2019-06-04
Renovations to the Former Lura Libby Elementary School 2019-06-06
Diesel Lab Upgrades Mailman Trades Building 2019-06-07
Mount Desert Elementary School Exterior Keyless Security System - 5 Entry Points Replacement of School Wide Panasonic Phone Syst 2019-06-07

Bid Opportunities in Maryland:

Bid Date
Salisbury Animal Health Laboratory Replacement n/a
C Elizabeth Rieg Regional Education Center - Limited Renovation 2019-06-03
Facilities Envelope Renovations and Fuel Tank Replacement 2019-06-03
Interior Rehabiliation 2019-06-03
SBR- Storefront Entrance Upgrades 2019-06-05

Bid Opportunities in Massachusetts:

Bid Date
Interior Renovations to the Everett High School - General Bid 2019-06-05
Litchfield Street Culvert Replacement 2019-06-06
Installing Sidewalks and Granite Curb 2019-06-05
Goods & Services - Clarke Road 2019-06-07
Main Lift Station Bypass Connection 2019-06-05

Bid Opportunities in Michigan:

Bid Date
Replacement With Prestressed Concrete Beams, Approach Work, Steel Piling, Concrete Curb and Gutter, Sidewalk, Drainage, Guardrai 2019-06-07
HMA Cold Milling and Resurfacing, Concrete Pavement Repair, Sidewalk Ramps, Signing and Pavement Markings on Edward N Hines Driv 2019-06-07
Road Reconstruction Including Roundabout, Pavement Removal, Earth Excavation, Embankment, Sidewalk Ramps and Pavement Markings o 2019-06-07
Hot Mix Asphalt Reconstruction, Concrete Pavement, Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk and Ramps, Drainage, Signals and Pavement Markings on 2019-06-07
2019 Concrete Pavement Repair Program 2019-06-05

Bid Opportunities in Minnesota:

Bid Date
Grading and Bituminous Surfacing, TMS, Lighting, Signing and Striping 2019-06-07
Center Municipal Liquor Store 2019-06-04
CSAH 3 (CSAH 30 to CSAH 45) Reclamation 2019-06-04
Mission Creek Stream Restoration Project 2019 2019-06-06
Thomson Township Harney Road Paving 2019-06-04

Bid Opportunities in Mississippi:

Bid Date
Walmart Supercenter #1260-228 - Remodel / Lucedale 2019-06-05
Krystals / Saltillo 2019-06-03
New Community Center 2019-04-01
Thee Health And Performance Center Improvements Phase-1 2019-06-07
Poplarville - Pearl River County Airport - Drainage Improvements and Asphalt Driveway 2019-06-04

Bid Opportunities in Missouri:

Bid Date
Truman Boulevard Parking Lot 2019-06-05
Go Bond 18-19 ADA Corner Repairs 2019-06-04
SLBE Sidewalk Improvements - East 70th Street From Olive Street to Prospect Avenue 2019-06-04
Green Infrastructure Demonstration Project VA Medical Center and Avenue of Life 2019-06-04
Walmart Supercenter #190-228 - Entertainment of the Future / Kennett 2019-06-04

Bid Opportunities in Montana:

Bid Date
MT NPS GRKO 2018(1), Grant Kohrs Parking Lot Rehabilitation 2019-06-05
Great Falls Public Schools - CMR Structural Upgrades and Elevator Modernization 2019-06-03
Pavement Maintenance Project 2019-06-05
Torrid #5740 - Southgate Mall / Missoula 2019-06-03
Mission Field (Livingston) Airport Improvements 2019-05-29

Bid Opportunities in Nebraska:

Bid Date
2019 Braasch Avenue 5th to 1st Street 2019-06-06
Nebraska Department of Correctional Services Bid Package Number 3, Building Addition, Remodel and Site Improvements 2019-06-06
SID #524 - Sanitary, Storm and Paving for Coventry North - Phase 2 and Paving for Coventry South - Phase 2 2019-06-05
NDCS - NSP - 100-Bed Dormitory Fencing and Temporary Sally Port 2019-06-06
Grandstand Modifications 2019-06-06

Bid Opportunities in Nevada:

Bid Date
East West Water Transmission Main Project Phase 2B 2019-06-03
Tires Plus / Gardnerville 2019-06-06
Douglas County Effluent Storage Pond Embankment Repair and Baffle Curtains Project 2019-06-04
Construct Office Spaces at Sarah H Fleischmann Building Room 214, 215 and 216 2019-06-06
Domino 's Pizza #7406 / Las Vegas 2019-06-03

Bid Opportunities in New Hampshire:

