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Novawall Systems, Inc.
881 South Pickett Street
Alexandria, VA 22304-4605
(703) 461-0113
(800) 695-6682
(703) 461-0436

Novawall Systems, Inc.


Novawall® is the time-tested standard for exquisite stretched fabric acoustical wall and ceiling applications for use in almost any environment. Novawall's patented site-fabricated system molds and adapts to ideas ensuring a meticulous finish.

Novawall makes two extruded bases for the panels: PVC and PPO. The specifier selects the core (for acoustic or tackable purposes) and the base and core are covered with contract fabric. Or they can be covered with Novaspan, an optional wide-loom nylon fabric.

Novawall’s broad palette of track styles and virtually infinite combinations of fabrics, colors, patterns, textures, custom graphics, acoustic and tackable cores can infuse life into uninspired walls.

As an industry leader in accurate fire testing, Novawall's advocacy influences safer fire code standards. An early supporter of green building, Novawall is the first in the field to market sustainable products. With extensive environmental experience, Novawall’s dedicated staff helps accurately calculate LEED® credits.

Novawall also stands behind its products with the longest warranty in the industry, trained certified installers and an international network of distributors.

Novawall Systems, Inc. secures U.S. manufacturers and workers whenever possible. Novawall extrusions and Novaspan® fabrics are manufactured in the USA.

Please watch this video for an introduction to Novawall’s world-class products, installations and processes. This Is Novawall.

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