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The #1 Brand in Plastic Hole Forms Since 1965...

For over 50 years, Crete-Sleeve®, a family-owned corporation, has been producing and selling the highest quality plastic hole forms for the building industry and have remained the industry quality leader.

96% of architects and contractors request Crete-Sleeve® by name over their competitors.

Crete-Sleeve® Plastic Hole Forms are used by electricians, plumbers, HVAC and concrete providers to create a hole in a concrete wall or floor so they can run their conduit and piping from one wall or floor to the next. Just attach the Crete-Sleeve® to the form, pour the concrete and after the concrete has cured, remove the sleeve leaving a perfectly round hole saving you time and money!

Crete-Sleeve® Plastic Hole Forms are manufactured in-house to ensure quality control and are produced using green composites for purity, guaranteeing a stronger and more durable product. Crete-Sleeve® Plastic Hole Forms are lightweight, have no sharp edges, easy to handle and are reusable; manufactured with a smooth surface that will not adhere to the concrete. Cutting your own metal piping, plastic tubing or drilling your own holes is time consuming and labor intensive. Use Crete-Sleeve® Plastic Hole Forms now to save you time and money.

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