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Mechanical Pipe Shields Manufacturing
P.O. Box 1278
Anaconda, MT 59711
(406) 563-9166
(406) 563-3467

Mechanical Pipe Shields Manufacturing


Mechanical Pipe Shields Manufacturing was established in 1998, recognizing the need for insulated pipe supports in the Seattle area. Originally, these inserts were encased with calcium silicate and a two-piece 360-degree galvanized jacket. However, complaints from installers about the calcium silicate spurred further research, ultimately altering the design to a one-piece 360-degree PVC jacket with a living hinge and locking seam.

To replace the calcium silicate, Dow Chemical was asked to research polyisocyanurate insulation to see if there was a product that would better support load bearing weight at hanger points from ½ inch to 12 inch pipe. See Saddles and Hanger Compressive Strength Tables—Tables

—for the chart created by Dow Chemical based on its research.

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