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Krownlab makes extraordinary architectural hardware for everyday use. Our systems are compatible with a wide range of materials from metal and glass to wood and composite. We combine obsessive engineering, rigorous testing, cutting-edge manufacturing, and world-class customer service to deliver solutions for any space.


Aesthetically, there is nothing like Krownlab on the market. Our sliding door hardware features the industry-unique use of massive, custom bearings as the wheels. And, while most sliding door hardware relies on visible fasteners for purely functional reasons, which can create an undesired cluttered appearance, we have elegantly sidestepped this constraint. Our aluminum track cover truly conceals the fasteners so the track appears to hover along the wall. Simply put, no other sliding door hardware system on the market combines such an impressive array of features with an iconic, modern aesthetic.


Even the best sliding door hardware on the market won’t function or look right without a quality installation. Krownlab sliding door hardware systems feature a suite of adjustment features to adapt to any job-site for a perfect, no-hassle install. Hidden inside our Ragnar and Oden tracks is our patent-pending Tru-Leveling System ™, providing a full ¼” of adjustment at each mounting point, even after installation. Furthermore, each trolley bracket has a vertical adjustment feature that allows for an additional ¼” of adjustment even after finished installation. And to be compatible with even the most transitional job sites, Ragnar, Oden, and Axel track can be cut and drilled with commonly available tools.


It is critical that a sliding door hardware system for a high-traffic commercial environment have the integrity to stand up to near constant use. Krownlab sliding door hardware systems have an industry-leading 10-year warranty, but we did not stop at words. We teamed with LiftMaster to create a testing system that puts our hardware through its paces and ensures that our warranty is not an idle promise. We have to-date successfully put a Ragnar system through a million open-and-close cycles and counting, the equivalent of almost a century of heavy use. And, all of our other systems have undergone a 130,000 open-and-close cycle run. Even under these extreme conditions, each of the systems still look and performs as well as they did on day one. Also, crucial for any diverse-use environment, Ragnar, Oden, and Baldur all meet ADA pull force compliancy at their full 400 lb weight limits.

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