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Customer Testimonials

Customer Name Company Name Testimonial Line of Business State
Don HallfordCotton & Welshe, Inc.
"CMD Group has been a very valuable tool in our search for projects to quote. Their system is very user friendly but maybe more importantly is the personal help that is offered when extra information is required. We would be lost without CMD."
Nick EvansArmacell
Over the past few years we have been using CMD as one of our primary lead generators. We have found, with CMD, a level of detail and help that is invaluable for what my department does. CMD helps us capture project at all stages which allows us to fill our pipeline with opportunities. Their customer service and research departments are easy to deal with and fast to answer inquiries. I would recommend CMD Group to all manufacturers of construction product.
Jerry McCartyMcCarty Domes, Inc.
RCD has serviced an exponential uptick in our project search since the beginning of using their program. On line with synthesized project information the Nationally Based Search we do is quite specific and to our satisfaction we find real people, Architects, Engineers and Contractors to discuss and promote our Structural Dome System. The size of project with plans and specifications offers us a cost efficient means to maintain market out-reach with an informed and competitive outlook. I highly recommend the services of RCD the company and the Account Executives who regularly maintain and follow up issues for their client base. A definite professional courtesy.
Patty SaylesCB Products
Our company, CB Products (previously Carmel Arch. Sales), have subscribed to the on-line service from CMD for several years now and have found it to be very beneficial in locating and reviewing projects, contractors who are bidding the job, architect, project managers and down loading plans for our specific trade. Due to our company having to down size and reduce costs, we were not able to continue the top of the line service we experienced in the past and had to cancel our program. We were without the convenience and having quick access to obtaining information we needed for researching the projects. Cheli of CMD seemed determined to help us get back on track and find something that would meet our needs for a reasonable price. She provided just the program we needed and fulfilled our requirements for doing job search. I spoke with my boss and he was delighted to hear that we were again able to have the on-line connection to CMD for an amount we could afford.
Padma MistryJD Sales Company
The CMD Construction website has been great to use with our company. Being able to find projects fast has really helped minimize down time chasing projects. The ability to be notified of updates/ addendum/ changes has helped our company stay ahead of bids and changes that might not normally be gathered in time. Having follow up capabilities has also minimized the amount of searching we have to do in order to find who has been awarded projects.
Sheri ChristiansonAerial Innovations of Georgia, Inc
We have been using the CMD Connect service for about 5 years and have found its ease of use and the tech support absolutely wonderful. They have great leads and are right-on with what is happening in our area. They also follow the project to the end with the winning General Contractor, which is important to us
CMD Connect has been instrumental in enabling my company to land more projects and expand our customer base. As a result we have increased the bottom line and CMD Connect is a big part of that. CMD Connect gives a salesman a current view of what is going on in real time. It helps not only with gaining business but, aids in building the relationships necessary to grow my business. The information provided is current, complete, and accurate. This tool is a necessity for anyone trying to compete in this market. Thank you, PACIFIC COAST BOLT
Since we started with CMD Data a couple of years ago, the CMD Customer Service has always been prompt and courteous. The format of your project data is easy to follow and I can select the options we need for our particular business. It is also very important to have a list of general contractors and the entire team working on each project. I especially like the daily emails with updates concerning jobs on our active list as well as new opportunities in our area. Thanks again, for all your help.
James MaloneFoundation Supportworks
Foundation Supportworks, Inc. has utilized the services of CMD Group (RCD) for three consecutive years. We currently have over 25 users searching 43 states for projects that have a scope of work that relates to our industry. It has been our experience that RCD is a well-managed company that focuses on customer support. Amra Cehaja, senior account executive for RCD, has managed our account for the past two years. Amra has been exceptional to work with. She is very thorough and responds to requests in an uncanny fashion (usually the same day). RCD provides an extremely valuable tool for our company that allows us to find and bid on projects that we would otherwise not even know about. I highly recommend CMD Group to anyone who provides services for the construction industry. Regards,
Lori CamutiParlights, Inc
Our company uses SmartProject News to find projects and get the information that we need to drive our business. The program is quite easy to use, reliable and very convenient. It saves our company time and money, as we do not have to order paper copies of plans and specs. We can quickly and easily download plans and get the contact information that we need on projects that we want to pursue. It is vital to the success of our company to have accurate information in a timely manner and CMD is able to provide that for us. We have been a successful customer of CMD for 7 years and look forward to bright future. Sincerely,
Jennifer ReichartAero Dyne Sound Control
As a small business, making smart investments with our time and money is critical. The CMD Connect database has been a valuable tool in spawning opportunity for our business and the service team’s professionalism is a rare find.
Jim FisherBray Controls
I wanted to let you know how great the CMD Connect Construction Software Program is. Our business has improved and Bray is finding out about jobs that we never knew about. We are closing more jobs, gaining new customers, and growing our market share. The CMD Connect Program also provides great details about these jobs. For example, it provides contact names, phone numbers, dates, type of products or scope of work. Your inside support is fantastic. I have contacted my Senior Account Executive and each time they take the time to explain and work with me while on line. CMD has also provided in house training at their corporate office in Norcross, GA. Thanks again for providing a great program and great support. Jim Fisher Bray Controls
Adam ColaizziClean Designs, Inc
I am very happy with CMD. I have used other services but prefer CMD for the ease of use. .The other reason I prefer CMD is because they only report projects that are happening. With McGraw Hill I noticed that they will report a project if someone just says hotel ï
Darin ShepherdFairway Building Products, L.P.
I just want to thank CMD for the support and leads for commercial jobs. CMD helps us connect with current and future business partners and allows us to grow our business. Thank you,
Mark HickokBT Environmental, Inc
Jacqueline, BT Environmental, Inc. has used CMD Group for several years to help grow, sustain and support our business We enjoy the simplicity and layout of your website and prefer it over many of your competitors! Best regards, Mark Hickok BT Environmental, Inc. C: (501)276-4180 W: (501)624-3837*14
Mike ArnoldPrecise Solar and Power
CMD has been very helpful for my company in the bidding process. It helps me locate and choose jobs from my computer and is an everyday tool my company uses to keep us working.
Paul DailyClauss Construction
Your service has been very helpful in finding bids, especially in the public sector. It was very helpful that you gave a guided tour of everything the site has to offer within a few days of our sign up. The ability to pick and choose features was a great way to save money while still receiving all the features we needed out of a procurement website. Being able to change states and certain features with a simple phone call is very useful as well. In all doing business with you has been very satisfactory; between great customer service and number of jobs you have listed you prove to be everything we need in a website of your function.
Michelle SchadlerAP/M Permaform
The CMD Connect program has greatly enhanced our ability to identify and pursue opportunities in the construction business. We are a worldwide company and need to have the kind of immediate access to open projects that CMD Connect affords us. Having the ability to research completed projects has also been an invaluable tool in allowing us to gauge where we need to apply more resources. It also allows us to penetrate areas of our market that we would not otherwise have been able to identify.
