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TingWall International, Inc.
505 McKnight Park Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
(708) 209-6266
  • AirLoop®
  • Holeless Mullion®
  • TingWall®

TingWall International, Inc.


TingWall offers innovative curtain wall, window wall, and renovation systems.

The TingWall system offers superior performance as well as flexibility in both design and construction not seen in today’s standard curtain wall technology. TingWall has changed the way building owners, architects and general contractors look at curtain walls.

TingWall's patented AirLoop® design makes water leakage a thing of the past with its ability to shed water from a building envelop without the need for a critical seal. Its the only curtain wall design of its kind.

The TingWall Universal Joint system allows the curtain wall designer an unprecedented level of flexibility to mix and match any type of facing material.

The Holeless-Mullion system also makes replacement easier than ever, allowing for the removal of a single panel instead of an entire row.

    The benefits of TingWall are clear:
  • Its triple redundant water and air mitigation system vastly lowers the failure and replacement rate of curtain wall panels
  • It cuts down on maintenance outlays while making panel replacement or larger retrofitting projects easier than ever
  • And, finally, the speed and ease afforded construction crews by the Holeless-Mullion attachment makes building faster and safer, with labor costs being reduced by as much as 60 percent

When it comes to curtain wall construction, TingWall stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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