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Celcore Incorporated
3148 US 70 West
Black Mountain, NC 28711
(828) 669-4875
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Celcore Incorporated


The Celcore product, Celcore Foam Concentrate for Concrete has been used in the commercial marketplace for almost 50 years. Founded by Mr. George Ford in the 1960's, Celcore Cellular Concrete was used by his company, Florida Celcore, in many different building applications. Over time however, one of the predominate uses for Celcore Cellular Concrete was in roof deck construction. Accordingly, Florida Celcore perused acceptance into the roof deck construction industry by sponsoring testing to acquire product and code approvals. The results of that research earned the Celcore product the privilege to apply the FM, UL and Miami-Dade County Approval Marks.

Further, through continued research, Celcore Incorporated has added to its line, products such as Celcore MF Concentrate, Celcore HS Rheology Modifying Admixture, MaxFlow Foaming Agent (for geotechnical use) and Celcore Curing Compound.

Today, Celcore Incorporated stands within its industry with success and a sound reputation. We believe much of this standing arises from our efforts toward customer service. Its further enhanced by an unwavering commitment to our mission statement:

“Celcore Incorporated, its management and employees are committed to maintaining the highest standards of product quality by way of standardization of its manufacturing and application processes. Repetitive practices produce a consistent result.”

Thank you for taking the time to know our company, CELCORE INCORPORATED.

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