Tom PlatnerFarwest Insulation Contracting
CMD Connect is an up to date, effective bidding data center. I use it regularly to access, download, and print plans/specs for various commercial and municipal projects in Northern CA. It saves me time by providing all addenda and the contact information of prime contractors. CMD Connect has allowed me to bid more work and obtain all necessary information relevant to the projects I am bidding. I recommend it.
John ThortonMoen
With a continuing battle to be ahead of the cover on new project opportunities, I was looking for a reliable data service. CMD Group has fit the bill for my needs. Not only do they offer the most dependable information in a timely manner but they are a real partner. My Account Manager will contact me every couple weeks to see how things are doing and offer assistance. CMD Group supplies quality data…but more importantly the support that I need when I need it.
Ray CosgroveAffiliated Steam & Hot Water
CMD Group have made my life SIMPLER! CMD’s layout and organizational style is by far THE BEST I have experienced in 15 years of doing business. It is easy to find the jobs in my area, simple to look through prints and spec sheets, and professionally laid out to see who is bidding and what engineering firms are involved. CMD never locks up and anytime I had any type of question…..CMD was there with NO HASSLE-NO WORRY-TOP-NOTCH SUPPORT FIRST CLASS RESPONSE! Thank you for helping us be more productive and less frustrated EVERY DAY!
Sean GreenhouseLinita Design & Manufacturing
I am very happy with your service. Your service provides great leads and I would recommend it to others.
Todd CarriganUnited Casualty and Surety Insurance Company
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your prompt professional handling of my request today. I felt like I was talking to an old friend, and not a representative from a large company. You truly exceeded my expectations and I appreciate it. Thanks again Todd S. Carrigan, President United Casualty and Surety Insurance Company 1250 Hancock Street, Suite 803N Quincy, MA 02169 p: 617-471-1112 x108 f: 617-471-1116
Laura BarnettTotal Door
Dear Zack, I just want to thank you very much for your prompt response and attention to our needs regarding the products and services offered by CMD. We have been a long time customer and we value the partnership. You take the time to inform me about "What's New" at CMD; this allows us to better understand the tools that are available to help Total Door grow our business. It is a pleasure to work with you personally; you have always provided superior customer service at a moment's notice and the effort that you contribute along with your professionalism is appreciated and should be acknowledged for a job well done! Kind Regards, Laura Barnett Customer Relations Manager Total Door Systems
Lisa Wood-PerpetuaH.B. Wiltse Excavating,Inc
Hello, We really like the CMD Connect website and feel that it is user friendly and easy to navigate. Best Regards, Lisa M Wood-Perpetua Office Manager
Nyoka CorleyMT Diablo Landscaping
I must say that CMD's has been wonderful, as I mentioned I use it mostly in the winter months due to the rainy days and in construction I'm inside more. What I love about CMD's is that it gives you the awarded company, the job value, and the specific searched etc. I really could go on about you guys. Thank you again for providing a wonderful service to me and my company
Manuel SaucedoDEMILEC USA
I am Manuel Saucedo I work for DEMILEC (USA) LLC in the Engineering Department. DEMILEC is an industry leading manufacturer of spray polyurethane foam insulation and coatings. We have several products that contribute towards energy efficiency for homes and buildings, helping make them greener buildings. We work hand-in-hand with insulation contractors, homeowners, builders, and architects. We have been using CMD Construction's services for several years, it has been a great experience since they provide us with project leads that are out in the market from the design/concept stages to bidding announcement. CMD has helped us tremendously to obtain large commercial building projects, in addition we have established good friendships with some well known architectural firms. It has been a pleasure working with CMD. Sincerely, Manuel Saucedo Technical Associate at DEMILEC USA's Engineering Dept.
Joanne PoshkusWestpac Architectural Glass
We were lost and really have been beyond frustrated trying to find work to bid. this "Smart Project News" is spectacular! We are so happy that it was made available and are thus far so pleasantly pleased!! It was a pleasure dealing with you, and with Mr. Scata - you folks made it so easy - almost fun! Anyway, best regards and we will recommend this to everyone we come across looking for an efficient way to search! Sincerely! Best regards Joanne Poshkus SEC. Westpac Architectural Glass, Inc. (925) 371-9900 (925) 371-9901
Brenda HitzHarris Ventures Inc dba Staff Zone
We have been using CMD Connect for the past few years. The service CMD Connect provides is fantastic! They provide us with accurate daily updates on a multitude of construction leads and are always ready to help as we look for new opportunity in markets other than the many we already have. We rely on the scheduled daily emails which were easy to set up and manage. We have found that CMD Connect has become an integral tool to help us manage our pipeline work and field personnel.
Stephan CoxKole Construction Company, Inc
We find your service to be very valuable. The options criteria accompanying the search features are particularly beneficial. These allow us not only to target specific projects and potential customers that match our specialty and operating philosophy, but also allow us to capitalize on our preferred pursuits while preventing us from directing resources toward unsuitable opportunities. Your product is so intuitive and user friendly that none of our staff members have required training - they were able to utilize it immediately. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Kole Construction Company, Inc.
General ContractorIL
Collette EddyAerial Innovations, Inc.
CMD Connect is a valuable tool for our industry.. Aerial Photography customizes the search leads on projects by territory, dollars, and needs of the consumer. Frequently updates new projects and tracks existing ones. It is extremely user friendly and had definitely increased our sales. Sincerely, Colette Eddy Aerial Innovations, Inc. President (813) 254-7339 (800) 223-1701
Lee HaessigCretex Companies, Inc.
Through the use of CMD Connect, we were able to locate a project with 95 manholes specifying a competitor's product in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We then contacted the engineer identified on your service and submitted our product for review and consideration as an "or equal" on the project. We received approval and the engineer issued an addendum to the project prior to the bid listing our product as acceptable and allowed the contractors to bid using it. We do not know if we will be supplying our product or not but to have an opportunity on this and future projects with this engineer is a significant benefit to our company. Lee R. Haessig General Manager Direct: 262-510-2763 Fax: 262-542-0301 Cellular: 414-333-0027 Website:
Mike SparksGulf South Metals, LLC
CMD Connect site is easier to work through to find jobs and has everything that we need in bidding for jobs in our field. Thanks again
Kassi BrownEngineered Structures, Inc.
Gina and her team made solving our issue as painless as possible. They listened to our requests, worked diligently to fix the problem and have since followed up to make sure everything has been working properly. The format of their e-mail project alerts are easy to read and easy to quickly qualify the innumerable leads we receive on a regular basis. Both their friendliness and timely responses made working with CMD a pleasant experience.
