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Tork, Division of NSi Industries
P. O. Box 890888
Charlotte, NC 28289
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Tork, Division of NSi Industries


Since 1975, NSi's strength is unique products, combined with exceptional customer service, ease of doing business and customer service.

NSi has been an industry leader in electrical connectors, wire management products and related electrical components since the mid 1980s, introducing many new and innovative products and installation practices to the industry. Many NSi products (such as Polaris brand insulated connectors) are accepted as the industry standard and used by electricians everywhere on a daily basis.

TORK® brand products, manufactured in the company's Mount Vernon facility, is NSi Industries' largest brand, covering the categories of electromechanical and digital time switches, signaling and alert devices, photo controls and occupancy sensors. For over 85 years, TORK brand recognition and reputation for quality and design make it the most specified brand in the industry.

The TORK brand has a rich history beginning in the 1920s when the company introduced the first electromechanical time switch to the marketplace. Currently, TORK's time switches maintain energy efficiency through lighting control in such high profile places as the Empire State Building, Washington DC Parks and Recreation, The Triborough Bridge, The Met Life Building and many more institutions across the country. As the most specified brand of time switches in the industry, TORK enjoys the hearty respect of engineers and project planners across all channels of distribution.

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