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ThermaCote, Inc.
1369 Herrington Road
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
(770) 458-6877
(888) 389-0628
  • ThermaCote®

ThermaCote, Inc.


For over 30 years, ThermaCote, Inc. has developed and produced a line of technologically-advanced thermal barrier and protective coatings that add energy efficiency and safety to any substrate or structure. ThermaCote products seal the envelope of any structure and do not pollute the indoor or outdoor environments of applied surfaces.

ThermaCote's purpose is to provide customers with efficient solutions to address energy loss and safety concerns, corrosion problems and personnel protection through products as well as improve other building and engineering disciplines. ThermaCote develops tailored application solutions for clients' specific requirements.

ThermaCote's goal is to expand a network of certified applicators and re-sellers in the American hemisphere, while developing multiple new markets for distributors worldwide. ThermaCote also plans to continually develop environmentally friendly products that address the unique needs of various industries----topics include energy savings, increased public safety, and sustainable manufacturing practices.

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