Lisa SchwallPeak Poew
CMD Connect is a very important tool for our sales department, It provides us with sales leads, and keeps us on top the the latest jobs available to our industry. For Years, CMD Connect has provided us with the tools we need to become the successful we are today. I highly recommend CMD Connect. Sincerely, Lisa Schwall Manager Peak Power Systems, Inc.
Brian FloresFlores Excavation
I really feel since having these programs, it has had a big impact on my company's present and future job opportunities. Thanks again, Brian Flores Flores Excavation
Ricky FritzP&P Artec
I'm writing to you on behalf of P-P Artee, Inc. as a kind gesture to acknowledge our appreciation for all that CMD Connect as offered us. We are a small specialty contractor located in Chicago, IL and provide services nationwide. Although competition in our market is fierce, we continue to push forward as one of the top manufacturers/suppliers of decorative stainless steel railings in the nation CMD Connect has provided us with quality project leads and superior service with assistance, which has allowed us to continue to grow and succeed in our market. I've personally been using CMD Connect over the last 6 years and every year it has proven to he an effective tool which has allowed my company to increase our exposure and expand our regions. With all this being said, I want to thank you for providing our small company the opportunity to make huge presence nationwide. I am happy to recommend your company and the services you guys provide to others. Sincerely,
Yury SeagullThermoExpert
CMD has become an invaluable source of leads and project update information. I have yet to find another service that will guide me through the process of getting all the necessary bid documents together without inundating me with upsells and aggressive sales tactics.
Firooz FarivarToro Aire
We have been a customer of the CMD Connect program for many years. We are very satisfied with the services provided to us. The CMD employees are very helpful and respectful. Thanks Firooz Farivar Toro Aire
Division X Specialties
CMD Group has been a valuable resource for half the cost of what other companies expect, while providing the same or better project access and information, customer service that far exceeds every other system, and has helped my company keep better track of all of our projects. I could not have asked for a better program.
Ken GrahamDiskey Architectural Signage
I would like to tell you how much I like using CMD Connect. I was happy to hear that you have a new platform coming out soon and am looking forward to seeing the new capabilities. One of the things I like the most about CMD Connect is the ability to copy and paste portions of the pdf files into Photoshop. Sometimes I do this so that I can enlarge portions of the document for easier reading of critical information. I then print that information to put into my files for reference. Thank you,
CMD is the most accurate lead generating software we have ever used and their service is impeccable. We have used others in the past and found their systems to be slow and the information not up to date. Whenever an issue has arisen we call our dedicated account representative and she is always happy to help. Thank you CMD for your service and functionability.
Keith TeepleFireline Automatic Fire Sprinklers
Our company has utilized the CMD Connect for nearly 2 years. CMD Connect is by-far the best bid market provider. The usefulness of downloading Plans, Specifications & Addenda from CMD Connect is vital in the current ‘on-demand’ bid market. By making specific searches, and broadening our state-by-state coverage, our company has attained better opportunities and won more jobs. The CMD support staff will also jump on projects and upload data, for download, to the CMD Connect when notified. In our opinion, it is bid market “money well spent”. Keith Teeple, ET Estimator NICET #114493
Gary MullenMorgan and Burt
Just a note to let you know how much your publication of the Florida Construction Bulletin has helped me in my everyday duties here at Morgan and Burt Electric. I have been using your on-line services for over a decade in determining proper estimating decisions. Gary Mullen Cheif Estimator Morgan and Burt Electric
Jason MagetteHangar Door Solutions
As the Director of Sales for the country’s largest hangar door manufacturer, CMD Group has been a key part of business plan for many years and we have experienced tremendous success with it. Having the ability to set parameters and locate the types of projects that we bid on along with the ease of use within the website gives us an advantage over our competitors who may be using other methods to locate projects. We continue to recommend CMD Group Services as often as we can and look forward to many more productive years with them. Sincerely, Jason Magette Director of Sales and Marketing Industrial Door Contractors, Inc. 820 Mayberry Springs Road Columbia, TN 38401 (931)380-0463 - OFFICE (931)380-3658 - FAX (931)698-3480 - MOBILE
Sasha CrossKI Installation & Sons
Greg, I am so sorry it took so long to e-mail you back I got caught up in the bidding. I will tell you though out of all websites I have either used or attempted to use CMD Connect is by far the best! Sometimes I get lost on the other sites or they don’t give me all the information I need. Trust me I am very thankful to have CMD Connect to work with it is my go to!
Tim McMullenCosney Corporation
CMD service has more than paid for itself over the years. We are able to track projects from their concept. Knowing about a project as it’s developing allows us to get in early and educate both the owner and the architect before and during the design phase. We have on occasion been able to take the project off the street or at the very least we can influence the speciation so we are in a stronger position.
Alex MotazediEIC Contractors
At first I was hesitant to subscribe to CMD Group due to our company’s rural location. However I have been very impressed with how many project leads they have been able to uncover for us. Within the past year we have successfully been awarded two new projects using their service that we would have never heard of otherwise. Well worth the investment if you are seriously looking for new ways to expand your business clientele.
Bradley CarstensenCarstensen Contracting, Inc.
I have found CMD Connect very useful in searching for project across Texas. Regards, Bradley Carstensen Project Manager/Estimator Carstensen Contracting, Inc. 1507 7th St. SE. PO Box 754 Pipestone, MN 56164 Office: 507-825-2026 Cell: 507-820-1570 Fax: 507-825-2027
General ContractorMN
Lee VanTreeseWood Concepts, Inc
I have been using CMD Group for a little over a year and am happy with the service and the results. Due to the custom nature of our products, developing our proposals requires a heavy investment of time and resources. So the ability to really qualify prospects before making that investment determines our business success or failure. This is where CMD Group is so valuable: Qualitative, accurate, current information. As the saying goes: “Any salesman knows that if you knock on 40 doors, you’ll likely make 4 or 5 sales. A real PRO learns which 4 or 5 doors to knock on”. Lee VanTreese Wood Concepts, Inc. | 2640 N Darlington Ave. | Tulsa, OK 74115 P 918-836-9481 F 918-836-7461 M 918-852-2695 |
Lane GarrettPower Bolt and Tool
I wanted to take a minute and let you know how pleased I am with My CMD Business Report Subscription. We are a Distributor of Fasteners, Tools and Jobsite Supplies serving a broad segment of the commercial construction contractor market. We use the CMD Report to identify upcoming jobs in our market area and make plans to solicit business from the contractors as they come on board for the project. The filters on the search page allow me to customize my search so that I get exactly the return I’m looking for in terms of type of work, locations and values. Two years ago I did an extensive study of the work and value of a three county area in Florida and in part because of the data I was able to successfully launch a full scale branch operation in that territory. This reporting is invaluable to me in the hunt for new business and markets. I also want to let you know that the interface for the sight is intuitive and easy to learn, and I did take advantage of the coaching that came with the subscription in the early days but now I can handle it pretty much on my own. Thanks again for making such a great product. I’m sure I will renew my subscription in January.
