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FabriTrak Systems, Inc.
111 West Park Drive
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
(609) 409-6700
(609) 409-7377
  • EcoTACK™
  • FabriART™
  • FabriBLOK™
  • FabriGREEN™
  • FabriSPAN™
  • FabriTACK™
  • FabriTRAK®
  • GeoTRAK™

FabriTrak Systems, Inc.


FabriTRAK® was invented in 1977 and quickly became the market leader in providing upholstered and acoustical wall treatments and finishes throughout the United States. Today, FabriTRAK® Systems Inc., headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, has an active licensed installation dealer network throughout North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim and Asia.

In today’s world, acoustics are playing an ever more critical part in the design and construction of interior spaces. FabriTRAK®’s diversity allows it to meet an acoustical consultant’s exacting specific demands and criteria for a project.

This can be accomplished by using a variety or combination of available or specified substrate materials and fabrics to achieve the acoustical balance needed – either reflective or absorptive. Furthermore, because FabriTRAK® is assembled on-site, the project’s acoustical consultant may “fine tune” the profile design in order to ensure the performance characteristics of the room. These delicate adjustments help make FabriTRAK® the “Sound Solution” in interior finishes.

FabriTRAK Systems, Inc. product line includes varied products to help solve your acoustical and design needs, Fabri Trak® now offers GeoTRAK™, our PVC FREE track alternative and EcoTACK, our formaldehyde-FREE tackable infill material. FabriSPAN®, our WIDE width ceiling and wall fabric allow spans up to 192”(5m) for seamless acoustical ceilings and walls in virtually any imaginable color.

FabriTRAK® is truly your Acoustical Solution.

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