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Substrate Technology, Inc.
1384 Bungalow Road
Morris, IL 60450
(815) 941-4800
(815) 941-4800

Substrate Technology, Inc.


Substrate Technology Corporation is a privately held, family run business. We have been in business for over 15 years and manufacture and sell the Prep/MasterĀ® line of commercial floor grinders. We also carry equipment, diamond products, and chemicals that compliment the Prep/MasterĀ® line.

STI was created by our experience in the commercial floor preparation industry, which dates over 30 years ago. In that industry, we learned that little or no equipment existed that could perform concrete surface preparation in the fashion or timeliness that we demanded, so we built our own machines to do the job!

We re-designed existing equipment from the inside out, engineered tooling from scratch, and committed to developing diamond tool technology that yields the fastest possible product at the lowest possible cost per square foot.

Our Motto: Service. Support. Success.

While we are the first to admit we had our share of failures during those experimental years, we're also the first to admit that without the failures we wouldn't now be producing the world's best products that emerged as a result of that research and development.

We attribute some of our success to the fact that we produce machinery and tooling that are both durable and cost-conscious. We are supported by a vast array of suppliers and manufacturers whose ideals coincide with ours, so that our customers know they are getting the best products which relate to the surface preparation and polishing industry.

What Sets STI Apart from the Competition

Our products are tested on real jobs with real variables. We do not experiment in controlled conditions, because controlled conditions never offer the insight as to how machines or tools will manage a given condition. While the cost of this on-going R&D is high, it's the price we are willing to pay to give our customers access to the best products.

We put customer service at the top of our list. What good is a company if the customer can't get support from the manufacturer, or worse, if the manufacturer doesn't keep enough stock to supply the contractor when he or she needs an item right away.

We also offer the service of sending company representatives directly to jobsites. This helps our customers to know how to use our products, as well as offer access to a costing program that estimates projects with "realistic" production rates and more than acceptable profit margins.

And, once or twice a year, STI provides training seminars of new products, hands-on demonstrations, and industry networking. Give us a call for our next seminar at +1.815.941.4800.

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