Betsy GrissettAnixter International
To Whom It May Concern: Anixter became a CMD client over 7 months ago, and since the very beginning stages of our business partnership, I have been very pleased and impressed with the many levels of customer service provided by everyone at CMD. During the initial sales negotiation stage, I had the pleasure of working with Taylor Springfield, who personally took the time to demonstrate your product offerings, and coordinated the initial contractual agreement for our Southeast Region locations. Taylor was very professional, knowledgeable, and always accessible every step along the way. After our agreement was put into place, we were assigned another outstanding resource at CMD, Amra Cehaja. Amra has been a tremendous help to me and our sales staff over the past several months. She has personally coordinated training sessions for all 10 of my Southeast Region sales locations. We all find Amra to be very accommodating, extremely knowledgeable, and always accessible to answer questions and provide guidance to our team. I personally use the CMD Connect tool every day, and have found this to be an invaluable resource for our company. Regards, Betsy Grissett Anixter – Southeast Region Director of Business Development
George MorelandThe Quality Group, Inc
My company has been using CMD to identify commercial opportunities in our market. Our industry is getting more and more competitive by the day and CMD gives us an advantage over our competitors. We are able to target specific projects that best fit out talents and land them. Right now we are working on a $200k project that we found through the CMD data. We also get the unparalleled support that we need from our account manager in order to seamlessly incorporate the data into our daily business operations. We closely monitor the CMD data at least once a week and it is worth every penny. THE QUALITY GROUP, INC. George Moreland Director of Operations
Pete DattiloPittsburgh Structural Clay Products Inc
We found jobs that were not on our radar. CMD Connect is very easy to navigate, provides us with many leads & new info that we may have missed or overlooked if we were not using CMD! We believe its an affordable & informative service, we have used other services which were more costly & less effective. Thanks, Pete Dattilo. Pittsburgh Structural Clay Products Inc. P.O. Box 7384 4031 Bigelow Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15213 Ph. #412-621-1700 Fax #412-621-3071
Craig MarkerCool Roofing, Systems, Inc.
Cool Roofing Systems has used the CMD Connect service for the past several months. The service has expanded our reach by finding leads in the private commercial industry, municipal public works, and educational markets. Our estimating teams in Southern and Northern California have been able to find and bid well over 100 bids in the past few months alone. CMD Connect gives us the ability to track leads at the planning stage right through to bid results. It also allows us to see what our competitors are bidding so we can remain on top of the latest trends in the marketplace. All of our leads are emailed on a daily basis so we can remain on top of the latest opportunities and changes to leads we are already tracking. CMD Connect also provides a great marketing tool for our business. Using CMD Connect, we can find historical data on General Contractors and Architects to find potential partnerships and marketing opportunities. CMD Connect has proven to be an outstanding lead service for our roofing company. We look forward to using the service to continue our business growth. Thank you, Craig Marker Dir. Of Technical Sales Cool Roofing Systems, Inc.
Steve McBride JrDistribution Resources Ltd.
I just wanted to thank you for always responding quickly to our time is crucial for our business, and thank you for sending us to the right person for each individual circumstance. I was able to access a project in your database, and forward on the information we needed to try and save our product in that particular project, which is a huge benefit to our company and relationship with CMD. Thanks Again, Steve L. McBride Jr. Distribution Resources Ltd. Cell: 937-554-9486 Office: 614-441-4213 Fax: 614-459-9855
Paul BolnoA-Com Telephone Co.
I just want to take a minute and tell you that CMD Group has helped our company greatly.We have had the opportunity to get information on projects we generally wouldn't have known about. We also have had our sales staff out bidding on projects right in our area and if it wasn't for CMD Group we would not have had the opportunity. Thanks for all your help. Regards, Paul Bolno Project Engineer 706-323-2266 x486 706-358-6659 cell
John NortonTemp Right Service/ Comfort Systems USA
I've used CMD Group for over a decade as my primary search tool for upcoming projects. They have been an invaluable asset for identifying and researching projects in early development. I've found them consistently thorough and timely and highly recommend them for any contractor wanting detailed project information within their market. John Norton Director of Business Development Temp Right Service/ Comfort Systems USA
David DangAntique Metal Fab LLC
“We are a small metal fabrication company in Colorado. We have been using CMD Group for the past year and it has been a great experience. RCD allows us to view and bid on larger projects that are coming up in our area. It gives us the insights and contacts on who the General Contractor is and also the projected amount for the project. With the projected amount listed for the project, it helps us with our bidding and assists us in keeping within range for our scope of work. RCD is also a great way to network with new partners. It gives us the opportunity to get our name out there with the large companies and helps business relationships and trust. I highly recommend RCD if you are in the construction/development business. They are extremely great for networking and finding additional work. Also, gives you early information on new developments coming up in your area before the general public knows.” David D., Antique Metal Fab, Inc.
Aaryn SwansonTerrazzo Creations & Renewal, LLC
"At a fraction of the cost to pay yet another position in our sales structure, CMD Group has unleashed our company of (8) employees to a team of over (50) employees in the last two years with 500% sales growth in that same time period. Our specialized market, up to this point, had no tool which allowed us to search for projects based on the products we are professional installers of. This helped us justify traveling further from our home base, as we knew we did not have to fight the product substitution battle with the architects and began landing the work our guys WANT to do. CMD has also helped us bridge the turnover gap of lost employees, as it will never quit when I need it most. As a sales manager, this is a tool I won't soon surrender, no matter what budget cuts we are forced to incur." Aaryn Swanson | Sales, Logistics & Purchasing Manager Terrazzo Creations & Renewal, LLC P.O. Box 703 W8694 Orchard St. Iron Mountain, MI 49801 269.615.3343 ph 877.591.8074 fax
Don VolbrechtMedical Support Systems LLC
Just a note of thanks for all the support and help over the last few years with "Connect'! My partner and I have really seen new doors open for the company as we have doubled in size in less than three years. We attribute this to the contacts created by your product as well as the information provided through it to bid from! It has allowed us to pick and choose areas to pull from as well as the types of clients we want, unlike the other cookie cutter lead sheet that doesn't ear mark our type of trade. I highly recommend this to contractors looking for a contact generator that truly works for the small business on the grow!
Sanid BreinigREHAU Inc
Your promptness in responding to my email requests was fantastic! You were extremely helpful and thorough answering my questions. It is a pleasure working with you and I look forward to exploring more of the opportunities available to REHAU through CMD. Regards, Sandi Breinig REHAU Incorporated Sandi Breinig, Exec. Assistant, Construction Business Unit 1501 Edwards Ferry Rd., NE, Leesburg, VA 20176 PH. 703 777-5255, ext. 2260 | Fax 703 777-6592
Garrison LeykamPlc Multipoint Inc
Utilizing CMD Group for the purpose of identifying new projects to quote has been a very positive decision for PLC. Not only has the CMD database and customizable search options been user-friendly and strategically beneficial, but having Amra Cehaja as our Account Representative has been a huge value-add in fine-tuning our optimization of the site. I look forward to a long and valuable partnership with CMD.
