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Werever Waterproof Cabinetry
6120 Pelican Creek Circle
Riverview, FL 33578
(813) 241-9701
(888) 324-3837
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Werever Waterproof Cabinetry


Werever Products, Inc., based in Tampa, Florida, began manufacturing solid high density polyethylene (HDPE) waterproof, weatherproof cabinetry in 2001. Werever™ cabinets were initially manufactured for outdoor use, specifically for the outdoor kitchen market.

Werever™ first sold its cabinets in the Tampa Bay area. As the outdoor kitchen industry grew, Werever™ began marketing its HDPE cabinets nationwide, selling and shipping them across the United States and overseas. Dealers with physical locations and showrooms were added next. With cabinetry suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, precision engineering, on- time shipments and consistently unexcelled customer care, Werever™ is the undisputed leader in the manufacture of HDPE casework.

Today architects and contractors are specifying our cabinetry for indoor applications that require casework that is durable, waterproof and/or resistant to chemicals. As Werever cabinetry is particularly durable, it can be used in areas that might expose traditional cabinets to abuse or damage. We expect to see continued growth in the indoor market as more project planners become aware of the advantages of HDPE casework. The majority of our orders require custom design, and we offer free, no obligation design services.

Werever™ cabinetry is environmentally friendly, manufactured from material that is recyclable and does not involve the waste or destruction of natural resources. All scrap material left from the manufacturing process is recycled for use in other products, such as grocery bags. We are careful to respect the environment during the manufacturing process.

Werever Products, Inc. is a closely held company committed to responsible growth. Our focus is on maintaining excellence in both our manufacturing process and our customer service.

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