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Lorin Industries, Inc.
1960 Roberts Street
Muskegon, MI 49442-6035
(231) 722-1631
(800) 654-1159
(231) 722-1509
  • Adhere®
  • AlumaPlus®
  • AnoGrip®
  • AnoZinc™
  • ClearMatt®
  • ColorIn®
  • PreMirror®

Lorin Industries, Inc.


Lorin Industries, Inc. is the global leader in coil-anodized aluminum to the architectural market. Our leadership in anodized aluminum finishing continues with leading edge technology, innovation and creativity. If you are looking for fresh new ideas and stylish designs for your metal architecture project, Lorin is the answer. At Lorin we help architects, designers, and engineers create exciting building designs, whether they are used for exterior wall cladding, roofing systems, or for a myriad of interior wall and ceiling applications. The natural beauty of Lorin’s anodized aluminum finishes brings newly constructed as well as renovated buildings to life, while providing a durable low maintenance anodized aluminum surface that will never chip, flake, or peel.

Today, Lorin is a multi-million dollar company and still the leader in coil anodized aluminum. Lorin's 60 years of experience has allowed us to successfully introduced several coil-anodized aluminum registered name brands. Just to name a few, ClearMatt®, ColorIn®, AlumaPlus®, Anogrip® and many more, and as to be expected with all our brands come endless choices of color selections and finishing options.

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