Bob DownersW.W. Williams Midwest
I have been working with CMD for over 15 years with W.W. Williams and two other company. When we picked up the Illinois area, Gina added the area to our existing profile. Gina Williams took the reins and made the transition awesome, no matter the time of day she would make us feel like we was her only customer. If I am asked what plan service people should use without a doubt I will tell then CMD Business . Thank You for your Great Service !!
Kelly AbernathyDiscount Waste Systems, Inc.
I have used 3 different publications in the last year to help expand our business. CMDs publication provides updated general contractors information that keeps me abreast of what’s happening next with all contractors in any given market. My focus is to recognize new nationwide general contractors and CMD provides an in depth description of each for me to make a quick and productive decision. Will continue to work with CMD for time to come. -Kelly Abernathy – Discount Waste Systems, Inc.
Riley SaundersRiley Contractng
CMDs Group has grown my business in the past two years exponentially. Its not easy finding leads for projects bidding in the areas that i am seeking work. CMDs put it all at your fingertips with the use of filters. Cost of projects, location, trade, etc... Searching for projects is as easy as logging in, plugging in what you want to search, and hit go. Another great feature is the project track and bid date reminders. CMDs provides a list of my projects im tracking, and sends my company an email reminding me of the bid dates coming up. Anyway, to make a long story short, one project awarded pays for a year+ of this great service. I would reccomend this service to anyone and will continue to use CMDs for my project leads. Bert Saunders Riley Contracting LLC ________________________________________
General ContractorGA
Derl NicholsDarnell Steel and Construction
We have used CMD Connect for about two years to find projects to bid and be able to download and print each project. Which in turn saves time, to order plans and wait for them to be delivered before we can start our take-off. When you are not aware of a project, then you will make an effort to obtain the plans for us. Based on our past good results. It looks like we will continue to use your services.
General ContractorKY
Steven ShearerD&S Rebar, Inc.
CMD, is an outstanding service. In our year of 2013, we have gained $ 33,684.66 of work. We would not have received this work, if it was not to the outstanding listings and great customer service of CMD Group and their employees. I have and would recommend their service to anyone in the construction food chain. Sincerely, Steven D. Shearer, President D & S Rebar, Inc.
Shannon SumrallE. Cornell Malone Corporation
CMD Group has been a great resource to our company for bidding information. The customer service reps are available to answer any questions that may arise. E. Cornell Malone Corporation looks forward to our continued work together in the future. Shannon Sumrall Contract Administrator
Brian DrexelASAP Fabrication & Supply
Jackie - Investment comes in many forms when you’re a small business owner and all businesses need a return on that investment. Our investment in the CMD project reporting service more accurately helps us direct our resources. We use our CMD service not only for tracking current projects but also for forecasting future business opportunities, identifying new potential clients and tracking business trends within our scope of work and geographical area of interest. Our CMD service is an invaluable business tool and has been a wise investment. Thank you for checking in with us and for the great service. Sincerely, - Brian Brian Drexel Technical Sales Manager ASAP Fabrication & Supply 5340 US Hwy. 92 W Plant City, Fl 33566 Ph: 813-752-1999 Fx: 813-752-1997 M: 352-514-2043
Ken GrahamDiskey Architectural Signage
Cheli, It was nice to speak with you this afternoon! We were discussing our options for online plan room’s this last week. We all came to the consensus that CMD Connect is the best service. We appreciate the ease of downloading documents from your Website and we really appreciate that we can download multiple specification or drawing sheets into one document. Thank you for your assistance when we need it! Sincerely, Ken Graham Project Manager Diskey Architectural Signage 450 East Brackenridge St. Fort Wayne, IN 46802 Phone: (260) 424-0233 Fax: (260) 424-0668 email:
Marty SmithAll American Fitness
I have been a customer of CMD Group for over a decade with my own business and now with my current employer. I've have found no other lead source that delivers the breadth and scope across multiple market segments you get from RCD. My pipeline of opportunities is greatly enhanced in all timelines thanks to RCD. All the Best, Marty Smith
Neal FlesnerVentura Consulting Group
We use CMD construction on a daily basis. Their search tools make it easy to find the information that we need in a very usable format. We have looked at many service providers and the people at CMD construction are always there to answer questions. We are extremely satisfied with CMD and their great account team. Thanks, Neal
Good afternoon, Jackie... I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all of the follow-ups to assure I'm getting everything I need out of the CMD Group membership. I also appreciate the graph book gift that was recently sent to me in the mail. It has been such a great tool for me to hunt down new business and eliminates so many unnecessary and time-consuming hurdles in the process. Not only that, but it also gives me great insight and confidence as to the current state of the construction industry. I will also be in touch with Grayson Briggs from RS Means in the near future regarding commodity pricing data, etc. Sincerely, Joe Rezabek REZ-ERECTED HOMES/ROC288693 (480) 577-3970
General ContractorAZ
Scott GuineeEd Guinee & Associates, Inc.
My company has benefitted from the CMD Connect beyond expectation. I would not put this kind of money out if I did not receive a return on it. It has most certainly help grow my company and does so to this Day. We have been very happy with the service from CMD Connect. Regards, Scott Guinee Ed Guinee & Associates, Inc. 4045B California, Ave. Carmichael, CA 95608 O 916.944.3526 F 916.944.0587 C 916.837.3562 E W
Eugen MaricMaric Plumbing & Heating Inc.
