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Slant/Fin Corp.
100 Forest Dr.
Greenvale, NY 11548
(516) 484-2600

Slant/Fin Corp.


Slant/Fin was founded in 1949 by Mel Dubin and started manufacturing finned tube heating equipment in the back of a bakery in Coney Island, New York. The original design of the elements’ fins were a locked and slanted fin, this lead to the name Slant/Fin. Slant/Fin outgrew its manufacturing space and eventually moved to Greenvale, New York where Slant/Fin is currently based. Slant/Fin has two manufacturing facilities in New York, USA and one in Mississauga, Canada.

After approximately 15 years in business, Slant/Fin designed and started to manufacture boilers. Slant/Fin recognizes the need for products to be competitively priced, however Slant/Fin never sacrifices quality for price. Slant/Fin does its best to ensure their products generate heat when there is a call for heat. Slant/Fin products are installed are far south as the Amundso—Scott Station at the South Pole and as far north as Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Slant/Fin engineers consistently update our product designs to ensure high quality and efficient product design.

Slant/Fin offers free heat-loss and equipment selection app. Slant/Fin provides BIM objects and CSI specifications to engineers and architects. Slant/Fin will help you select the proper products for the system you are designing. Slant/Fin stays focused on being a leading manufacturer of hydronic heating equipment.

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