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Kingspan Insulation LLC
2100 RiverEdge Parkway, Suite 175
Atlanta, GA 30328
(800) 241-4402

Kingspan Insulation LLC


Kingspan Insulation LLC is a leading manufacturer in energy efficiency and moisture management products, offering high performance insulation, building wraps and pre-insulated ductwork. Kingspan Insulation is part of the Kingspan Group plc, a global leader in a range of product divisions including pre-insulated building panels, environmental technologies and renewable energy technologies. Its products are among the most thermally efficient and technologically advanced insulation materials available.

Across a wide range of sectors within the industry, Kingspan’s integrated approach has made its products first choice with architects, contractors, developers and owners. Kingspan’s products help reduce the impact buildings have on the environment throughout their lifecycle. Kingspan Group plc has been identified as a global leader for its actions and strategies in response to climate change and has been awarded a position on The Climate “A” List by CDP.

Kingspan Insulation has a vast product range that includes optimum, premium and high performance rigid insulation products which have many advantages over traditional insulation materials.

GreenGuard® - Energy Efficiency and Moisture Management The Kingspan GreenGuard brand portfolio offers extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation board, air barrier building wraps and accessories such as flashing. Kingspan GreenGuard® air barrier building wraps and drainage mats provide advanced moisture management with excellent water-resistive barrier properties and drainage channel features on certain products.

The Kingspan KoolDuct® System - Premium Performance Pre-Insulated Ductwork The Kingspan KoolDuct® System is an advanced and innovative pre-insulated HVAC ductwork system which offers benefits such as reduced installation time, low weight, space savings through flush-to-ceiling installation, increased performance and energy efficiency . Kingspan KoolDuct® is UL 181 listed and can easily attain a SMACNA Class 3 air leakage.

Kooltherm® - Premium Performance Rigid Thermoset Insulation Kingspan Kooltherm® offers an extensive range of premium performance insulation products for wall, floor, soffit and rainscreen applications. It has a fiber-free rigid thermoset phenolic insulation core that resists both moisture and water vapor ingress, and exhibits class leading fire performance.

OPTIM-R™ - Optimum Performance Next Generation Insulation Kingspan OPTIM-R™ is a next generation insulation comprising rigid vacuum insulation panels (VIP) with a microporous core, which is evacuated, encased and sealed in a thin, gas-tight envelope. It is an optimum performance insulation product which provides a high level of thermal efficiency with minimal thickness, and is ideal for applications where space is an issue either in new construction or a remodel.

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