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The Terminix International Company LP
860 Ridge Lake Boulevard
Memphis, TN 38120
(844) 204-0837
(800) 837-6464
  • EcoControl®
  • ScanMaster®
  • Terminix®

The Terminix International Company LP

Product Supplier / Distributor

Terminix® Commercial exterminator service provides comprehensive commercial-grade solutions for any pest. The Terminix mission is to keep pests from invading businesses. Terminix has a broad range of services that include pest control, cockroach control, rodent control, bed bug treatments, mosquito control, wildlife control, termite treatments, fly control, bird control and EcoControl®. The Five-Step System for Cockroach Control, Integrated Pest Management program and ScanMaster® Plus for real-time service reports are just three ways Terminix delivers guaranteed protection through powerful, custom solutions.

Because every business is unique, Terminix has developed industry-specific protocols. It customizes every commercial pest management solution to the specific business needs of a wide range of industries.

Terminix and its specialists are backed by a solid guarantee and are committed to defending businesses against pests. Terminix will do whatever it takes to get pests out, so customers can rest easy knowing Terminix has them covered. That is what makes Terminix a top commercial exterminating service. Typical clients serviced include:

  • Automotive
  • Bank branches
  • Broadcast studios
  • Food stores
  • Funeral homes
  • Hotels/motels
  • Individual stores
  • Motor vehicle services (CAN)
  • Movies/entertainment
  • Museums
  • Offices
  • Offices (CAN)
  • Office/warehouse
  • Recreational buildings (CAN)
  • Restaurants
  • Retail/wholesale services (CAN)
  • Shopping centers
  • Shopping centers (CAN)
  • Arenas and convention centers

Spend less time dealing with pest control and more time ensuring business success. Contact Terminix Commercial today for a free inspection.

For information and appointment scheduling, call (844) 204-0837 or visit

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