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Friul Intagli USA, Inc.
2520 Independence Blvd.
Wilmington, NC 28412-2570
(910) 338-5047
(910) 338-5082

Friul Intagli USA, Inc.


Today, the expanding Friul Intagli company's facility is aproximately 3,000,000 square feet. Our factory is the beating heart of a concrete project, the place where work is a valuable ingredient of our success, where different types of intelligence and a strong production system create continual synergies.

Dynamic Partnership

Please do not consider us just an outsourcing production department. Discover everything we represent, check how dynamic we are. It will open up new opportunities for both Friul Intagli and our customers. We are a partner able to independently manage production stages in order to cut costs and secure quality.

Market Search

Understanding and predicting trend patterns from across the world, tuning into signs of change in constant pursuit of new ideas.

Meeting the Customer's Needs

A sharp ear, dialogue, the ability to provide a practical response and the knowledge to become the ideal partner for every specific needa.

Technical Development

Continually developing technology to ensure the availability of the best possible tools, with which to set the best creative process in motion.


We offer a rapid, flexible prototyping service for carrying out experimental tests on new products and in order to assess production time and cost.


Optimised flows, automated systems, the ability to give an industrial dimension to every kind of manufacturing requirement.

Quality & Testing 

Meticulous and comprehensive tests: the quality of our products has a solid and secure foundation.

Prodution & Logistics

Warehouse and transport logistics are also tailored to specific needs.

Customer Service

An on-going, effective after-sales service means our customers can rest assured of our constant presence.

A World of Possibilities

A whole world of choices lies before you. An endless variety of colours and lacquers, using exclusively water-based varnishes, whatever kind of customised finish you require. The continued evolution of facing technology means there are thousands of standard profiles to choose from. Should anything be missing, we’ll invent it for you.

Door, Components & Finishes

Product Solutions

Flat-Pack Funiture

High Quality, High Satisfaction

Quality is of the essence.
Our work and our corporate identity has been built upon this principal from day one. Friul Intagli is FSC and ISO 9001 certified. This is our commitment and our promise to you.

Building Categories that Friul Intagli USA, Inc. Specializes in

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