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Inova Solutions, Inc.
110 Avon Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902
(800) 637-1077

Inova Solutions, Inc.


Inova Solutions provides accurate, synchronized and energy-efficient clock systems for corporations, schools, universities, manufacturing plants and healthcare facilities around the world. Built on Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology, Inova OnTime® digital and analog indoor clocks get their time, data and power directly from your network, making them easy to install, maintain and manage.

Inova OnTime digital and analog IP clocks get their time and power from the same network that supports other IP endpoints (ex: VoIP phones, video and wireless access points). Inova OnTime IP/PoE clocks are reliable and energy-efficient, and each clock receives its time from an SNTP time server, so there is no need for a master clock or AC power. And, since there are no electrical outlets needed, they’re easy to install and relocate. Maintenance is also easy as configuration and status checks can be done via telnet or DHCP server options and there are never batteries to replace. The web-based clock management system allows users to monitor clock status from wherever they are and receive email notifications if clocks become disconnected. Assembled in the USA, Inova OnTime IP/PoE clocks are the ideal for:

• Schools
• Hospitals
• Manufacturing facilities
• Government facilities
• Contact Centers

And, any other enterprise or government facility where keeping everyone on accurate, synchronized time is important. Specific benefits include:

• Accuracy
• Constant synchronization
• Easy installation, maintenance and management
• Energy efficiency
• Reliability

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