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RectorSeal Corp.
2601 Spenwick Dr.
Houston, TX 77055
(713) 263-8001
(800) 231-3345
(713) 263-7577
  • Biostop®
  • BlazeSeal™
  • Box Guard™
  • Cast in Place Sleeves®
  • Collars®
  • Composite Sheet®
  • Cover Guard™
  • Joint Strip®
  • Metacaulk®
  • Track-Safe™
  • Wrap Strip®

RectorSeal Corp.


Founded in 1937, The RectorSeal Corporation is a leading manufacturer of chemical specialty sealants and other related products designed for professional tradesmen.

These products are distributed exclusively through an extensive wholesale distribution network serving the plumbing, industrial, HVAC-Refrigeration, construction, electrical, and hardware market places. RectorSeal's primary products include thread sealants, firestopping sealants, plastic pipe cements, anti-seize compounds, fluxes, lubricants, chemical cleaners, duct sealants, leak locators and other specialized products. Many of these products are brand-preferred and enjoy a loyal and substantial following among professional contractors and industrial end users.

Through commitment to providing high quality products and services, The RectorSeal Corporation has grown steadily over the years. The RectorSeal Corporation is devoted to providing innovative quality products supported by strong customer and technical service.

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