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Modular Arts, Inc.
944 NW Leary Way
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 788-4210
  • InterlockingRock®
  • modularArts®

Modular Arts, Inc.


modularArts® InterlockingRock® is a collection of innovative products that create graceful architectural features with natural gypsum components. All edges and joints interlock for quick, accurate alignment and superior joint stability. Borrowing from the idea of drywall, the seams are blended with a fortified filler, allowing the creation of a seamless sculpted surface or 3-dimensional wall of nearly any size.

modularArts is dedicated to the manufacture of smart products. They eagerly apply the newest technologies in their design processes, and throughout their super-efficient U.S. manufacturing facility. They design, engineer, and manufacture technically advanced products with an ancient, tried and true building material —durable, fire-safe rock.

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