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Aquarii Lighting
17 Genesee Street
Camillus, NY 13031
(315) 672-8807
  • Axceleron™
  • MYST™
  • Zino℠

Aquarii Lighting


Aquarii serves some of the most prestigious cultural venues in the world. From the Samuel Goldwyn Theater to The Fillmore to houses of worship throughout the United States, more customers are turning to Aquarii to put their venue in the best possible light. Whether you are looking to retrofit your venue or embarking on a new development project, Aquarii provides a state of the art LED solution that is rated number one in performance against all measuring sticks. Computer and software technology are at the heart of Aquarii’s solution, allowing LED lighting for the first time to deliver near perfect light.

Aquarii is on a journey to develop the first Intelligent Lighting platform. Through the ability to communicate with other lighting devices and mechanical sensors within its surrounding environment Aquarii’s ultimate goal is to deliver luminaires “unnoticeable” to the audience within a venue. Aquarii believes that if a light fixture is noticeable in a room, it is not the right light for the space. You want the venue to take center stage, not the lighting. At Aquarii we want the light to shine while still taking a backseat to the venue it supports.

The work horse of the Aquarii line is the Axceleron. This LED downlight fixture combines state-of-the art features with superior performance and offers a myriad of options, aimed at meeting each and every lighting need, all while considering cost effectiveness and energy efficiency. With unending applications, the Axceleron’s vast and customizable functionality can be tailored to fit any need. The Axceleron is the ideal downlight for theatres, houses of worship, academic institutions, convention centers and any cultural venue.

The baby brother of the Axceleron is the Zino which offers all the functionality and customization in a smaller package. The Zino is a 6-inch downlight ideal for mounting locations ranging from 15 ft to 30 ft. Wherever smaller fixtures are needed, such as corridors, below balconies or in entryways, the Zinos really shine.

The big brother of the Aquarii family is the Emray. It is the ultra-bright, ultra-height entry in the Aquarii family. With ideal operational heights of 60 to 80 feet, the Emray can efficiently solve the unique lighting challenges of larger cultural venues. The Emray will be available Q4 2018.

For more information regarding your lighting needs, please call 315.672.8807 or email Aquarii's representatives will be sure to respond promptly.

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