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Ultra Aluminum Incorporated
2124 Grand Commerce Dr.
Howell, MI 48855
(800) 656-4420
(880) 643-7429
  • Defender Security Fence™
  • Dek Pro Prestige™
  • Eclipse Privacy Fence™
  • Powercoat™
  • Signature Railing™
  • Ultra Estate Collection™
  • Ultra Fence™
  • UltraMax Railing™
  • Ultrack Cantilever Gates™

Ultra Aluminum Incorporated


Ultra Aluminum Manufacturing Inc. is a leading producer/distributor of Aluminum Fence, Gates and Railing for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications. Based In Howell, MI, Ultra Aluminum provides products for a wide range of installations including single-family private residences, businesses, multi-family apartments/condos, primary/secondary schools, universities and military installations. All products are made in the USA and feature Ultrum™ Alloy as well as a Powercoat™ finish that meets stringent AAMA 2604 performance standards.

Ultra Aluminum Mfg. offers railing that has been certified under Intertek’s Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR #0223). This ensures that the railing has been demonstrated by approved testing and engineering analysis to comply with the intent of building codes throughout North America. This verification provides for easier acceptance by code officials, architects and end-users.

Ultra Aluminum Mfg. also offers custom fabrication utilizing Omax™ waterjet technology as well as Hebo™ CNC equipment for bending, twisting and embossing of fence and railing components.

Ultra Aluminum’s fencing and railing products contain a minimum of 20% recycled content and are eligible for 2 points in the LEED - MR Credit 4 category.

Ultra railing products are categorized under CSI Div. 5 in “Metal Railings” and fence products under Div. 32 in “Fences & Gates”. Ultra Aluminum products are marketed and sold under the trade names: Ultra Fence, Defender Security Fence, Eclipse Privacy Fence, Ultra Estate Collection, Ultrack Cantilever Gates, Signature Railing, UltrMax Railing & Dek Pro Prestige.

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