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Fresh-Aire UV
P.O. Box 1867
Jupiter, FL 33468
(561) 748-4864
(800) 741-1195
(561) 748-4865
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Fresh-Aire UV


Fresh-Aire UV® is a global leader in ultraviolet evaporator, HVAC, surface & airstream disinfection. Designed to destroy mold, bacteria, viruses, bio-film & odors, Fresh-Aire UV systems are used in thousands of applications including residential, commercial, institutional, healthcare and military installations.

All Fresh-Aire UV systems carry a lifetime warranty and a two-year UV lamp life. Innovative features including TEFLON encapsulated high-output lamps, magnet mounts, watertight UV lamp connectors make Fresh-Aire UV the most innovative ultraviolet disinfection systems on the market.

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