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Rossi Hardware
10 Bay Oaks Court
St Louis, MO 63667
(818) 252-3811
(818) 252-3812
  • Clip-On Bearings™
  • Snap-In Bearings™
  • Twist-Knob™

Rossi Hardware


Rossi Hardware's lead designer, Vic Petrossian, is the owner of a 30 year-old HVAC manufacturing company. Rossi's extensive industry knowledge and experience have shaped all of their design decisions. With their unique insider perspective and their passion for innovative design, they have successfully designed the first line of revolutionary HVAC hardware to hit the industry in decades. They continue to dedicate themselves to exploring further innovation within the HVAC industry.

Rossi products are continuously being used on some of the most high-profile private sector and government projects. Click here for a sampling of projects where our products have recently been used.

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