Bid Date
Construction Services Ahern Building - Additions and Alterations 2019-06-06
Resurfacing Various Tier 2 Roadways 2019-06-06
Paving Renovation Project at Rogers House 2019-06-03
Building and Site Demolition (3 Seminary Hill) 2019-06-06
Village at Crafts Hill Community Building 2019-06-07

Bid Opportunities in New Jersey:

Bid Date
Extraordinary Capital Improvements 2019-06-06
Route 295 Northbound, Exit Ramp to Route 195 Eastbound Slope Stabilization 2019-06-06
Pavement and Sidewalk Replacement at Piscataway High School 2019-06-07
Restoration of Interior Decorative Marble and Painted Finished at the Hudson County William H Brennan Courthouse 2019-06-04
Palisade Avenue Improvements (Section 1) - Paterson Plank Road to 14th Street (Phase 1) 2019-06-05

Bid Opportunities in New Mexico:

Bid Date
Construction Manager at Risk - Hospital Tower Project 2019-06-05
Addition and Remodel to Fire Station 6 2019-04-10
Pedestrian Access Roadway and Drainage Improvements - 4 th Street Phase 4 2019-01-23
Mountain View Water System 2019-06-03
Deming Municipal Airport 2019-06-06

Bid Opportunities in New York:

Bid Date
Carter Street and North Street Milling and Resurfacing 2019-06-04
Van Cortlandtville Elementary School Connecting Corridor and Related Work 2019-06-03
Miscellaneous Electrical Upgrades at Stratford Road School and Judy Jacobs Parkway Elementary School 2019-06-06
Stewart Park Playground Phase 2 2019-06-04
Renovations at Barneveld and Taberg Maintenance Facilities 2019-06-05

Bid Opportunities in North Carolina:

Bid Date
Construction of the Highway 73 - South Ingleside Farm Road and Old Plank Road Water Line Extensions 2019-06-04
Southern Wake Campus, Learning Way Connection and Bus Lot - Rebid 2019-06-06
Replace Bridge #326 - SR 1505 2019-06-05
Verizon Wireless / Fuquay Varina 2019-06-03
Construction of a Raised Crosswalk Between High-Bay Building and Outdoor Storage at Research Triangle Park 2019-06-06

Bid Opportunities in North Dakota:

Bid Date
Heating System - County Shop 2019-06-03
Storm Water Improvements for Century 3rd, 4th and 5th Additions, and Gateway Addition 2019-06-03
Culvert Replacement, Steel Headwall, Concrete Pavement and Incidentals 2019-06-04
WSA OSP Infrastructure Installation 2019-06-07
Sidewalk Improvement District 2019-06-05

Bid Opportunities in Ohio:

Bid Date
2019 Garrison Street Reconstruction Project 2019-06-03
Hudson Drive Waterline Improvement Project 2019-06-04
C.H. 13 Boston Road and C.H. 42 Grafton Road Improvement Project 2019-06-06
Olentangy River Road 24" Water Main Phase 1 2019-06-05
Asbestos Abatement, Demolition, Site Clearance, Backfill, and Grading of Fifty-two (52) Vacant Dwellings/Structures 2019-06-07

Bid Opportunities in Oklahoma:

Bid Date
New Office and Shop for G&S Sign Services 2019-06-03
Irrigation Systems, Supplies, Repair/Replacement Parts and Services 2019-06-05
Norman Regional Healthplex - Pharmacy Compounding Room 2019-06-06
Melody Lane Asphalt Milling Project Additions I, II and III 2019-06-07
Rehabilitation of Lift Station Nos. 5, 7, 19, 25 and 28 2019-05-29

Bid Opportunities in Oregon:

Bid Date
NE 69th (Nw 227th) Avenue Bridge Replacement (Near NW Quatama) 2019-06-05
OR - Wapato Lake Pump Station Rehabilitation 2019-06-04
New Shop Building and NORFPD Satellite Office 2019-06-05
Timberline Lodge Hydrant Loop Replacement 2019-06-04
Minnesota Street Storm Sewer Extension 2019-06-05

Bid Opportunities in Pennsylvania:

Bid Date
Tunnel and Bridge Rehabilitation 2019-06-05
Milling of Bituminous - Road Materials 2019-06-03
Cherry Hill Road Bridge Replacement Project 2019-06-06
Pedestrian Stair Replacement Phase II 2019-06-06
2019 Inlet Project 2019-06-03

Bid Opportunities in Rhode Island:

Bid Date
Silver Creek Bridge 2019-05-24
High Friction Surface Treatment I-95 Curves Pawtucket, Route 24, Route 37 2019-06-07
Corporate Office Facility Improvements 2019-06-04
William C. O'Neill Bike Path Segment 4A 2019-06-04
Pre-Qualifications for Horizontal Directional Drilling Contractors 2019-05-29

Bid Opportunities in South Carolina:

