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Nordwall USA LLC
1800 SW 1st Avenue, S202
MIAMI, FL 33129
(786) 487-3113
(786) 235-2410

Nordwall USA LLC


Founded in 1972, Nordwall is one of the first companies to offer mobile partitions on a worldwide scale, focusing on research and development of mobile partitions for working spaces.

Nordwall’s expansion contributes to a radically new idea of the working space, turning the grey and lonely office into a wide and luminous area that encourages interaction and boosts creativity. The dividing wall becomes the uniting partition.

In defining a winning business model, Nordwall focuses on developing new benefits that make a difference, and the difference makes the market.

Research and development is the Nordwall brand core. This is where its competitive advantage is created through an ongoing process aimed at finding new advantages and solutions. The range of products Nordwall offers comes directly from this research and the efficient use of resources.

The ability to offer personalized service and solve any building site problem earns Nordwall a proactive role on prestigious projects that collaborate with groundbreaking architects.

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