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Loadmaster Systems, Inc.
3100E Northwoods Pl
Peachtree Corners, GA 30071
(800) 527-4035
(700) 381-1783

Loadmaster Systems, Inc.


Loadmaster has been in the business of helping architects solve their design problems since 1969. During that time, over 500,000,000 sq. ft. of Loadmaster Roof Decks have been designed, engineered, furnished and installed on all types of buildings.

Loadmaster is an engineered roof deck system that provides high performance, structural composite systems for use on all types of structures including flat, sloped and curved roof surfaces. It is composed of high tensile steel sections, various foam plastic insulations and a Duraflex Mineral Cover Board all mechanically anchored together to form the unique structural composite assembly.

The Duraflex Mineral Cover Board is attached in a stabilized pattern that reduces roof stress and allows roof coverings to provide extended leak free service in excess of their anticipated life. The Loadmaster system is furnished and installed by licensed Dealers who have been through mandatory training schools and are located across America.

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