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Dura Bike Locker®
3790 Bradview Dr
Sacramento, CA 95827
(916) 363-7225
(800) 722-2453
(977) 363-0225
  • Dura Bike Locker®

Dura Bike Locker®


As one of the leaders in the bicycle security industry, Dura Bike Locker® have been designing, manufacturing and installing Dura Bike Lockers® for more than three decades. Their innovative products can be seen enhancing campuses, municipalities, transit authorities and business parks all over the United States and Canada. With durability in mind and a passion for security, they've created a locker that shines through with craftsmanship and quality.

Dura Bike Lockers are easily assembled and installed with the use of normal hand tools. Dura Bike Lockers are eco-friendly, relocatable and modular so units may be added or moved as needed. For locations where space is at a premium, the parking capacity of a single bicycle locker can be doubled with the simple addition of a door and a divider panel, or the lockers can be stacked on top of each other to create a 2-tier parking system. Feel peace of mind knowing all lockers come fitted with a standard three-point locking system (optional master keyed systems including the Abloy system available for an additional fee). Dura Bike Locker® listens to the needs of industry experts which include architects, general contractors and landscape architects, as well as small businesses, schools and transportation authorities to supply the best products for the industry. For this reason Dura Bike Locker have been able to create a line of bike parking products and site furnishings designed to fit any aesthetic.

Dura Bike Locker® has been a pioneer in the secure bicycle parking field, and as the industry has grown, so has the design and integrity of their solid steel lockers. Their product line includes single and double bike lockers, vertical and pie-shape lockers, standard and extra-long recumbent bike lockers, as well as wheel chair and motor-cycle lockers. The business goal is to exceed all expectations for both products and service through innovation and a focus on progressive design such as the U-Lock Box and graffiti resistant coatings. Their promise to continually raise the bar to exceed the needs clients.

Dura Bike Locker have been manufacturing products from US made steel, here in the USA for more than three decades.

They have been manufacturing steel products in the USA for over three decades and their service team is proud to assist when choosing the best bicycle parking products and site furnishings for construction projects.

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