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Grind to a Halt, Inc.
PO Box 221
Elburn, IL 60119
(630) 365-2375
(630) 365-1075

Grind to a Halt, Inc.


Grind to a Halt, Inc. is a seller of skateboard deterrents, designed to protect stone or concrete edges and surfaces from the “grinding” of skateboarders.

The solid stainless steel ball and stud is the standard GrinderMinder©, (it is also available in a black finish or brass). This item is installed on walls, benches, planters, etc. on the top edge of the landscape feature for the purpose of disrupting the continuous surface preferred by skateboarders. The GrinderMinder is a sleek, attractive solid stainless steel piece that is styled to compliment any landscaping.

Handrail Minders are also available for the protection of any size or shape of handrail. These products are an understated addition to hardscapes that beautifully solve an ugly problem. The Handrail Minders are aluminum pieces that are clear coated for superior paint adherence. Without paint, the Handrail Minders are a satin silver finish that looks great on any handrail.

The installation of these products is simple and can be done with a minimum number of tools. Each of these skateboard deterrents can usually be installed in five minutes or less.

For more information and to see photos of installed GrinderMinders, please visit, or visit Grind to a Halt, Inc. on Facebook to view a variety of examples of installed skateboard deterrents around the country.

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