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InSoFast manufactures feature-rich continuous insulation panels for both interior and exterior applications. Designed to speed up construction processes and greatly reduce in-field labor, InSoFast panels combine multiple complex components of an insulated wall assembly into a simple, interlocking panel.

Made from closed-cell, injection-molded EPS, co-molded to include high strength polypropylene stud framing at 16” O.C.

Embedded stud framing eliminates thermal bridging while providing solid attachment for drywall, exterior finishes, and interior adornments. It can be nailed, screwed or


Built-in moisture drainage channels keep below grade environments dry and provide a complete and cost-effective rainscreen solution for exteriors that is compliant with ORSC R703.1.1. The body is a Class III vapor barrier.

Tightly interlocking edges keep panels and studs aligned while creating a continuous self-flashing seal that will not change shape, dry out or crack over time.

Electrical wiring can be pushed through code-depth horizontal and vertical channels pre-carved into the back of each panel.

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