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Beacon Industries, Inc.
12300 Old Tesson Road
Saint Louis, MO 63128-2247
(314) 487-7600
(800) 454-7159
(314) 487-0100

Beacon Industries, Inc.


Beacon Industries is a worldwide supplier of standard and custom material handling equipment. The Beacon brand has been serving designers, specifiers, architects, builders, dealers and buyers since 1949.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Beacon Industries offers a diverse selection of ergonomic products that can be modified to fit the desired application. Products include loading dock levelers, door seals, bumpers, truck restraints, lift tables, scissor lifts, turntables, pallet and platform lift trucks, industrial scales, industrial fans, ramps, bollards, guard rails, speed bumps and curbs and numerous other bulk material handling equipment.

Beacon Industries specializes in material handling systems, engineering and installation for commercial, industrial and government operations. They use innovative, state-of-the-art technology to seamlessly incorporate their equipment into the client’s line of operations when needed, including, but not limited to, ready for PLC operations. With more than 60 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies and governments across the globe, the Beacon staff has the knowledge to ensure the company’s material handling practices are efficient and effective.

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