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Stadium Savers
600 3 Mile Road
Suite 101
Grand Rapids, MI 49544
(616) 785-5598
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Stadium Savers


Stadium Savers Ltd. is the leading innovator for Geofoam based tiered and riser mounted seating systems. With 20 years of experience in our industry, Stadium Savers can assist your design team with virtually any permanent tiered seating design and geometric requirements.

The hallmark of the Stadium Savers system utilizes pre-cut and shaped geofoam to create the required design geometry. It is easily placed in the field, serving as a permanent form for the ultimate pouring of concrete on the seating platforms.

Steel risers are then attached to the fronts of the foam and secured by utilizing Stadium Savers supports and connectors. Riser heights can be provided to meet the designer’s requirements for any height greater than 4 inches. Stadium Savers patented tall riser system can provide for heights greater than 24 inches.

With the Geofoam and steel in place, the system is ready for concrete to be poured on the platforms. Many accessories are available including intermediate step forms for risers taller than 8 inches, loop handrails for step forms in center aisles, and more.

Stadium Savers Geofoam based seating system resists movement, thermal expansion/contraction, vibration, squeaking, settling, and crushing concerns. Stadium Savers also eliminates the need for steel structure design, earth fill and the related retaining wall design and cost, and is easier to install than other design options.

Stadium Savers Ltd. has proven to be economical for churches, colleges, schools, corporate facilities, movie theatres, and facilities requiring retrofit applications.

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