Jackie, CMD Business and the Smart Project News Site has connected our Firm to a number of private developers, owners and general contractors that we would have otherwise not known about. Furthermore, the site also lists which contacts are the leads on the projects in the planning phase or on private projects currently out to bid. This is very useful because you have the ability to call the direct line contact for a particular project and open up dialogue and sell your services, as opposed to blindly cold calling a potential client without any specifics on engagements. The research by CMD is invaluable and as a result Maric has secured two new contracts for Plumbing & Mechanical Services for private clients. Thank you so much again and for your continued follow ups. Much appreciated. Eugen Maric Maric Plumbing & Heating Inc. C: 914.262.4748
Pete RohkammWorld Diamond Source
I just wanted to let you know that as I am going over the review for the CMD Connect program, everyone has nothing but GREAT things to say. About our account executive specifically, and about the product as well. Information is power in the sales game, and CMD is providing it in the product and with the training and accessibility. Thanks for taking the time to teach my guys how to master the interface, and always being available for training and refreshing! You have certainly backed up the “talk” that was presented in the sales process and are for sure “walking the walk”. So for me, CMD gets a double thumbs up! Thanks again for your professional approach, answers, and attitude! Regards, Peter P. Rohkamm III Director of Sales and Marketing
Daniel MorenoB&M Tearoff
Jackie, Thank you for your assistance and wanted to let you know that with the help CMD Connect has provided for our company has been very helpful and resource is excellent along with your team efforts at CMD Connect when help is needed. Thank you once again and look forward to continue our business with CMD Connect. Best regards, Daniel Moreno
Megan DavenportTakeform
My experience with CMD has been a positive from the beginning, which happened to be around the beginning of 2011. We have had subscriptions with other bid platforms, however CMD’s coverage was approximately 30%- 35% more than their competitor platforms. These were projects our company was specified on and were projects we could have missed competing on. In addition, the pre-bid reporting is an excellent tool for projects that are up and coming allowing for a glimpse into the future potential opportunities. The service, response time, and accuracy of CMD has been excellent. I would recommend CMD to any firm looking for a quality bid platform. Megan Davenport • New Business Development/Bid Manager
Clay FowlerSunco Site Development, Inc
Jackie, We could not be any happier with the service. It has become a very good compliment to our business intelligence operation. Thank you very much for providing such a great service. It's been a very good product and the customer service is top notch. I hope your supervisor recognizes your talent and hard work. Thank You, Clay Fowler
Jeff Le BossCSO
Just wanted to thank CMD Construction for their accuracy of their software this is our 2nd week using it and we already got our first sale on project San Carlos Building Division where we made $8,000 in profit .. The way we utilize your information was by contacting the owner after a project was already bid and asked them if their buying our product directly since we didn’t see it on the specs under division 10 shelving .. We also had a opportunity to quote this project through the contractor listed as the winner but the owner wanted to buy direct .. Thanks Jeff Le Boss Storage Architect CSO President Aurora Distribution Office 510-695-0349
Steve WhitleyCalPortland Company Cement Group
Jackie, We have been using CMD Group Arizona Civil Engineering Bulletin for many years. It provides clear concise job information in a useful format. I find CMD Group the most efficient and cost effective for my job bidding heavy civil projects. Best regards, Steve A. Whitley Manager Technical Sales CalPortland Company Cement Group 2400 N. Central Ave. #308 Phoenix, AZ 85004 602-271-0069 ofc 602-817-6942 direct 602-254-9027 fax 602-791-5980 cell
Andy ShuBlack Creek Integrated Systems
Our sales and marketing department has been using CMD Connect for well over 7 years. We have been pleased with the depth of construction project information that is available to us through this service. The CMD project filters have consistently provided our organization with concise results - facilitating a proactive response for proposals. Andy Shu, Business Development & National Accounts Black Creek Integrated Systems
Andres MelgozaDrill Tech Drilling & Shoring, Inc.
CMD Connect has been great so far. I really appreciate being able to have my scheduled daily emails being sent to me for my keywords, especially on busy days where I am not able to visit the site that day to view new projects. The site is also easy to navigate through and simple when I need to revise the custom settings on the Project Search Results page after looking at the projects that match my search criteria. I've also noticed that CMD seems to have bid documents available to view for projects that other online search engines may not have, or if they do have, they tend to upload the documents at a later time. Another great thing about CMD is that the account representatives constantly stay in contact with their customers. You have contacted me to see if there is anything you can help me out with, any questions I may have, and I can honestly say you have been contacted me more than any other online search engine has that we have had in the past. All in all, my experience with CMD Connect has been great thus far. Thank you, Andres Melgoza Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring, Inc. Phone - 925/978-2060 Fax - 925/978-2063
Josh SzymanskiOwen-Ames-Kimball Co.
General ContractorMI
Josh SzymanskiOwen-Ames-Kimball Co.
"CMD Connect is able to offer a comprehensive and searchable database of real opportunities in our market area. On the first day of our subscription, I located a potential project that fit our criteria, and then utilized the accurate contact info to discuss the project with a new prospective client. We're now on the short list for a project that may have previously passed "under the radar'. " Josh Szymanski, PE, LEED AP Business Development Director Owen-Ames-Kimball Co. Office: (616) 456-1521 | Cell: (616) 490-4041
General ContractorMI
Brent HarderPrecision Air Products
CMD Connect has helped us to identify potential projects to target. It saves us considerable time by allowing us to pursue those leads that have a defined need for our products and services. The search and navigation tools allow us to more effectively engage Architects and Engineers that are working on projects specific to our industry. By not having to manually sort through all construction projects to find those that we want to pursue, allows us to focus our time on winning projects not identifying them. CMD Connect has become an important prospecting tool for my company. Brent Harder| Sales Manager Precision Air Products Co. | 544 16th Ave S | Hopkins, MN 55343
Karen DamanCastone Corp
"CMD Connect service has been helpful in locating materials essential to bidding. Whenever a problem arises, they have been quick and supportive in solving the matter and getting us the information we need." Sincerely, Karen Daman P.O. Box 747 | Opelika, AL 36803 1511 Old Columbus Road | Opelika, AL 36804 Telephone: 334-745-3571 | Fax: 334-749-5722
Fred CottinghamMR Direct International
Monday March 31, 2014, CMD Connect, We recently became a member of CMD. I use the site daily with pleasure. I find the bids on CMD easy to process and work with. The user interface is set up to help the information flow, without extra key strokes or searching. Time is precious to me, with CMD I can find retrieve and get working on projects quickly. I have been on and worked with many other sites this past year. I do not regret my selection of this plan room. Thank you, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fred Cottingham Sales Manager
Alex HernandezCosco Fire Protection
Jackie, To give you feedback your service has been so great that it has been (8) years ago since we had to call about not receiving a hard copy of the Construction Bulletin. The CMD Bulletin is the only service we use & commit to since we believe it is the best in communication in the construction market of updates in our area on potential projects for us. Thanks ALEX HERNANDEZ V.P. DISTRICT GENERAL MANAGER Celebrating over 55 years of Fire Protection!‼ COSCO Fire Protection 10695 Treena Street #105 San Diego, CA 92131 Office 858.444.2000 Fax 858.444.2057 Cell Phone 619.954.6085
Cass NethertonRevell Flooring Company
Our business is typically generated from chasing our own leads with general contractors. CMD Connect is the primary source for our leads. We have tried a couple of other job databases in the past but neither shown the positive results we get from CMD. I have found the time we spend researching and utilizing CMD has been far more productive than other databases. Thanks, Cass Netherton Revell Flooring Company 1346 Oakbrook Parkway, Suite 160 Norcross, GA 30093 770-840-7744 phone | 770-840-9931 fax |
Andrew NethertonRevell Flooring Company
I peruse CMD every Monday morning and periodically throughout the week. I search the bid calendar for upcoming jobs. My secretary uses CMD in a word search manner hoping to find jobs in the planning stage to see if we can send the owners and architects helpful information. She also likes being able to search projects at different stages. We both find the website rather easy to navigate. Overall I have been very satisfied with CMD. Keep up the good work! Thanks Andrew Netherton Revell Flooring Company 1346 Oakbrook Drive, Suite 160 Norcross, GA 30093 770-840-7744 phone 770-840-9931 fax
Randy MonzelowskyDakota Caulking Inc.
