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Spectrum Scoreboards
10050 Easthaven Blvd
Houston, TX 77075
(713) 944-6200
(800) 392-5050
(713) 944-1290
  • SpectraShields™

Spectrum Scoreboards


Spectrum is the largest privately owned custom scoreboard and electronic display manufacturers in the US. They feature a wide array of scoring solutions for any size school, church or recreation facility. Their products are celebrated for ease of use, beauty and performance.

Spectrum products are used in private and public schools, gymnasiums, arenas, parks and universities.

Spectrum Scoreboards, founded in Houston, TX over a half century ago, was the first to transition from incandescent lamps to LED technology illumination. In addition to scoreboards, Spectrum offers a full line of accessories like signage, video, game clocks, shot clocks, practice timers, dressing room clocks and matrix boards.

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