Bid Date
Avid Hotel / Fort Mill 2019-06-04
City of Charleston - CP1617 Police Department Forensics Services Building n/a
Heartland Dental / Rock Hill 2019-06-06
Walmart Supercenter #1135-228 - Online Grocery Pickup / Hartsville 2019-06-04
Bathroom Renovation 2019-06-04

Bid Opportunities in South Dakota:

Bid Date
Pavement Restoration 2019-06-05
Shared Use Path and RCBC 2019-06-05
Pavement Restoration 2019-06-05
Remodel in IHS Office Area 2019-06-07
Denny Sanford PREMIER Center - Various Concrete Repairs 2019-06-06

Bid Opportunities in Tennessee:

Bid Date
Improvements to Commercial Facade 2019-06-03
Brownfield Cleanup at Former Glover Tract - Riverwalk Trail 2019-06-04
Walmart Supercenter #1080-230 - Remodel / Johnson City 2019-06-04
Jim Kim Road Pump Station 2019-06-06
West Tennessee River Basin Authority White Oak Restoration 2019-06-07

Bid Opportunities in Texas:

Bid Date
Jefferson HS/Silva HS Additions and Renovations.- Rebid 2019-06-04
Long Meadow Farms Retail Phase 1 2019-06-06
Rehabilitate Bridge 2019-06-05
McGregor - Waco Woodway 16 Inch Waterline 2019-06-05
Concrete and Erosion Repairs to the Colonial Parkway Bridge at Mason Creek for Harris County Precinct 3 2019-06-03

Bid Opportunities in Utah:

Bid Date
Yellowstone Bridge Replacement 2019-06-06
Lakeview Fields Sewer Lift Station 2019-06-06
2019 Micro Surface Project - Pony Express Parkway 2019-06-04
Green River Salt Shed Project 2019-06-04
SR-227 and SR-225 Ramp Rehabilitations 2019-05-30

Bid Opportunities in Vermont:

Bid Date
Clarendon Avenue Reconstruction 2019-06-06
2019 Roadway Resurfacing Projects 2019-06-07
Renovation - Mount Anthony Union High School 2019-06-03
Blacktop 4 Different Sections of Town Highways 2019-06-05
2019 Sidewalk Replacement Project 2019-06-07

Bid Opportunities in Virginia:

Bid Date
North Phoebus Sanitary Sewer Upgrades - Rebid 2019-06-06
Shenandoah Raw Water Line Project - Eastern City Limit to Port Republic Road 2019-06-06
Wolfe Gilbert Road Waterline Replacement Project - Phase II 2019-06-06
Bill Jessee Road Waterline Replacement Project - Phase I 2019-06-06
Western Branch Park Tennis Court Resurfacing 2019-06-04

Bid Opportunities in Washington:

Bid Date
VA Seattle Upgrade IT Infrastructure for EHRM Fielding 2019-06-03
VA American Lake Upgrade IT Infrastructure for EHRM Fielding 2019-06-03
North Cove Park Plaza and Pavilion 2019-06-06
CDBG Sidewalk and ADA Ramp Project 2019-06-06
Buckhorn Mountain RCLR UIS Tower Replacement 2019-06-07

Bid Opportunities in West Virginia:

Bid Date
Upgrades to Belmont Elementary, Saint Marys Elementary and Pleasants County Middle Schools 2019-06-03
Spencer Wastewater Treatment Plant n/a
Tygart Lake Trash Boom Replacement 2019-06-06
Parks - Twin Falls and Babcock Large Event Shelters 2019-06-06
Construction for a 4 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Double-Wide 2019-06-04

Bid Opportunities in Wisconsin:

Bid Date
2019 Locally Funded Project - Oneida Road Bridge Replacement Project 2019-06-05
Water Main Reconstruction | Paul Drive 2019-06-05
Lake Delton Hines Terrace Reconstruction 2019-06-06
2019 Road Work Projects 2019-06-03
2019 Seal Coat Projects 2019-06-03

Bid Opportunities in Wyoming:

Bid Date
Ultraviolet (UV) Replacement 2019-06-04
Town of Pinedale Airport SRE Building 2019-06-06
Harbor Freight Tools / Gillette 2019-06-07
Sheridan County Airport Rehabilitate and Expand Commercial Terminal Building 2019-06-04
Hulett K-12 Woodshop Dust Collector 2019-06-04

Bid Opportunities in District of Columbia:

Bid Date
Lead Service Line Replacement Contract for FY20-FY22 2019-06-05
Love and Care at Art Place Fort Totten 2019-06-05
WMATA Tunnel Ventilation Pilot Project 2019-05-30
Soldiers Home Reservoir Upgrade 2019-05-15
P090 Construction of Co-generation Plant Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC 2019-05-21