Since establishing our relationship with CMD in 2005 we have grown to depend on the steady stream of reliable leads and information. Navigating the site and fine tuning the search criteria is very easy to master. The tech support is friendly, knowledgeable and always helpful. Get up to Speed with CMD. Randy C Monzelowsky
Patrick ComerfordService Oriented Sales
We are pretty happy with our choice to join CMD. I like the reference about us being a major Manufacturer’s Rep (not my characterization). We conducted a thorough 30 day evaluation of the new CMD Insight platform while it was in Beta, and we found at least 2x the number of project hits utilizing the fully searchable plans and specs than our previous major project information provider. The contact information was more accurate than our previous service and the overall user features were very intuitive and easy to use. We value our relationship with CMD and have even put forth ideas and improvements to their system specific to a major Manufacturer’s Representative firm such as ourselves, and CMD Group has acknowledged the wish list and even begun work towards implementing features we feel will be very beneficial to us specifically and to the industry as whole. Our Senior Sales Rep too, is always available for further discussions and updates and we are very pleased with our overall service and recommend them to both Manufacturer’s and Manufacturer Representative firms in the industry. perhaps a sentence about customer service. We have found customer service to be very responsive. They are able to track down documents and projects, and willing to investigate on our behalf as needed. Patrick Comerford Service Oriented Sales 877-767-4636 - ofc 818-914-6562 - fax
Adam BakerLHV Precast
Dear Julie, You called to follow up with LHV Precast about a month ago; it took me that long to return your call because we have been overwhelmed with requests for quotes and design, and leads from CMD Connect. By using your service LHV Precast has been able to have more opportunities to quote projects and have turned more customers into clients than ever before. LHV has been able to connect to engineers, contractors, municipalities and developers using the clear and concise information available on CMD Connect. LHV has had other services solicit us but our review of their services do not equal the value of CMD Connect. We are very successful because of the assistants that CMD Connect provides to us in finding project leads. We are looking forward to being able to take full advantage of all the services CMD Connect has to offer as LHV expands its business model. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Adam T Baker LHV Precast
Alana HouleThe Sapling Company, Inc.
Within the past couple years our company decided to start using the CMD database. We are extremely pleased with our decision. CMD provides us with a wealth of information and has allowed our sales reps to stay on top of projects they may have otherwise not known about.” Thank you Alana Houle National Sales Manager
David DreesEFCO Corporation
I asked Amra to provide me with her supervisor’s e-mail address because I wanted to pass along our appreciation for how good a job she has been doing supporting us as a new user of CMD Data Services. We've had a lot of requests for her this past month and she has been knowledgeable, prompt, professional and a pleasure to work with each time. Carol Ann spoke highly of the support offered by CMD during the sales process and so far the support has been excellent. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Pete RohkammWorld Diamond Source
We are VERY happy with your service. We have explored many of the options out there in the market, and have found the CMD leads to be the best. The data is very up to date, extremely informative and complete, and to be quite honest it give us a HUGE advantage against our competitors that don’t have the same information. The leverage we get from staying one step ahead of the competition is why we continue to keep you as our primary information source. We are extremely happy with the way the site operates, and have had great success working with your staff members to get our team trained on the software. Thanks again for going to bat for us! We are raving fans!
Justin KingstonAction Concrete Pumping
Hey Jackie it was great hearing from you today!! Just this week I learned of a job, quoted it and landed it. Without CMD Connect we would have not even known about the project. I have been a customer for a little over 4 years now and have no desire to even consider another lead source. CMD continues to pay for itself time and time again!! Thanks for all your help!!! Justin Kingston, General Manager Action Concrete Pumping
Shawn HartmannHastings HVAC, Inc.
CMD has proven to be a very valuable tool to my company as it has given us insight and vision into new jobs as they are created, updates on jobs that we are actively watching, and letting us know if jobs are still active or closed so we can concentrate our sales efforts and direct our representatives across the country in the right direction. So far our partnership with CMD has proven to be MORE than we expected it to be. Sincerely Shawn D Hartmann Shawn D Hartmann Operations Manager Hastings HVAC, Inc. 3606 Yost Avenue Hastings, NE 68901 direct 402-463-9821ext 211 cell 402-460-0173
Allan CerfNoren Products
My use of CMD’s products led directly to Noren being spec’d in with a huge civil engineering firm. Also, the training I received from our account manager has been superb. CMD works but it requires not only a high level of salesmanship, but proper instruction and all the ‘tips’ a company like CMD is willing to offer. He gets an ‘A’ across the board. Many thanks, Allan L. Cerf
Suzanne DillEnvironmental Dynamics International
As I mentioned to you on the phone, I have used other platforms or services for bid data in the past and Insight is by far the most user friendly and flexible. I like that it allows the user to customize everything, right down to the way it looks when you open the first page. All in all, love the Insight site!
Gabe MaciasMedina's Quality Concrete, Inc.
Hi Jewell, Good afternoon. I apologize for the late reply, but I was trying to make the bid deadline for another project I had found on your amazing site. I'm actually bidding between 3-5 large projects per week right now. I'm completely swamped, and that is a wonderful problem to have :) I'll try to make the later training next Tuesday, but if I can't I will definitely get in touch with you. So far I haven't had any real issues with the system. It's really easy to use, and with the Save Searches feature I'm able to get in and look through jobs very quickly and easily. I really can't speak highly enough about this program. It's simply amazing! Thank you for staying in contact with me, Jewell. I greatly appreciate the attentive customer service. Have a great day, and an even better Thanksgiving weekend. Best Regards, Gabe Macias Medina's Quality Concrete, Inc.
John CrowleABC Supply
Thank you for a very generous amount of your time this morning walking me through the set up and use of the awesome tracking tools the CMD Insight system has to offer. I have found the tracking and reporting on customer activity, project activity, and bid results to be one of my most powerful daily sources of information. I sincerely hope, that long term, we in the ABC West Region, use this tool to its limit as it will assure increased success and efficiency in an ever increasing competitive marketplace. Keep up the great work! John Crowle
Diana BorreroAvant Guards Manufacturing
Being a first timer to CMD I was confused on how it was operated; but CMD provided me Training and that made it much clearer for me. The feature I can say I enjoy the most is that each Representative is easily accessible for any questions or concerns.
Tom HawkinsAtaccon
CMD Testimonial The new Insight has been working great for us. We are national and the modern format is very user friendly. But when issues do arrive, Gina Williams of CMD to the rescue! Her professionalism, knowledge, patience and kindness are most notable.
