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Appian Way Sales, Inc.
309 South Cloverdale Street
Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 418-0440
(877) 365-0440
(206) 363-1979
  • AWS Joist Plate System®
  • AWS Pedestal System®
  • Diamond Head Series®

Appian Way Sales, Inc.


With a 30 year history of installing on-grade pavers by Appian Construction in Seattle, the market found elevated pavers (architectural slabs and other product) and brought a new technology to the age-old art of sand-set paver. Elevating pavers on pedestals requires leveling of walkways, decks and plazas while the substrates slope to drains, demanding new methods of support for these products. At the forefront of this technology is Appian Way Sales, Inc. and the AWS Pedestal System family including the adjustable Diamond Head Series, Perimeter Pedestal System and the Joist Plate System, all developed for installers by installers.

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