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Stauf USA, LLC.
11177 Hwy 70
Ste. 102
Arlington, TN 38002
(901) 820-0007
(866) 458-3872
(901) 820-0101
  • NassFlex™

Stauf USA, LLC.


Stauf offers adhesive products throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Its product line in the US includes the unique SMP-960 One-Step, a MS Polymer-based wood floor adhesive that applies sound and moisture barrier with the adhesive in one easy application, saving both time and expense. Like its other adhesive products which range from water, urethane and alcohol-based, the SMP-960 exceeds EPA and environmental regulations. The company also produces primers, sealers, trowels, floor prep products and cleaners to complete the line.

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