General ContractorVA
Scott RainsfordArmstrong International
Thanks for our training session yesterday, I truly appreciated it. Feedback: - User friendly search tools - Easy to customize interface – you are able to arrange by ‘drag and drop’ - Easy to save searches and create alerts based on those searches Scott Rainsford Armstrong International
Julie BradleyForest Belco Products Inc
Hi Ida, For me, Insight has been a great lead generator. It’s allowed me to put a name with a company that, in the past, I would have had to speak on generic terms and go to voicemail. The projects give me talking points so I can draw comparisons with work they have done to our own product to really see if there will be a fit. All in all, I am very happy with it and I believe every time we log in, we will find a new way to use it to its fullest advantage. Julie
Daniel MorenoB&M Tearoff Inc.
Hi Jackie, thank you for informing us of our upcoming renewal. We will be renewing our service but at this time we do not have a need for any additional features within the Insight tool. We first joined five years ago when Reed Connect ran this site and in the past year since your company, Insight, acquired this site we have been extremely happy with your service and improvements within the site. The ability to search for projects in alphabetical order has significantly reduced the amount of time I spend on searches. Another great tool, are the New Project email alerts. Being notified of upcoming projects allows for on the spot access to those details and allows me to quickly determine my next course of action versus me having to daily set aside a couple of hours to search for new projects. Thank you again for keeping us informed and looking forward to more improvements. Daniel Moreno B&M Tearoff Inc. (925)628-7760
Randy HerrickHydro Engineering
Jackie, The service has directly helped our department over the last 3 years with an additional 21 projects in which we were able to sell our equipment and services. The service has helped increase our governmental services department revenue and has allowed us to expand our business. Thank you, Randy D. Herrick Hydro Engineering, Inc. Randy Herrick Governmental Services Project Manager 865 West 2600 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84119 Direct 801-736-6472 Toll Free 800-247-8424 x172 Fax 801-972-3265 e-mail: website:
Paul PinkstonIRISS
Thank you for the wonderful and eye-opening Webinar regarding CMD. I know that I talk for the team that was on the Webinar that you did a very professional and informative job. Please pass along to your team that we were very pleased with all the user friendly features built into CMD. We were blown away by the depth of searches that were possible and the ease of customization that the software affords each user. I have just hired to new Business Development Managers who were on the Webinar and both agreed with me that CMD is a very powerful tool that we will be using as we grow the business. Once again thank you for enjoyable, informative and professional presentation. Great job!! With warm regards, Paul J Pinkston IRISS, Director of Sales Operations
Frank TrapanottoThe Hollaender Manufacturing Co
Using Insight has increased the number of projects we could review and bid on. The search engine is robust and the interface is user friendly. Using Insight’s search capability allowed us to find a project that we were basis of design for but would have never found due to a misspelling of our company’s name. Thank you! Frank Trapanotto The Hollaender Manufacturing Co. 10285 Wayne Ave. Cincinnati OH 45215 Ph: (513) 772-8800 ext 118 Fax: (513) 772-8806
I have used other platforms or services for bid data in the past and Insight is by far the most user friendly and flexible. I like that it allows the user to customize everything, right down to the way it looks when you open the first page. All in all, love the Insight site! Thanks! Sue Suzanne Dill Territory Sales Manager ENVIRONMENTAL DYNAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Carl BleakneyEcostar LLC
Our company was very apprehensive to switch from what we thought was the #1 provider of information in the business to another. From our first introduction to CMD we liked what we saw. Our concerns vanished when we were offered one on one training with Cheli Njoku. I can truly say we made the right decision to go with CMD. Carl Bleakney National Sales Manager Cell: (724)-256-0842 Fax: (888)-780-9870 Office: (716)-537-3153
Bill HobbieQuantumflo
Please extend my highest esteem to your Research Team, I am AMAZED at how much information is available at a swipe of a key-stroke on your Program! It boggles my mind to think of all the leg work behind this data base, their hard work “behind the scenes” certainly should be commended. I thank you again for the enlightening training this morning. Best Regards, Bill Hobbie Bill Hobbie | Product Manager
Scott RainsfordArmstrong International Inc
Feedback on CMD Insight: - User friendly search tools - Easy to customize interface – you are able to arrange by ‘drag and drop’ - Easy to save searches and create alerts based on those searches Have a great day, Scott Rainsford Armstrong International Inc
Philip HamlinStatus Solutions
I want to express my thanks for your time and also the amount of useful information on the CMD Group website for construction and beyond. There is a lot of great information that can be gathered from the different search criteria’s we use. I feel the information gathered from the website will help us better define on what other markets can seeded and also, knowing what engineers and architects are designing facilities that could use our solution. Philip Hamlin National Account Manager - Canada 1 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario 877-724-2191 (office) 902-303-9148 (Cell)
Jim McCrearyViega LLC
CMD system is conducive to speed. I will be able to task my DM partners quickly using "export to excel" or "export to pdf". Not time consuming." Jim McCreary Viega LLC (267)908-2922
Goran HaagChampion Fiber Glass
We find your reports very valuable, especially after you added e-mail addresses. For Champion Fiberglass, this is today the primary lead retrieval we use. We are able to find electrical engineers in the right field for our products and we have had many good outcomes from that. Goran Haag President 6400 Spring Stuebner Rd Spring, TX 77389 Main: 281.655.8900 Direct: 832.698.8949 Mobile: 713.202.6736 Fax: 281.257.2523 ¬ »
Tim BraddockSurge Suppression Incorporated
To whom it may concern: CMD is an excellent tool that has allowed us to greatly improve our lead generation, project qualification, and follow-up management. The function of the program is user friendly, and the information provided is accurate. Clay, our CMD customer service representative, is very knowledgeable concerning CMD and has always provided outstanding customer service. Overall Surge Suppression Incorporated could not be more satisfied in the investment it made into CMD. Keep up the good work! Respectfully, Timothy Braddock Director of Inside Sales and Support P.O. Box 1212 Destin, FL 32540-1212
Ron PooleMerrell Poole & Associates
“Insight has greatly helped our company identify opportunities and qualify leads throughout our territory. It is a wonderful tool that consolidates an incredible amount of information into an easy-to-navigate database, and gives the user full control over how they sort through and utilize that information. Insight has streamlined the prospecting process and has already resulted in a boost in sales, a trend we expect to continue, if not increase.” Ron Poole
Water Management Consultants & Testing, Inc. (WMC&T) appreciates the services that have been provided to us through the use of Insight provided by CMD Group. With your service, we have been able to expand our company by connecting with Architects, General Contractors and Subcontractors on a local and national level. WMC&T would like to extend our services to cover Colorado so we can replicate the success we have experienced in growing our testing division. We appreciate the continued support and dedication from your company.
Insight platform really seems to be a powerful tool. We still have to check the accuracy of information and updates, but looks good. As I told you, it is very impressive (and useful) how quick the information can be pulled out from the specs. Juan Jimenez IEDISA USA, LLC